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Graveyard Press – Feb 2012

By Deacon Gray

I don’t think Russia will follow the United States way. I don’t think Russia will follow the French way. I’m sure Russia will find its own way.
Anatoly Chubais

Much has changed in Russia since 1985.  Downtown some of the major cities has the flair of better known shopping districts like New York and Paris. The severe anti-religious policies of the Stalin years have been reversed. In 1990 a law on religious freedom was passed, and militant atheism was dropped from the Communist Party platform. Churches have begun to open, and even some of that well-known Russian pessimism isn’t as pervasive as it once was.

Still, in the middle of a country where change is imposed from above instead of rising from the populace, entrepreneurism is only begrudgingly accepted. Russians are more likely to be cautious and conservative defenders of the status quo. Russia’s cruel climate and harsh history has promoted values like stability, security, social order, and predictability. The tried and tested is preferred over the new and unknown. Perhaps with this in mind you can see why it is difficult to imagine a young Vampire community spreading its wings.

Yet, that is exactly what has happened. Perhaps it is the next generation; perhaps it is the budding of a Russian flower of individual growth. Perhaps it just took time for the warm Russian family center to develop within a community of outsiders that now call themselves the Russian Vampire Community (Ru. VC). Representing the Ru. VC “DarkFess” joins us today and we are pleased to introduce him to the general Vampire community, and perhaps learn a little about his community as well.

GYP: Hello DarkFess and welcome.

DarkFess: Good day.

I’m glad I’m here. Pleasantly surprised that there is a place where we can discuss and resolve some issues on the international level. Our community has been looking for cooperation with our foreign friends, whose experience and knowledge helped us so much. I’ll [be] glad to represent Russian Vampire Community (Ru. VC)
Sorry for my English. Sometimes my posts are probably difficult to read. 


GYP: Don’t worry about your posts, they make sense. Will you tell us a little more about how you became aware that you are a vampire?
DarkFess:  I awoke when I was around eighteen years old. I was in self denial and this caused me to live somewhat of a hollow existence. There really wasn’t a lot of information in Russian in which to turn. It’s a long story. As result, I just realized that if I want [to] feel myself, I regularly need blood

GYP: How long have you been active in the Vampire Community?

DarkFess:  In my country (I was born in Ukraine), the Internet only appeared in 1995. So there wasn’t a lot of information out there. Just 4 years ago nobody ever heard the word “sanguinarian”.  I wanted to know more so I founded our community and organized a company to translate articles on “vampire websites” It was difficult knowing what was real. Some discussed the mythical vampires, others pretended they were on one and another “side” in some kind of a war, but they were just trolls and we exposed them.

GYP: Was it hard to develop the community around you with such limited information?

DarkFess:  At first was hard. Fight with ignorance is very difficult. When community just opened, due to influx of poseurs and trolls we had, we had to declare open war on them.

GYP: Open War? I take it you mean you confronted the people who were spreading ignorant statements with real vampire education?

DarkFess:  Yes, fight with ignorance is very difficult. There has been a range of promotional activities from our side. We reached out to others and formed  more favorable impression.

GYP: How do you describe yourself with your local community?

DarkFess:  Well, I’m founder of the Community, and respected member of the community. All the initiatives and the first attempts were on my side. But I have my inspirations, and a strong team that helped me. Together, we created our community and support it now. We manage and make all decisions concerning our current issues and future development. We have no autocracy, everyone is included in community administration – has the same voting power.


GYP: Would you feel safe in coming out as a vampire, pagan or otherkin in your country?
DarkFess:  Yes, why not? But there are misunderstandings that do not help. I do not see any reason to scream and beat fist in chest, to declare to all about identifying yourself as vampire. No, we are not in the shade but not on stage too. We are just here. People come to us themselves. So far, so good.

GYP: You run a website for Russian Vampires, would you tell us a little about it, and why you brought it into being?
DarkFess:  The main purpose was to help those who are awakening. I remember how it was hard for me when my awakening began. Even just a little friendly advice would be enough to help, but there was no one to give such advice.  Also, I created our community because analogues to English speaking websites in Russian-speaking Internet did not exist. This place has become oasis for people like me.

GYP: What was your earliest exposure to the online vampire community?
DarkFess:  The first time I found a site in 2004, but due to technical difficulties the internet (it was  dial-up) I didn`t register. I registered on VCMB only in 2008. How do I find it? To be honest – by chance and even then I was surprised how much this structure was organized.

GYP: Is your community inclusive with pagans and otherkin?

DarkFess:  Yes, for this we have created our Community, for support and understanding. We have good relations with otherkin and others.

GYP: Is there a divide between Psi Vampires and Sang Vampires in your community? Do they get along well?
DarkFess:  No, no we do not have divisions. I read the articles about the possible conflict between the Sang and Psi, but truly I do not understand how this could be.

GYP:How do your friends and family feel about your beliefs?

DarkFess:  Only a close circle of people knows about it, just a couple of friends and my wife. They are fine with it.

GYP: In the USA, there are often issues with finding suitable donors, are there significant feeding issues you deal with?

DarkFess:  No more than any other sang. My Wife is my donor so I don’t have any problems with feeding.

GYP: Would you describe your communities take on vampirism as being similar too, or different from those you see on line from other countries? What makes your community unique?

DarkFess:  Our community message board is similar to, we built it using their experience and achievements. Our local community is different. We are starting new.

GYP: In the USA, we have had scholars such as Joseph Laylock, and more recently D.J. Williams write about real vampires, and conduct some minor research with in their fields at University. Do you have any one like this in Russia?
DarkFess:  Nope. Nothing of this level. Community is still new and developing.

GYP: Do you think Science will discover what we are and find proof of Vampire needs?
DarkFess: I think it’s inevitable.

GYP: Have you read the AVA Vampire Surveys? If so do you think it is moving in the right direction for scientific discovery?

DarkFess:  Of course I read it. Moreover, they are fully translated into Russian. Based on the experience of the AVA, and taking as the basis of their achievements, we have finalized them for ourselves. In 2011, “Research Center of Vampire Community” was opened, which offers everyone an opportunity to complete a questionnaire based on the original VEWRS/AVEWRS model by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC. The answers are recorded in the general statistical database, and the results are published for free public access. I think that this is the right direction.

GYP: Again I want to thank you for allowing us to conduct this interview and I do hope you will share more with us as time goes on. It has been a rare pleasure to have a guest from Russia and a real eye opener as to your culture, and I expect to see durability and resiliency from the Russian Vampire Community, in the future, traits we have come to expect from your country and people. I was also pleased to see that you have been invited into the VVC

Darkfess: I’m glad to be part of VVC. This is a great honor for me and for our community. Of course. For us, this move is something like the integration into the global VC. I hope that our cooperation will be successful. For me and our community is certainly big step forward. I’m glad to be here, to personally communicate with those whose articles we translated into Russian language for the last 5 years. We have quite a long time trying to find common ground with our foreign friends. I look forward to future.

  1. Jubi says:

    dark’s english was understandable. I’m glad other international vampires are coming out. it’s encouragement for other communities.

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