Ask the Vampires, Question 1 Part E

Posted: Tuesday, 8 May, 2012 by deacongray in Ask the Vampires, Community Articles

While the GraveYard Press has always been open for comments, both good and bad, there has not really been a way for readers to ask questions directly of the staff. Not all of our readers are vampires, nor are they all familiar with the Online Vampire Community. And that leads to questions. They might be questions many within the community have answered a hundred times over; they might be questions that make us groan; they might be questions that make us stop and think; and they might be questions that make us giggle. These do not matter. In order to better facilitate an open dialogue between community newcomers and outsiders, the Ask the Vampire page was opened, and it is open to all questions. This week, the staff of the GraveYard Press is pleased to introduce the first set of questions posed:

are vampires made or are they born that way? also is vampirism a virus or genetically inherited? if vampirism is a genetically inherited trait do you have to get it from both parents or is it passed paternally or maternally? are there any special gifts that a vampire posses then better senses, stronger, smarter, and faster? if vampirism is a virus how do you catch it? and if you can be turned into a vampire then what is the proccess?

The questions were sent to volunteers within the community: David M. Criophix (DCM), Amelia Nightside (AM), Heidica Northernlight (HM), Hollow Link (HL), Emma Emz Karlane (EEK), and Nastassia Daathschild Morrison (NDM) answered from the community at large. Mind, they are speaking only their opinions, not for the community as a whole. The questions were also posed to all members of the GraveYard Press staff. The questions were answered by Mikyla Abigor (MA), Anya Ligeia Rakoczy (ALR), Deacon Gray (DG), and Valiant Ferguson Steinhauer (VFS). Not everyone answered all of the questions.

For better ease of reading, the question will be posted, followed by the answers (respondent denoted by initials, as listed above). Because of the number and depth of the responses, we are going to tackle each question by itself. They are all worth reading, so please tune in!

  1. if vampirism is a virus how do you catch it?

DMC: Hard question to answer here. You’re talking about a virus which effects every part of the body and over writes certain characteristics. This is known as a retrovirus which takes out parts of code in your DNA (the instructions on how to build the human body). I doubt it would be transmitted later in life though. For the whole body to be equally effected without death or serious complications such as cancer it would have to be transmitted in vitro. This means in the womb. Retroviruses exist in nature naturally (such as HPV 14 and HPV 16) but to have one which doesn’t cause cancer? Now that would be amazing.

AN: . It isn’t (at least as far as common belief and understanding goes). You can’t, if it’s not.

Real Vampirism is not like the movies and other works of fiction and entertainment (save for a need to feed).

HN: If vampirism should be a virus I think it would come through the blood and not through saliva etc.

EEK: You cannot, under any circumstances “catch” Vampirism. Vampirism is a way of life; you either are born with the gift or learn of the gift later on in life or you don’t have anything vampiric or otherkin within you at all. Vampirism is nothing like a cold or a flu.

NDM: I don’t believe it to be virual,

MA: I do not believe vampirism to be viral.

ALR: I do not believe this.

VFS: I do not believe this.



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