A Whole New Vampire Mythos

Posted: Saturday, 17 December, 2011 by nicolajones in Book Reviews
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A look at Blood Rights by Kristen Painter

Imagine a world not too far into the future, where a bitter world war has changed the face of the Earth and the poor use solar power for electricity, but the batteries only last a few hours into the night.  But these struggles are the least of humanities worries, as a sacred covenant between the sons of god and the daughters of man is about to be broken.  This is the setting for Kristen Painter’s Blood Rights, the first in the House of Comarrέ Trilogy.

Set in the year 2067 in the hidden city of Covinestri, Romania and Paradise City, New Florida the story unfolds in the hidden world of the supernatural hidden from human eyes by the covenant.  The world of the supernatural is made up of the children of the fallen angels, called Castus Sanguis. These children are the races of Fae, Noble Vampire, and Varcolai which are shape shifters.  Also inhabiting this hidden world are the Fringe Vampires descendents of Judas Iscariot and the Comarrέ a race of humans bred to have the purest blood and serve as concubines to the Noble Vampires.

As the story unfolds we learn secrets that the Comarrέ keep, from the point of view of the main character Chrysabelle.  She has fled the life of the Comarrέ after her patron was murdered, sending her running to Paradise City, and eventually the protection of Malkom an outcast Noble Vampire who lives under a curse that says he will kill anyone he drinks from.  At Malkom’s side are Maddoc the Varcolai under a witches curse whose life Malkom saved, and Fiona a ghost who haunts Malkom as part of his curse.  Vibrant characters who join in the dark tale of bitter revenge, ancient magics, and unholy beings.  The reader is drawn into the story, and can be captivated by the light and dark elements of the hidden world and left waiting for the next installment.

Nicola A. Jones

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