Review of The Wolf Gift- Anne Rice

Posted: Sunday, 26 February, 2012 by deacongray in Uncategorized

After a trip down Catholic lane, Anne Rice returns to the horror genre with what might seem the logical step in her progression through the classic field. Witches, Vampries, Ghost, Mummy’s and now…Werewolves. With a release date of Feb 14th, it is not what one might consider when they think about an Ann Rice book, but with the flavor of the novel being a classic horror romance, it is more fitting then one might think.

Reuben Golding is the main character, a handsome young wealthy gentleman reporter with a winning smile that was meant for TV. Despite having everything in life laid out for him on a silver platter, Reuben stuggles with self identity as his girl friend and mother struggle to keep him their “Sunshine Boy.” and “Baby Boy”

Reuben, however, wants more from life then just to be another trust fund baby, and with his career as a reporter starting to shine, he ends up on the California Coast interviewing an exotic older lady about her estate, and he quickly falls for her and the estate. After a night of passion, climaxes, an evening of violence ensues and our sunshine boy finds himself at deaths door with a creatures paw on his back as everyone else dies around him.

The Wolf Gift is a great return for Anne Rice in the realm of romantic horror. Everything she was best known for is seen in this novel, the bright descriptions, the impressive back stories and research, all in all a very well written piece.

If you are a fan of Anne Rice you will not be disappointed, it is nice to see her come back from the less them impressive Blackwood Farm, and Blood Canticle, and the dry, nearly insomnia breaking Jesus books.




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