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Community Announcement

Posted: Tuesday, 29 May, 2012 by deacongray in Community Announcements

Official Notice To The Vampire Community;

Earlier today, May 29, 2012, it was brought to our attention and verified through law enforcement sources that ‘Justin Talon’ (Lord Griffin Alexander Talon), otherwise known by his legal name as Joseph Burgess, Jr., is a convicted sexual offender in the State of Michigan. He has also absconded from updating his registration with the sexual offender registry maintained by the State of Florida (his current location). Mr. Burgess was arrested on May 17, 2012 by the Jacksonville Florida Sheriff’s Department on additional felony charges (non-sexual) which he will answer at a hearing to be held next month. He is a member of multiple vampire-related Facebook groups and friends with a number of individuals in the vampire community. We remain cognizant of the legal rights afforded to Joseph Burgess, however, we feel that his established prior conviction and willful intent to repeatedly violate both the conditions of his probation and continued alleged illegal actions warrant vampire community notification at this time. As we have stated before, participants in the vampire community need to take the necessary steps to safeguard their privacy and be mindful of the trust they place in others.


Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)