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When does enough become enough?

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Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance – Jean de La Fontaine.

Jean de La Fontaine has been gone for over 300 years, but perhaps he reached immortality just with that one sentence. Surely it is as true today as it was when spoken?

And if we do not judge on outward appearance, what then should we judge? Their words, actions, feelings? Absolutely. Of course, this can lead to problems because behavior is often contradictory.

So tell me when, exactly, is enough actually enough?

We’ve all been there – an interesting discussion is started online and along comes someone to spoil it. Perhaps we have even been guilty of this ourselves, for we are not perfect. And an occasional outburst from one who is normally calm because again: we are not perfect? We can forgive the occasional lapse in judgment.

But what about those for whom these outbursts are not just occasional? What if their only contributions are inflammatory, meant to stir up trouble? Where do we draw the proverbial line? And what about those who maniacally bounce back and forth between calm, but crazy and hostile, but more crazy?

Is there a point at which we, reasonably intelligent adults that we are, say enough is enough? At what point do we, as adults, stop accepting excuses for behavior and let the guilty know it is no longer allowed? How many warnings must be given? At what point do we move from handling with care to enabling?

There are those among us who want to a take a hard hand approach and make people toe the line or get the boot. There are also those of us who want to coddle the troublemakers, treat them with kid gloves because, “that is just who or how they are” or “they have ___________ (insert any random mental/medical issue”.

So, that makes it somehow OK to rant and rave, threaten and bully? Call someone childish names, tell them to die? I say no, absolutely not. Especially when the person doing the name calling, threatening, telling people to die is someone in some seat of power. Whether they have their own community forum, Facebook group, or just serve as an admin in some capacity within the community these people are seen as role models. And it is time for them to start acting like it, damn it. Since the majority of our community groups, on Facebook or off, are designated 18+ only, we need to demand our community members start acting like adults. No more hate-filled spewing of threats, no more name calling. Many of those within this community have been bullied because we are “different”; why are we allowing fellow community members to turn around and perpetuate that cycle by bullying others? Three strikes has always seemed fair to me. I propose all groups enact a three-warning rule: I will give you three warnings. If you cannot act as a mature adult should with three warnings, you’re out of the group. Find another playground to piss in because you’re no longer welcome in this one.

Dark Adora

Dark Adora

Beauty with Bite

By- Yami Hikari No Kukui { GYP}

The Vampsta Vixens were created March 12th, 2011, by Lady Dark Adora and Maven Lore (AKA DJ Fang Pimp), originally in the name “Vampsta Bitchez”. This interview was conducted with Adora, who is also acts as one of the vixens.

So what was the goal of creating the Vampsta Vixens?

“I wanted to be a support to my boyfriend Maven. I would dance at his shows and then it dawned on me. Shows get more “Umph” if they are group acts. Sure we love listening to music, but listening to music and watching entertainers at the same time only lifts the crowd’s excitement. It also serves as a way to get the crowd more involved with the show. So overall the goal was to just up our entertainment games and be the best we can for each other.”

Maven Lore

So Maven handles the music as a DJ as what we saw at Endless Night?

[Endless Night is a popular Vampyre Ball held yearly in New Orleans, LA , during Halloween weekend as well as in several other locations during different times throughout the year.]

“Yes, Maven is the music. His stage name is DJ Fang Pimp. The Vampsta Vixens work off of the music that is played.

What’s it like working in Vampsta Vixens? A typical work day?

“I scout for girls every day practically all day. And not much is happening as it’s our break time right now, except for the fact that we are making a website that is scheduled to launch Jan 1st. However, in January the local New Orleans girls will be rehearsing to kick out some great numbers at Endless Night. We may even work to bring down a few of our creative talent, like the Chain Goddess Brandy who is a wicked performer. “

I saw the news feed on her recent addition, how did that come about?

“The facebook fanpage is great and all but we want fans to be able to talk with the vixens. We wanted a social networking system that we can keep in touch and spark interest for possible future vixens. It will also be a great way to display our featured photographers, makeup and hair artists, we may even put profiles in there for group acts. It’s a great way to get the Vixens promotion but also to promote each individual thing that we have going. We work as a team, we support each other and the website will help us in doing so to the fullest of our capabilities.”

It sounds like fans will be getting plenty of inside scoop that way, how will that compare to the website you’re launching in 2012?

“Fans will be able to make their own profiles, they will get to see new photos, blogs, videos and even chat with the vixens. A newsletter will also be released so that they stay informed on who is doing what and where.”

Sounds great, now saying a company or venue wanted to hire the V.V., how would you all describe your acts genre wise?

“We are what I call an eclectic talent group. We have go-go, burlesque, chains, areal dancing, fire, bed of nails and much more. We pride ourselves in our diversity because we would like to offer clients a range of acts to choose from.”

It must be an interesting group to manage, and who is currently in charge of doing so?

“I am in charge of managing the girls, Mistress Virginia is in charge of promotions and Countess Jessa DeNuit is in charge of coordinating the entertainment.”

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in joining?

“My advice to anyone who is interested in joining is that it is important to display your best images and your personality. We like our group to be a close family, and drama will not be tolerated. This is overall a business and we ask that our members behave professionally. “

And lastly, the question I have to ask, will it be possible for male Vampsta Vixens to exist?

“We are currently working on ideas for having a group of male models, However I doubt we would call them the Vampsta Vixens. Either way our website will allow for male models to be integrated into the system when we are ready to take it a step further in the industry.”

Thank you Adora for your time and sharing this information with us, for anyone interested in checking the Vampsta Vixens out further here’s a link to their newsfeed page:!/beautywithbite

Vampsta Vixens @ House of Blues for Endless Night 2011