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Haunting Beauty is a part of Erin Quinn’s Mists of Ireland series, but is easy to follow as a stand-alone novel. Highlighting the power of love, sacrifice, and the terrible power of greed and evil it is as far from a romance novel as one can find, yet still be in that genre.
Psychic powers, time travel, and spirits exist in this mesmerizing tale of a magical island off the coast of Ireland. The book might be classified as a paranormal romance novel, but the truth is it is more a tale of the mysterious Book of Fennore. It is the story of a young woman Danni Jones, who struggles with a forgotten past, and having been abandoned at age five by her mother. But most importantly, Danni has visions of the past and the dead. Then one day a man shows up at her door, sent to find her and bring her home to the Isle of Fennore, and her long forgotten family. Sean Ballagh is a man who is a mystery in so many ways, and as the story unfolds we find that he is not even aware of what he is. Caught in the tragedy of his father’s suicide and the loss of his mother and bother Sean does not understand his own role in both changing the present and the past. As Sean and Danni get sucked into their shared past, days before Danni’s life is shattered, they find the truth of the mythical Book of Fennore, and love.

After a recent documentary on Swedish TV channel 5 which included interviews with a big cat therian, the idea of “species-change surgery” as a joke apparently has spread around the Swedish blog community.

This was followed by the Blog below ( Translated from Swedish to English)

This ended with a blog belonging to the editorial staff of the “Young people” part of the local Swedish paper Norrköpings Tidningar (NT), posting an article joking about what might happen if species change was possible. It includes a disturbing mention of killing your grandchildren for being different, translated to English here by Swedish member of the otherkin community, Susitar:

I will not be that old, gray and grumpy old woman who harbours contempt and anger towards my grandchild when he acknowledges that he or she during the greater part of his life felt out of place as a human being, but however, has developed a great desire to be an anteater. No, I won’t shake my head or faint. I’ll just sit there, smile, be responsive and serve my grandchild army ants containing a dash of arsenic.

At the moment I write a bit about Olivia – the girl who dreams of a FTM surgery (Female-to-male-operation)
Before that I started something that may want to be likened to an email interview with RFSL, where I was last in the mail asking if they possibly had an opinion on artkorrigerande intervention. It is obvious that I got the inspiration for the issue from a particular section of Outsiders on Channel 5 which I have previously posted on the blog – where a girl lived, learned and felt like a cat, and hoped for a future for those individuals who exercise after artkorrigerande intervention.
I fit thus to ask you too: Is there anything that mankind might be a part of the future, do you think?
I mean – imagine! What a show for the gods to see centaurs and other hybrid animals sitting on 3rd down Queen Street. What a symphony for the deaf to ever hear a bunch of braying, mewing, barking and rant during his travels. What a sight for the blind to browse newspapers consisting of the advertising that shows pictures of horses, goats, wolves, lizards and other animals wearing various branded clothing and makeup. Yes! See your school and its advantages over you – If you were a sloth would always have a logical and therefore perhaps even acceptable reason for being late for lessons. If you were a little ant that could fly you could walk, fly and get a bit when you wanted. Teachers would notice nothing. And in the dining rooms would cuisine adapted and duplicated, for example, would oats, grass, pellets, fruits, nuts, rodents and milk server tetrahedral bowls to come.
So, when the predicted date gets closer to the gods know that I’ll be well prepared.Will not I be that old, gray and grumpy old woman who harbor contempt and anger towards my grandson when he acknowledges that he or she during the greater part of his life felt out of place as a human being, and however, has developed a great desire to be an anteater. Not, I will shake his head or faint. I’ll all sit there, smile, be responsive and serve my grandchildren soldier ants containing a dash of arsenic.
/ Hanna Melkersson