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We live in illusion and the appearance of things. There is a reality. We are that reality. When you understand this, you see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything. That is all.
– Kalu Rinphoche

Each week, I struggle to find the perfect quote for the weekly installment in this series. Does it speak to the article, the person we are interviewing? Anything? Then I stumbled upon this quote and I realized this fits everything. Perhaps it is just me, but I believe it is especially fitting for the Vampire Community. There is a reality. We are that reality.

That said, I would like to introduce you to our newest interviewee, Elzie Roze. No, you don’t all like her. Neither do you all like me. I’m 100% OK with this. And so should be everyone within the community. We aren’t here to win a popularity contest. We are here to deal with our common issues, help those who are new to the community, and perhaps one day – find a cause. Nothing more.

GYP: Will you please start us off by explaining your vampirism? Are you sang or psi?
ER: I am a sanguinary vampire.

GYP: Thank you! And what faith do you follow?
ER: I don’t follow any faith. You might call me an agnostic, but I identify myself as a Pantheist and a Rationalist.

Pantheism is a philosophical system that does not believe in an anthropomorphizes god/godess – gods and godesses. It identifies what would be the diety/dieties in religious systems as a way of explaining the infinite totality of all existence (the universe or multi-verses). Pantheistic ideas run through many religions, most especially in Taoism and Buddhism.

Rationalism is a philosophical system that relies on reason (logic and deductive reasoning) as the source for knowledge. For those interested, it is exemplified in the writings of Spinoza, Kant, and Descartes. For me, the bottom line for all of that, from a spiritual point of view, is the ultimate reliance on and faith in ones free-will and self-determination. The moral ideas that accompany this are self-governance, self-responsibility, and the “categorical imperative” — a kind of way of being able to universalize moral choices as a way of checking and balancing their validity.

GYP: Do you attend regular services?
ER: Pantheism does not have churches, services, worship or ritual of any kind, so no I don’t.

GYP: How long have you followed this particular path?
ER: I have identified myself with the word Pantheism as the best way to describe my spiritual beliefs for about 3 years. I have been a Rationalist my entire adult life.

GYP: Do you ever feel that your vampiric needs are contrary to the teachings of your religion?
ER: No, since there are no “teachings” for pantheism, there can’t really be a conflict between that and vampirism. Rationalism however does require me to, as I said above, be able to justify “universally” the actions I take to satisfy my needs — could I condone everyone acting in the way I do towards donors, the community, etc.? I would not say that my vampirism is in conflict with my vampirism any more than I would say that Rationalist ethics are in conflict with any other part of my life. The same principals which guide me in the non-vampiric aspects of my life guide me in the vampiric aspects of my life.

GYP: Do you incorporate your religion into your vampirism?
ER: Neither Pantheism nor Rationalism are “religious”, therefore I don’t.

GYP: Do you incorporate your vampirism into your religion?
ER: Again, no. as a final thought though — I do not see religion, spirituality, or even philosophy as having anything directly to do with vampirism which I think is a physical, not a spiritual, religious, or moral condition.