Ask the Vampires, Question 1 Part F

Posted: Tuesday, 8 May, 2012 by deacongray in Ask the Vampires, Community Articles

While the GraveYard Press has always been open for comments, both good and bad, there has not really been a way for readers to ask questions directly of the staff. Not all of our readers are vampires, nor are they all familiar with the Online Vampire Community. And that leads to questions. They might be questions many within the community have answered a hundred times over; they might be questions that make us groan; they might be questions that make us stop and think; and they might be questions that make us giggle. These do not matter. In order to better facilitate an open dialogue between community newcomers and outsiders, the Ask the Vampire page was opened, and it is open to all questions. This week, the staff of the GraveYard Press is pleased to introduce the first set of questions posed:

are vampires made or are they born that way? also is vampirism a virus or genetically inherited? if vampirism is a genetically inherited trait do you have to get it from both parents or is it passed paternally or maternally? are there any special gifts that a vampire posses then better senses, stronger, smarter, and faster? if vampirism is a virus how do you catch it? and if you can be turned into a vampire then what is the proccess?

The questions were sent to volunteers within the community: David M. Criophix (DCM), Amelia Nightside (AM), Heidica Northernlight (HM), Hollow Link (HL), Emma Emz Karlane (EEK), and Nastassia Daathschild Morrison (NDM) answered from the community at large. Mind, they are speaking only their opinions, not for the community as a whole. The questions were also posed to all members of the GraveYard Press staff. The questions were answered by Mikyla Abigor (MA), Anya Ligeia Rakoczy (ALR), Deacon Gray (DG), and Valiant Ferguson Steinhauer (VFS). Not everyone answered all of the questions.

For better ease of reading, the question will be posted, followed by the answers (respondent denoted by initials, as listed above). Because of the number and depth of the responses, we are going to tackle each question by itself. They are all worth reading, so please tune in!

  1. and if you can be turned into a vampire then what is the process?

DMC: I doubt you could be “turned” into a vampire. My opinion is that vampirism can manifest in many ways but it wouldn’t be permanent unless you were a vampire. The term vampire for our community is loaded. This means different individuals and groups believe different things. No one has a exact agreement on what a vampire really is and I guess that adds to the mystery and at the same time in our community we respect the individuals wishes to express their ideas without restricting ourselves to just one set definition for the term “vampire”.

AN: Highly debated, incredibly controversial, not proven and even said to be highly unlikely for the process to succeed, even if it were possible.

Energetically it would involve permanently damaging the astral/energy body to the point that it cannot replenish/heal itself naturally. It is said that “No one physical person is likely to have the knowledge, skill and lack of heart enough to be able to perform such an act”. My personal theory is that, the energetic body and physical body are inter-connected. Damage one and the other will suffer to some extent. Damaging the energy body to such an extent (to cripple) could result in parallel damage (more or less) and/or complications reflected in the physical body. This is dangerous, not likely to be done, if done correctly and IF possible at all, and is definitely not worth the risk of trying.

I’ve also heard an energy-related theory regarding energy “transfusion”. One would have to simultaneously completely drain the “victim” (turnee?) completely of their life-force energy, give the victim/turnee their own (the turner?) energy (assuming that the energy signature of a vampire is truly different than non-vampire) and keep the victim alive.

Whatever the theory, It’s all complicated, not even agreed or proven to be possible and agreed that even if possible, not likely to be done.

HN: I have never seen anyone being turned a vampire, I have a friend though that believes to have developed vampiric traits by rituals and exercises. And who am I to say whats real or not, I can only say how the condition is for me and curiously ask about others

EEK: As stated above, one cannot become a vampire. You cannot bit another’s neck and turn them into a vampire by feeding them your blood. Vampires cannot be turned like they portray in films. This is purely fantasy and under no circumstances to be mixed up with the Real Vampires of today.

NDM: a human can be tort how to syphon energy from beings around them. But the need and pull to feed on it is lacking. A lot of people do play vamp in bed and get off in the ideal of it. But once again this is make believe. For me it’s like needed water, I get head aches and feel sic if I don’t feed. I also get very tired in the sun light. this could be due to my blood or sun sensitivity. Doctors say I’m naturally deficient in melitonin and this helps block sun rays. I’m not sure if this is vamp but my grandfather was the same.

MA: I do not believe that you can be turned into a vampire, although I do believe someone can experience a temporary need for additional energy. I believe there are many reasons for this such as continuous feedings from one donor, illness, and even being victim of psychic predators (which are completely different from psychic, or energy, vampires). Again, these are temporary needs, which does not make one a vampire.

ALR:  I think if this can be done at all, it would only be done under very special circumstances and quite difficult to accomplish. In general, I think this is something best confined to fiction

VFS: I do not believe this either.


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  2. Do u know about the vampire religion and the vampire family? I Became a luciferian and through rituals (Black magic) i came to the point of ascension.It’s not becoming but awakening to the true nature or the nightside path.If chosen ull find the way if not you will die sooner or later.
    It’s either sheep or wolf ,it’s either mouse or snake.
    I’d like to talk privately to the one who wrote this post PM me if possible.

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