Writers Circle. Interpretation of a song, Assignment One

Posted: Saturday, 28 April, 2012 by deacongray in Fiction, The Writer's Circle

My darling,

It has been ages since you came to visit. I have missed your company, longed for it. No one else comes to visit any longer; I rely upon you for news of the outside world. It just broke my heart to see you so sad at our last visit. I am not sure why you feel the need to keep company with that silly woman. I know; you don’t want to hear it, however I must be honest with you. You are the reason I get out of bed in the morning, how could I ever consider less than full honesty? Yes, she is your mother, but look at the lengths she will go to, just to keep us apart. She’s a cruel beast of a woman. Always taunting you, cutting you down.

It’s very late now; well past my bedtime. I just can’t sleep. You used to call me every night before bed. I don’t think I’m able to sleep more than an hour or two without hearing your voice. Can you keep a secret? I think that someone is putting something in my evening tea to make me sleep because I always wake up in a fog, no memories from the night before. It worries me.

Everything is all jumbled up inside me, tearing me apart. You and Richard are no longer friends? Or is Richard dead? I just cannot seem to remember anything. There is a pain so deep within my heart that I am afraid I might scream from the weight of it all.

The others tell me you haven’t been to see me since the accident. Why do they say that? Your visits are fewer and further between, but I just know that we walked down to the pond and had a picnic last month. Oh Richard, why haven’t you been back since then? I beg of you; please call me. I need to sleep peacefully, just once. I need to hear your voice. I miss you so.

At your side forever,

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