A Vampire Investigates the Paranormal

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(A interview with Gigi Frost, Vampire, Psychic, and paranormal investigator)

“Like one, that on a lonesome road
 Doth walk in fear and dread,
 And having once turned round walks on,
 And turns no more his head;
 Because he knows, a frightful fiend
 Doth close behind him tread.”

If that is the case, then this section comes from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

It is not often you meet someone like  Gigi Frost.  A woman who is bold in the face of life and death, a person who seeks out what most people run away from. Gigi Forst is  a Paranormal Forensic Photographer/Investigator for Tri-City Paranormal based out of Petersburg, Va. and she been in the Paranormal field for 23 years. 

 She is currently working on my B.S in Criminal Justice – of interest Forensic Photography / Investigator, she is a Master Hypnotist, and has studied Neuro Linguistics Programming, Parapsychologist working in communications, transitions, EVP’s, Photography analyzes, and on going study of demonology.

Does the group you work with do anything for money?

No, the group does not charge money for paranormal investigation and when I work alone I do not charge either. I personal do not charge, because I feel it’s my duty on this earth to help other’s with whatever this gift is that has been given to me.
How does that work exactly the paranormal investigations? Is it just a hobby?.
Oh No, it’s never been a hobby – my hobby is drawing or horseback riding.

To pay the bills I work as an accountant and HR for a heat treating firm in Virginia. But my real job is a paranormal photographer and investigator, which I do not charge for. No it’s not a hobby it’s my life, my passion to help the living and those who have passed on.

There have been other Vampires in the paranormal investigation field, most of them seem to keep the two aspects apart, So do you feel there is any benefit to being a vampire in this field?
Yes, I do feel that being a vampire is a benefit in the paranormal field and for several reasons.

1. By my vampire nature, I’m very nocturnal. I do not want to come across to your readers and Ann Rice novel, but the truth of the matter is that my senses are extremely heightened at night.

2. Depending on if I’m working with a team of investigators or on my own will determine How I work a paranormal investigation. If you play with another team, I play by their rules. If I’m on my own, then hats off and I can communicate in any fashion I see fit depending on the type of spirit I’m working with. If the spirit is malevolent, then I’m now its worst nightmare and they do try to hide. Depending n the spirit will depend on how they are handled.

The other issue is feeding during those hours which can be tricky, but I have had enough experience to know to have my main feeding before all night investigation. Unless, I’m traveling with a group then I bring what I need with me and if all else fails, we all go out for dinner and I order my lamb or Filet mignon blue, which is simply raw and warmed. I once tried to fit in with a group by eating sea food and well I was sick all night. That will never happen again.

When did you start communicating with spirits?
I have been communicating with the dead since I was a small child. The earliest remembrance was the age of five, but my mother has told me it started much earlier than that. Communicating with those whose have left the physical world, including animals and things that were never human. It’s my belief that those things that are not human sometimes appear as what some call shadow people. There are many types of shadow people, and some are nothing more than human’s who are no longer in their physical body. Some shadow people are things that have never been human and are from a belly of evil.

How do you know what you are experiencing is real?
It’s simple and I’ll try to explain: Just like you, or anyone else, can sense the presence of someone walking up behind you, or sense if someone is upset when they may not appear to be on the outside, you can still pick up on that there is something wrong. Well, I can sense if a spirit is male, female, child or other more dark things that want to do harm. It’s hard to explain, but for me it’s as if they are standing in front of me and I know what their intentions are without them telling me.

I know this from communicating with many different types of spirits – But the ones I’m referring to are those dark evil shadow like people whom have never been human. They pray on small children, the sick, elderly, weak and impressionable and those who know about them and the dealing in the spiritual world.

I had my first run in at the age of five years of age and it continued off and on until my late twenties. I have never gone into detail about the events with anyone it’s too hard to talk about. But I what I can tell you is that it’s the main reason I do what I do today in the paranormal field.

They have one job and that is to take the souls. No they are not the grim reaper, which is Azreal the father of death; really he is the accountant for all souls between heaven and hell. He was commissioned and it was agreed upon by both the powers that be in Heaven and Hell (But that is for another time).

These evil shadow like people simply do not like the fact that those who have been blessed with a very special gift know about them, You see those like myself they cannot hide from, they cannot make out like they are a child – basically they cannot wear sheep’s clothing around those like myself. Therefore, I make their job a lot more difficult; because I can also send them back where they came from.

So where is it that these spirits come from exactly, are they dangerous?
Mr. Gray, they are from the belly of evil. It’s the same place that the Cerberus come from. Some call it Hell, Anglo-Saxon called it Helan, Behelian (which means to hide), or in Latin Inferno. But, I must digress from the language origins of such things and get back to our main topic.

Let me make something very clear- some do not believe in a heaven or a hell, or even in spirit of any kind and in many parts of the world they are know by many different names. But, if anyone goes into paranormal research or investigation thinking that hunting for ghost is cool and fun because they see it on TV, they will be completely unprepared. Being uneducated spirits and the afterlife they are going to be in for a very rude awaking and possible life threatening situations, not just for themselves but for a family that might be occupying a home they are investigating.

Life Threatening, how exactly are they life threatening?
Depending on what spirit you are dealing with you can get hurt. Do not let anyone tell you a ghost cannot hurt you. If anyone tells you this, this is not a person you want to do an investigation with. Ghost (not demons) can hit, scratch, punch, kick, and toss things at you and depending on what they are throwing at you – well if you’re not quick you will get hit and it might hurt.

Let me be clear not all ghost have attitude problems, but some do. Remember this: If someone is nasty and violent in this world, when they die they are still nasty and violate in the spirit world. I have seen death soften some, but not by much..

Are you kind of like an exorcist, or perhaps King Solomon like Demonologist?
Interesting that you used the King Solomon reference, that is one of my all time favorites. Again I will digress (oh, I do love that book though)
I would not claim to be a Demonologist, but more of a specialist on the matter and on spirit’s. It’s not something I just one day decided I was going to do. I have been communicating with spirits for 39 years and working in the field professionally for 29 years and I’m 44 years of age. I have dedicated my whole life to this – only to better understand what I experienced and continue to experience. This is not something you just learn everything there is to learn in the field in four to twelve years. This is a lifelong path, which encompasses a deep spiritual relationship a higher power of one’s self. Anyone who tells you that they know it all in this particular field are full of themselves and are the ones who are most likely to get hurt. I do not think of myself as “a know it all” and I’ll be the first to say I don’t know it all. But I sure as heck would not be in a dark haunted location with a person who claims to know it all either.

So how is it done exactly?

Many people or groups do it in different ways. Some use mediums or psychics to communicate with the dead. I have personally like combining the two, speaking with the spirit asking them to appear in photo’s and helping me with EVP’s. This does two things: From a scientific point of view you have the evidence on audio and camera and it also provides information that I am communicating with said spirit and vice versa.

Ok so you are a Medium of sorts, do you have other skills that help you in this field?

I am a Hypnotist as well. So for example if I’m in a session I incorporate communicating with the dead with a hypnosis session. Now, as we all should know spirit does not just jump through hoops. However, when I’m am blessed to have a spirit who is connecting to my hypnosis client the spirit helps me in getting a suggestion across to the subconscious of a client to help them stop smoking, lose weight, ect… About six years ago I had gone to a clients home to help get her and her sister on a healthy eating life style. I had both clients in a relaxed state and I was giving positive suggestions to the subconscious for eating healthy and living a healthy life.
I suddenly got this feeling a spirit entered the room. I opened my eyes and noticed a very nice looking young male, about 18 -19 years of age standing behind the two sisters. He was wearing a yellow shirt with a tie and khaki pants. I continued to give the two sisters positive suggestions, while this young male spirit started telling me he was killed in a car accident. He wanted her to know that he was with her, and for her to start living healthy. He wanted me to know that his mother had just undergone breast cancer treatment, and it was important that she take better care of herself. His conversation seemed to last an hour, but in reality it was just a moment.

That must have been an interesting post hypnosis conversation.

After the hypnosis session I was left with the question of how to approach the client with such a sensitive subject? So, I just said “I have a question to ask you and I know it may seem strange, but this happens sometimes to me and it’s my job to give you a message”

I went on to ask her if she know a young male in about 18 or 19, in a yellow shirt, tie and tan khaki’s? Client replied “Yes, that was is my son”. Now of course now she wants to know how I know that. So I have to tell her the truth, that sometimes people who have past who have an important message will come through to me and I have the heavy task of giving them the message. Keep in mind, she never once told me of her just finishing Treatment for breast cancer. I then told her “your son, wants you to know that he has been with you through your cancer treatments and wants you to start living a healthy life style not for him but for herself. It was very emotional, because she knew she had never told me about the cancer nor her son. I asked her a how he died (even though I know it was a car accident, but no details, simply because the details were not important to him only getting a message to his mother. The client told me that he was graduating high school and that on his way home from the graduation he was hit by a drunk driver in another vehicle.

So do you work as a Medium often?
I do not know and not sure if there is a true term for the gift’s that I have, all I do is that I’ve been labeled as clairvoyant. I have been asked to communicate via my gifts. In fact before moving to Virginia in November of 2010 I was called regularly to use my gifts and my skills as a paranormal photographer to gather information at a haunted location (Which I’m happy to also provide you with photo’s for the article.) However, since moving to Virginia and working with a paranormal group which is strictly a scientific based group and the use of mediums or psychic’s is something they would not do, so I try to play by their rules. In fact, they do not really believe in such things and I have kept my gift’s a secret from them.

Is it hard to keep your gifts to yourself in a spiritually active place?
I’m really feel like I’m only hurting myself by doing so. It can be a little difficult simply because the spirit knows that I can see, hear, and smell, ect – so I have to lay down some ground rules before each investigation. Those ground rules are communicate with me via EVP’S, photo’s and recording camera’s only, that their existence can be proven and documented.

Ok so what exactly is EVP and what does it do?
Using, EVP (Electronic voice phenomenon), which is simply a high powered digital voice recorder. You can use any voice recorder including the old school tape recorders. I like the digital because the internal mechanics within the device make fewer noses and is a plus in reviewing the possible evidence later. What this does is it allows audible voices that can not be heard normally by the human ear to be picked up on the recorder and then later played back so that you can hear them. It’s a method that from a scientific view point gives validity to spirit communication.

Do you use other specialized equipment?
I also use my trusted 35 mm digital Nikon D 3000 with a high powered Full spectrum flash, which is also a lot of fun when dealing with the speed of light and the use of a camera and spirit – but normally if I ask them to let me take a picture they do. However, some are camera shy too – lol, there are just human sprits even out of the human shell after all –

I have loads more about the technical end of the equipment that I use for scientific purposes, but I don’t want to bore you with technical details.

How many investigations have you been on?
I have done thousands of paranormal investigation

In any of those time has there been any that really scared you, or that you find particularly memorable?
I was not frightened, but I have been pushed down a flight of stairs, chocked, had a child spirit goose me in my ribs, had the sheets and covers stripped off me in the middle of the night and I have been literally dragged out of bed, tossed across a room, pinned down, scratched, cut and even had what I can only describe to you as if my soul was being taken from my human vessel. But the most memorable was while visiting a friend’s home in Texas. He and his wife invited me to come over for a visit. I know their places had four different generation of spirit’s that lived there.

At one point my face started to hurt, I felt as if I was being chocked, then my mouth, gums started hurting very badly. My gums started bleeding. When I tell you my gums where bleeding I do not mean a little blood, I mean my whole mouth was dripping blood and It would not stop. I started communicating with a male spirit (not a demon) that had a hate for females. Long story short, I had to leave my friends home in order to stop the bleeding and go back to the hotel to change clothing. Later than night at dinner my friend and his wife told me the story of this spirit that I was communicating with. This male spirit in the mid 1800’s was a traveling sales man and a drunk. He came home from a trip one afternoon and beat his wife to death with a flat iron skillet, which he did so by bashing her face in and crushing her head like a tomato.
Yes, I did go back the next day and laid down some very heavy laws on this nasty little spirit. But I will never forget that one.

I live by a few rules when dealing with these nasty little things – Sometimes you have to leave and come back and that’s alright – a person’s safety is important. But the number one rule is you DO NOT EVER RUN from anything. You stand your ground and when you do you better be damn sure you are true to your convictions.

I try to tell people whom I’ve done investigations with not to run (so many do), It’s my biggest pet peeve. When you are in a haunted location and if you do get frightened and run – you might not only hurt yourself, but the people working with you. If you have to run, run towards it not from it.


I want to thank you for your time and the chance to interview you, I think like myself many of the people in the community will find your words interesting and informative.


  1. Gigi Frost says:

    However, after this article came out many things happened and I’m no longer with Tri-City Paranormal – I have joined up with Tiffany Jones to form Jones and Frost Paranormal Unit – Check us out on face book.

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