Religion and the Vampire, Interview Nine

Posted: Sunday, 10 June, 2012 by deacongray in Religion


I’ve found a more personal, pagan kind of religion to satisfy the spiritual side of things.
~ Julian Clary

This week, we are speaking with my friend, Jennifer Jewel. She has been involved with the vampire community for several years through the Yahoo eGroup, ShadowLore. Perhaps not the most well-known member of the vampire community, she is still a great person – one whom I recommend you all get to know. Previously, the community members we spoke with seemed to all be on a path they had started as children. Jennifer’s journey has been different, and I am thankful she chose to share it with us!

GYP: Will you please start us off by explaining your vampirism? Are you sang or psi?
JJ: I’m sang and psi, prefer sang but use psi when i need to. not sure what you mean by explaining your vampirism

GYP: I apologize for any confusion – I meant exactly how you answered. Thank you for answering!

GYP: And what faith do you follow?
JJ:  i consider myself eclectic pagan

GYP: Why do you consider it “eclectic” paganism?
JJ: I consider myself an eclectic pagan because when I first started learning about the pagan religion there wasn’t one specific tradition that called to me, initially Wicca did and I learned a lot about it. As I grew as a pagan and learned more about other traditions, I also learned that as a pagan you weren’t required to subscribe to a set path. Now, as I go I gather bits and pieces from various paths as well as the Native Americans, to integrate into my own path making it my own. I’ve never been one for “organized religion”.

GYP: How long have you followed this particular path?
JJ: roughly 10 years

GYP: What led you to this particular path? Did the Lady come to you, or is it something you just kind of “stumbled” upon that you knew fit?
JJ: Well, I’d say it probably started in high school when I was taking a biology class. They were teaching evolution. At the time, I was Methodist. The more I learned, the more it made sense. This caused me to search more about the “source” or the ALL. I started figuring out what I believed in, and it wasn’t the Christian God. One day in my high school Chemistry class, I was talking to a friend about how and what I believed but didn’t know what it was. She told me to do some research on Wicca. I started really thinking about it then, but not being in an environment where I could truly research it, I waited until college. I went to a bookstore in the mall and bought the Idiots Guide to Paganism. I was so excited, it described me to a T. I was so happy to finally find a name for what I believed, and it’s just grown from there

GYP: May I ask what faith(s) you followed before finding this path?
JJ: I grew up going to a Methodist church.

GYP: Have you ever experienced anything that might have shaken your faith, or caused you to doubt?
JJ: not my current faith, no

GYP: You say not with this faith, how about with previous faiths?
JJ: When I was Methodist, I initially accepted it blindly. As I grew up and learned more in school, I had more and more questions that “you weren’t supposed to ask” or that no one had answers that felt right to me. I also started doubting the church, as things were not so great in my childhood and I couldn’t understand why God would let it happen. As many times as I tried accepting Him into my heart, I never truly felt it. Which is where the biology class in high school started changing my thinking.

GYP: Do you ever feel that your vampiric needs are contrary to the teachings of your religion?
JJ: no, as long as the energy is taken with permission

GYP: Do you incorporate your religion into your vampirism?
JJ: no

GYP: A few vampires do incorporate their religion into their vampirism. Is there  a reason you do not?
JJ: Honestly, there are a few reasons. One, I don’t feed as often as I should and two, I don’t know how.

GYP: Do you incorporate your vampirism into your religion?
JJ: i’ve considered it but never did

GYP: A lot of people might consider the two questions regarding incorporating religion into vampirism (and vice versa) to be redundant, so can you explain to readers how you might incorporate your vampirism into your religion, but not your religion into your vampirism?
JJ: Maybe I have this backwards, but I think being an eclectic pagan makes it easier for me to be a vampire since there is not as much dogma about “being different” or worry about being ostracized for being something other than they want you to be. Pagans, in general , seem to be more accepting of differences in people whether they are vampire, otherkin, or just a different person all together (sexual orientation, relationship preferences, etc.) As far as how to incorporate my vampirism into my religion, I don’t have enough experience or networking with people who have to know how to bring the two together. It’s not that I don’t want to, I don’t know how. Maybe being somewhat new to the vampire community (roughly +/- 5 years) has something to do with it, I don’t know. There surely aren’t books on that! LOL.

  1. tony says:

    how much does an interview pay?$$$$$$ i not its not worth my time.

  2. A. The interviews do not pay. B. No one is interested in interviewing you. At least not here at the GraveYard Press.

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