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Here’s a great article reblogged from the South African Vampyre News page. Enjoy!

Hostile Interest – Who’s Watching Us?.

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The Vox Homunculi

I have wrestled with this topic for some time, and finally decided to sit down and write out my conclusions.  Thus far, I have found that the Awakening (or, and I like to sometimes call it, that groggy almost knowing period between not knowing a damn thing, and having some idea of what it means) is a process of becoming enlightened to the nature of one’s self.  Yes, it does have more connotations with the Otherkin/Vampire community, but it also directly correlates to any spiritual or mundane process of seeking answers.  The Awakening is merely the question we ask ourselves.

This in mind, it should be noted that not all of the aspects of the awakening are pleasant. It can be a grueling experience, especially for those (like myself) who feel that so much change has happened and yet there is so much more that will come about.  We want the more 

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