Posted: Friday, 6 July, 2012 by deacongray in Uncategorized

The Vox Homunculi

It isn’t so new of a concept. In fact, almost every world religion has an idea of stepping into your spirituality- becoming the Archon of your own faith and power. With most, it is simply accepting your responsibility in the grand schemes of the universe, and being willing to act in a manner that benefits others as much as yourself. To most, this simple concept comes down to one thing- live your life the way you want, and spread joy with your interactions with others.

For the Embodied, we take this to a whole new level, where we are seeking an awareness deeply recessed into our own consciousness. Through the Vampiric community, There is a concept called Zephy’r. This is based almost entirely on the concept of Xepher, re-introduced by the temple of Set (and all of their amazing scholars), from the Eqyptian culture. Xepher is evolution, manifestation of the…

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