A Vampire for Ron Paul?

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Jan 2012 {The Graveyard Press}

By Deacon Gray

With a political fundraiser looming and all the details to set straight,Patrick Rodgers is a busy man. “The Delegate Process is very grueling and the next three weeks will be incredibly stressful.” He faces the same pressures as any one selected as a political delegate in any race to get his candidate on the ballot. “We can always use help circulating petitions. If you know people who live in Districts 1 or 2 (which is a big chunk of Philadelphia) we can give you copies of the petitions to circulate. Or, you can help spread the word about Petition Signing Events, which we’ll have several of in the upcoming weeks.”
“What’s so unusual about all of this?” You might be asking. Well Patrick Rodgers Isn’t your normal politico.
Patrick Rodgers is best known for putting a lean on Wells Fargo ( http://weinterrupt.com/2011/02/in-philadelphia-a-vampire-sues-wells-fargo-and-wins/), but he is a major part of the team that brings you Philadelphia’s Dracula’s ball and, he is a vampire. Had he come out as a “Pranic Vampire” in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, there is a better chance that he would have been shunned as a simple wacko. However, in the new millennium, just such a man can take on an organization like “Well’s Fargo” and win. Today a man like Patrick Rodgers can appear, in fangs, on national news without the news anchor even batting an eye. Today Patrick Rodgers is a delegate for presidential candidate Ron Paul, and his status is having an effect.
One individual stated on a Ron Paul support page “Though I am not “’Republican” I would endorse Paul based on his merits of standing up for the “’little man” ‘ those being in rhetoric or not. …. Paul has been ignored on several occasions because he speaks for the “’little man”..’.
The individual went on to say that even if Paul choice of Rodgers was a political move, he would “give Paul the benefit of the doubt and watch how this news progresse.“
He is not the only one who took notice however. John Featherman, former Philadelphia candidate for Mayor ( he lost by 64 votes in a city of 1.5 million) and current 1st congressional candidate, made an appearance on Rodgers blog saying “Patrick Rodgers you deserve to be a delegate. You are not only the coolest goth rocker this city has seen, but you are an urban hero to so many for your fight against Wells Fargo. You have earned your wings. You are our David fighting Goliath.”
While truly a fascinating and exciting time, many of the people within his own community have questions about this political point of view. Why support Ron Paul of all people? Some people have said that they support him because he “tells it like it is!” And indeed according to Politifactcheck.org he is rated as having told the fewer half truths and lies than any of the other candidates for president.
Others have said they support Ron Paul because he has been marginalized and ignored like the majority of the American people. For example, earlier this year he was given only 90 seconds total speaking time by CBS News during the presidential debates. He has been either attacked or discounted by the press.
Still others like his stance on issues like prohibiting funding for the development of national identification numbers, prohibiting America’s participation with any UN Global Tax, and he actively opposes the surveillance of peaceful First Amendment acidities by citizens. Not to mention the long list of actions he has taken on the part of state and individual rites.
Not all members of the pagan and vampire community have been supportive. “Why would I support a candidate who wants to take away my reproductive rights?” is one complaint about his platform. Ron Paul has indeed taken a heavy stance on the subject of abortion. He has said in Apr 2008 that “Abortion is murder…. Roe vs Wade decision was harmful to the constitution.” When asked what he thought about the legal aspects of abortion he said “The federal government should not be making choices in regards to abortion. Abortion laws should be a state level choice.”
He also notes that the Constitution declares that any authority not given to the federal government is relegated to the states, and since abortion is not addressed within the Constitution the matter is a state issue For this reason, he notes that Roe vs Wade was wrongly decided as the federal government does not have authority over the matter.
To reinforce his moral belief that life begins at conception, Congressman Paul has noted in debates and speeches that the law attaches legal rights and protections to a fetus at the moment of conception. These legal rights range from hereditary rights to legal protection from harm. He notes that as a doctor, he is legally liable for accidents or malfeasance when delivering or caring for an unborn child.

light of his stance on abortion, his views on the so-called “morning-after pill” are a little more fuzzy. He has stated that the , designed as an emergency contraceptive in that it, among other things, prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus, “allows individual moral choice.”

Ron Paul also has activists up in arms about his stance on Stem Cell research, in May of 2007 he stated that “Embryonic stem cell programs are not constitutionally authorized.”
Paul has stated that Stem Cell research is not an area that the federal government should be involved in and that it should be left to the states. He has argued that while some believe that it is moral stance to support certain types of research for the benefit of others or to oppose that same research based on moral grounds surrounding life, but the true moral question is whether or not it is moral to use government to force people in a nation to pay for medical research.
Paul has voted against every stem cell research bill that has come to a vote while in office, noting that the federal government is not granted this power in the Constitution.
In a typically liberal community such as the vampire community, Ron Paul’s stances have left people a little baffled at why Patrick Rodgers would support him. On that question he said to one individual on his website “…it didn’t make me any less vigorously pro-choice nor did it change my view that if heterosexuals have to suffer being married, than gays shouldn’t be exempt from such misery either. Protesting outside the convention has obviously not changed the Republican Party. Getting inside is the way to go. Although, frankly, I’m more interested in changing the country than in changing the Republican Party, but that’s a story for another time.”
A supporter of his added “Yeah, declaring Republican isn’t saying you want to give the government control over a woman’s body or your against same sex marriages. It just means you can vote in their primary elections.”

While the community tries to figure all of this out, Rodgers is moving forward. He announced that he will make a bid to not only be his district’s delegate for Ron Paul, but a state delegate for Paul. The community however waits, watches and wonders with a level of skepticism what all of this will bring “We have seen people try to use the community before in political ways, they ended up painting us as a bunch of crack pots that run around wearing capes. I don’t think Patrick will do the same, but we will have to wait and see.”





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