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Aftercare for Donors

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 By Deacon Gray

In my last article I spoke briefly about “After Care” when dealing with a Donor. I thought briefly on the concept that there are certain after care obligations a Vampire has in regards to the Donor that I didn’t really cover in depth what this might entail. So I thought I would expand on the ideas a little. Perhaps some of your own concepts, ideas and new concepts of after care can start to be nurtured

Each of us is different; we handle things in different ways, with different people and Donors. There are many different kinds of Donors. What works best for one kind of Donor may not work for another kind of Donor.

This said I would like to break this down into three pieces:

After Care for the Sanguinary Donor
After Care for the Psi Energy Donor
After Care for the Eros (Sexual) Type Donor
Donor after care for all types can be fairly simple. The biggest consideration is taking the time to really get to know your Donor. Find out what their medical history is. What are their mental and emotional state and any other conditions that may become an issue? Trust your gut feelings before your hunger if your gut says “Stop” take a metaphoric cold shower and move on!

Sanguinary Donor after care
The first thing to consider is the Donor’s physical well being. Make sure he/she is physically well, not dizzy, feeling nauseated, or excessively weak. Watch for such things as they could lead to complications and/or physical injury. We can never leave a recently drained Donor by his/her self. Stay with him/her for at least 15 minutes after the exchange, as he/she could fall, become ill, or need your attention in other way.

Ensure you have the right clean up items on hand prior to feeding, and then use them in an informed manner. Betadine or rubbing alcohol are two of many different types of antiseptic topical cleansers that are available to everyone. There are also many different kinds of post cleaning ointments available as well. Here are a few; Neosporin, Bacitracine, Triple Antibiotic Ointment all are great to help keep bacteria out of a newly cleaned cut. A good band-aid is also advisable, I like Scooby band-aids it adds a little emotional humor and warmth but to each their own.

Because of the highly intimate action of taking ones blood, there is often times a reported bond or connection between the Donor and Vampire after a feeding. It is important to understand that the bond is not something that happens in every case, but it is possible. With proper communication before feeding the Donor and Vampire can become aware of this bond’s possibility and therefore be more able to handle the situation should it a rise.

Talk. Spend some time getting to know each other. Speak of your expectations, explain clearly how deeply and emotionally you are prepared to become and what, if anything will be involved in the aftercare process.

I find that there are many ways once the basic clean up is done to show your appreciation as well as allow the Donor and Vampire some time to “cool down” so to speak. One of those stated is to basically plan a night on the town. It does not have to be dancing or movies, but get out and spend a little time winding down. Some like getting a video and spending some time on the couch watching a good movie. Each person is different but prior planning to the act can really save you a lot of time and it helps to ensure both parties are happy and understanding at the end of the night.

Psychic Donor after care
Aftercare for the Psychic Donor in some ways sounds easier then the other two kinds. After all there does not need to be, in most cases, an intimate physical connection. You do not have to worry about disease and infection; the changes of a deep emotional connection are limited, aren’t they?

The truth is that after care of all Donors can be simple or complex. The Psychic Donor is often times the hardest one to take care of after the event. Not only can their physical energy be drained, but so can their emotional and spiritual energy.

Watch out for signs that the Donor seems overly drained or confused. While many will declare their well being, if you watch them you may see some signs of Donor Drain.

The recently drained Donor needs to be looked after more intently then any of the other types. Part of this is because truly understanding their current state can be so difficult. Some become so drained that they become very suggestible, though they seem to be perfectly happy and rational.

With out reason they are suddenly willing to engage in physical acts with those they normally would not be willing too engage with. They may also simply not be able to really say no as the drain can leave then simply confused and uncertain.

More then one Donor has complained to me of being left in a state of nearly helplessness, and then taken advantage of by others. One shared with me the story of how she was raped, and while normally she would have been able to fight him off, she was so weakened that the rape must nearly have seemed consensual. There are a few tests one can employ to help, but these are not fool proof.

Get the Donor to conduct a fine motor skill of an unknown action. Such as; ask them to untie a knot, or write something. Often times if a Donor can write clear thoughts and then the issue is resolved. Demonstrating fine motor skills shows that they have the ability to focus and concentrate.

Often times a Psychic Donor can experience a state of depression after the initial physical drain. The trouble is that the emotional roller coaster that many of them can ride is often hard to detect. Because of this it is more important to really make sure you conduct a good follow up with your Donor. Make certain that they are healthy and in good spirits.

It is important not to confuse basic Donor Drain, with depression. Depression is something that normally sets in over time and stays around longer then a few hours. Donor Drain can often have emotional reactions, but typically is gone after a short period of time.

A personal note: One Donor I had simply wanted to have me sit beside her with her head in my lap for 15 or twenty minutes while she composed her self. I secretly think my post feeding conversation was more then she could stand after fifteen minutes and forced her into clarity of thought. Either way after the fifteen or twenty minutes she would typically go dancing or find another way to enjoy our evening.

Eros Type Donor after care
This type of feeder is a tough one. First understand that Eros Type feeders do not always feed off sex it self. Rather sexual energy which can be gained through many different means.

One kind of Eros Type feed from sexual intercourse. If you do not know how to clean up after sex it is perhaps best if you move to another article. Planned Parenthood and many internet sites have detailed information about how to clean up after having sex intercourse. They contain everything from when to pee, to, where to throw the condom if one is used.

The second kind of Eros Types feed from “The Physical Tease.” This involves sexual touching with out the actual sexual intercourse. Many of this type of feeder are into different Kinks and use this as their means to feed. This often does not involve fluid exchange but can have some very serious emotional and physical effects.

It is important, like above to take these into consideration and ensure both parties are made aware of exactly what is expected. Just because one of this kind of feeder wants to twist your nipples, or slap your ass does not mean they want to be life long partners. It is extremely important to make this clear; if this is your intent.

The third and final Eros type feeder is the one I call “The Flirt” The flirt feeds from the desire and lust of others. It is often their goal to make the Donor so worked up with desire as to make the sexual tension nearly palpable. Most all of us have felt that tension at one point or another in our lives, and the issues are obvious.

Like “The Tease” and “The Flirt” they may or may not want sexual intercourse. However in order to make sure that he/she feeds they need to induce that desire in another. It can be tricky work. One reported to me that he would get his co-worker so hot to trot that she would race home and nearly rape her husband. He would feed from her in this manner at least twice a week. The relationship was built in a manner that made all three very happy. This kind of relationship is not as common as one might like for it to be.

After care for Donor Drain, physical reactions, emotional connections, and for all those little things that might occur are very important. The best way in all cases to prepare for proper Donor Care is to talk in advance with a proper negotiation between the parties. While the hunger may be raging inside, it’s important to try to have patience, keep a level head, and work to take care of both our selves and our Donors.
Vampires and Donors Guide to Negotiations

In every relationship there is a process, a time period when we learn about each other and what the expectations both parties hold for the relationship. The process for Vampires and Donors is no different then any other relationship, yet there are some questions and issues that should be discussed between the vampire and donor that are a little more complex.

The intent of this essay is not to tell you how to regulate or order your relationship. The point is to present to you a guide. This guide is basically a series of concepts, suggestions, and questions that could be used to help ensure that both parties are fully informed, kept safe, understand the expectations of each other, and the requirements and limitations that each side holds to be imperative to a successful relationship even in the short term. It’s a negotiation guide if you will.

Part one: Meeting for the Negotiation (new contact)

Set an established date, time and public place for meeting
Ensure meeting place will be appropriate and consider secondary meeting place
Contact trusted friend and inform of meeting information
Take a friend if possible
Designate safe call
Ensure that meeting is not considered a “Date”, or “Going out” as not to set expectations. If a follow on time of getting to know each other is proposed ensure the above are considered
Designate if Alcohol is acceptable for meeting ( I suggest not to allow it)

Meeting for Negotiation (familiar contact)
Set date, time and place for meeting
Ensure the meeting place is comfortable for the subject topic.
Ensure that the meeting and reason for meeting is the only subject matter at hand as not to confuse the meetings intent.

Part Two: Medical aspects for consideration

Discuss Blood Born Pathogens and proper blood testing
Make information about proper testing available
Discuss Health issues:
Illness that could contribute to injury: anemia, Hemophilia, Diabetes ECT…
Talk about medications one might be taking like blood thinners
Consider any mental or emotional disorders, and the treatment utilized if any
Discuss any allergies one might possess that are pertinent like latex, Iodine or Shellfish.

(Note: It’s is important to be sure that you are made aware of any physical or mental issues that could result in harm to either party. Proper health screening and pathogen testing is highly recommended.)

Part Three: Discovery (Personal info that needs to be shared)

Have you ever been implicated in, wanted for, arrested for, or convicted of a crime
If yes what Crime and what was the circumstances
Is the person married
Is the spouse aware of the activities
Can the spouse be contacted
Is there anyone that can be asked about your reputation in the community

Part Four: Expectations

Is a purely Monogamous relationship expected
Is the relationship simply for donations
What behavior is acceptable or not. (Like is it ok to have more then one donor, is it ok to have one donor and multiple lovers?
Will blood be stored
If stored is anyone else allowed to use it
What obligations are expected in the relationship?
What amount and how often are donations acceptable
Is there a mark or symbol of protection or responsibility
What information is considered confidential

Part Five: What Method to use

How will Psi feeding be conducted? (i.e.)
Physical contact
No physical contact
Astral connection

How is Blood Feeding to be conducted(i.e.)
Medical Blood Draw
Needle syringe
Sterile Knife

How is Eros Type feeding to be conducted (sexual vampire) (i.e.)
1. Flirting only
2. Light physical contact no direct intercourse
3. Heavy physical contact no direct intercourse
4. Direct Intercourse
5. Passive observation

Part Six: I.C.E. and Aftercare

Who should be contacted In Case of Emergency (I.C.E)
Alternate contact
What is the method of aftercare? (Is the person given a band aid and sent home? Are they bathed and massaged? Are they taken shopping or to a show…basically how do you ensure that after the donor has given you want you desire, that they are taken care of and looked after until they are home safely or in the hands of another, OR positive assurance can be given as to the over all well being.)

Part Seven: Final considerations

Where will the donation take place
Who will be there
What is the address (if unknown)
Who will know
When will it take place

Not all of these things fit every situation, but everyone should have a plan and sound consideration before working with a Donor. Remember the whole community can be viewed poorly if we don’t take care of our friends and donors and treat them with the respect they deserve.