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Laws of the Magus and Ebay’s Dewitchery

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Recently Ebay and a few other e-commerce sites opted to close down their metaphysical and witchcraft sections, which up until that point had supplied many many new students and seasoned practitioners alike. Amidst cries of religious discrimination, ebay has maintained it’s decree that there would be no more sections devoted to the study of witchery and metaphysics or rather certain types of items could no longer be sold there. I for one do not see this as an issue of discrimination, rather an end to a lot of wealthy charlatans. Were this an issue of discrimination, ebay would have not allowed them to be listed at all. Yardsellr, for instance, has a Wicca block that itemizes witchcraft and mystical items for sale into this category automatically, however they do not have a section for metaphysical goods listed at all.

One of the most important aspects of studying any sort of metaphysics and occult is the Laws of the Magus, To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Be Silent. None of those tend to applywithin a small range of metaphysical community of online shops and especially not on ebay. I have seen everything on sale there from floating oils guaranteed to lend the ability to levitate items to “haunted” books of shadows, pendants, cloaks, and practically any item you can possibly consider. I for one do not shrink at a little good old fashioned necromancy, really it’s good to play in the dark once in a while, but the concept of trapping the soul of another being inside a pendant or tome, or any other item intended to be imbued with protective, loving, or wise energies is utterly vile to someone who practices and lives a magickal life.

Or so one would think.

For those that sell such items, ebay has been an amazing boost for their personal economy, however not only is this an illegal practice it’s unethical and vile….and it has negatively impacted many other honest, sincere shopkeepers that are offering legitimate goods for mystical and spiritual use. Many many shop owners that have opened spaces on ebay to try and boost their income or business in a lagging economy with handcrafted items and drop shipped goods. Many of them run legitimate storefronts and others choose to work from home exclusively providing wares for that Old Tyme Religion and many other various paths. Unfortunately, the only people this is going to affect are not the ones running the scams…purchasing a pendant for pennies, claiming it is haunted, raising the price 1200% and selling it to the first vulnerable person who believes the fantasy of magick rather than the very mundane reality.

Which brings to the main purpose of this piece.

You see, magick isn’t just love and light, bright and sunny, sabbats and esbats, pointy hats and witches’ balls. It’s steeped in logic, metaphysics (key word there…physics), personal responsibility, and most of all common sense. Enter the Laws of the Magus, To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent. If there were ever a genuine set of realistic magickal and mystical laws to apply to working metaphysics, these are, well, it. The first thing I was taught in magick was to own the energy I create. The next thing was to distinguish where fantasy stopped and reality set in. Now, I started practicing at the ripe old age of 12 after years of reading every book on mythology I could possibly find. There was no “Craft”, no “Angel” no “Charmed’ to segregate one from the other. It was quite literally a lesson in illusion. More than 20 years later it’s not so easy.

From Charmed to Angel to Buffy and countless movies and programs in between, the assumption is that an item may be ensouled and used in a necromantic fashion. Watch an hour of any of these programs and you’ll likely see dozens of items with souls of this creature or that person crammed into tiny little items. The sheer physics of this procedure is in itself unrealistic. The probability very close to zero and the ability of a practitioner to develop the amount of power needed to do such things exceptionally impossible. Of course, many of the people making such claims also claim to be descended from a long line of powerful witches, sometimes even mythological figures, more commonly Morgan Le Fey and Merlin. I’ve even seen Gandalf a time or two.

The first law of the Magus is To Know…or simply Know Thyself. Somewhere deep inside every person is an alarm that is triggered every time something unreal crosses their path. In short, it is the responsibility of every practitioner to not only know their path and know the difference between illusion and reality, but to also know their self. Without knowing these things there is no point in continuing a study in energy work. It not only makes a practitioner dangerous, but it also makes one unreliable. If you don’t know who you are, looking for some one or some thing to give you an identity is utterly foolish, dangerous, and pointless. If you don’t know who you are, how is anyone working with you to know how to work with you and where to begin, slow down, and move forward?

To Dare, the second Law, infers a strength of will to move past the boundaries of the ordinary and step into learning extraordinary abilities. In the old days the “dare” portion would have been much more serious than simply hiding a book or disguising an altar from disagreeable family members or coworkers. It would have meant certain death and definite imprisonment…with or without torture…for not only the individual but very likely for their family members as well. Delving into the art of metaphysics involves not only the prying open of one’s mind, but also the elevation of one’s spirit actively. Breaking away from the norm and engaging a part of us that is highly inclined for spiritual and mental evolution is a process that takes a lifetime and it is also a process that involves a great deal of discomfort as we move from one vibration to the next. Every elevation brings its own discomforts and trials and so it takes a certain amount of tenacity and strength of character to begin the path much less stay on it throughout a lifetime.

Which brings us to the next point, To Will. This third portion of the Law brings the knowledge of self within the first tenet into the second law that reflects initiative and drive to begin the practice. The third law is the law of activation, To Will. This law moves into effect when a student moves beyond the basics and into the point of manifestation of will, when the energy within begins to move outward as well by sheer force of will. A person reaches this point after significant study and practical application.

The last law to move into effect is the command to keep silent. This is actually one of the more to practical aspects of the Law. After reaching a level where magick is intuitive and energy work begins to have results we can see the student reaches the next plateau where the relinquishing of ego is important for the energy to continue to have positive results. To law of “To Be Silent’ is instruction to be ego-less where magickal work is concerned. Silence guarantees that the energy is not tainted and the work is not countered, tainted by others, and affected by ego. The idea of witchcraft is not to control other people but rather to learn to control yourself and your environment with the good of all of humanity involved.

In effect, witches and metaphysicists know that whatever we do to ourselves we inadvertently do to others also because energy does not occur in a vacuum. Rather it ripples out like a wave. So when a witch casts to find a job or to protect his or her family or to heal someone who is ill, the idea is it will occur within the universal laws of return. Everything about the energy work involved is crafted with this in mind. In short you will get back whatever energy you send out and anyone else that is positively or negatively affected will be part of that return. Whatever you send out you own and all the plus or minuses thereof.

Enter the ebay issue. You see throughout history tarot readers, palmists, psychics, healers, people with genuine gifts have had to contend with charlatans. Charlatans are people that make their living by scamming other people, people who are not so aware or who have a narrow concept of what their particular scam is about. For instance laws geared at fortune tellers have a tendency to also impact those who are skilled tarot readers. Or it could be someone who reads palms or sells witchcraft supplies but who also spots a wealthy customer and scams them into believing they have a spell or curse on them and need thousands of dollars worth of supplies in order to be rid of it. In this instance these people target others that have a thin line between illusion ( or in this case absolute fiction) and reality and they are using a legitimate business to do so. Unfortunately, along with the bad there are always the good that get caught up in the wake of removing the bad seeds. Once someone is burned by one of these people they develop a bitter taste for any other form of experiential energy worker. There will be lots of home based businesses struggling to find last minute sites willing to host their wares and services. In the meantime, the bad choices of a few will negatively impact the lives of quite a few as they will lose sales and income during the switchover.

So there really is a bigger picture to this whole ebay ban on selling witchcraft and metaphysical supplies. If this were religiously motivated it would not be an issue. These items would not be sold there to begin with. In fact, up until last Wednesday I was receiving invitations to sell my own wares in an ebay shop. So truthfully I don’t believe this is an issue of genuine religious discrimination. I do believe this is an issue of the few affecting the many and causing many more issues and thus causing the whole to be negatively impacted. A little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of tv witchcraft is a bad thing in some cases. Someone who genuinely studies the craft and realizes the power their words can have and how energy may impact a few or a lot is careful with their intentions and with their actions. This is a prime example of how these laws work with the reality of magick and the laws of return and balance. It’s very difficult for the world to view Wiccans and witches as legitimate members of the spiritual and religious community when things like haunted jewelry, books, boxes or even toys are on display.

So remember little boy and girl witchies, before you pay 348.19 for a 12th century soul of a witch which has been pulled out of their much incarnated shells and stuffed into a 7.00 pendant for your sole use…no pun intended phonetically…, you may consider that it only really happens on Angel. Or Charmed.

Know Thyself.

I receive many emails every week regarding negative energy attacks and how to distinguish when one is under an actual attack and how to trace it back to the source. Both are possible, although rare, and both can be discerned and can be prevented with practice.

Before you can understand what they are a brief lesson in how they happen is needed. If the person being affected by the energy is empathic, it could be simply a case of internalizing emotions and both common and residual energies of those around them. This can cause a great deal of emotional and physical discomfort. The residual attack is the most common with no one really being at fault.

Residual attacks occur when people internalize negative events and energies instead of releasing them thus causing theirselves damage. The culprit is the inability to release and remain separate from negative behaviors. I learned long ago that we can not control the actions of other people, only the way in which we react to them. Releasing pent up emotions, aggression, and hostility is not only good for the mind and spirit but in the long run is very healthy for the body. Stress causes a lot of physical malaise that could be avoided simply by letting things go.

These types of attacks may be treated in different ways depending on what’s causing them. If they are resulting from constantly being surrounded by negativity remove yourself (or the ones causing it) from the situation or location. If possible smudge yourself or light a cleansing incense such as lavender, sage, cedar, or lemongrass. This removes the residual effects. Smudge with mugwort or wormwood if the discomfort is more severe. If the victim is capable of seeing auras and can trace the tendril back to the individual, smudging with wormwood or mugwort before coming in contact with them will make attachment distasteful and they will find someone else.

In rare occasions, the effect is caused by a forced condition of negative energy attack from an outside source. In this case, one individual sends out an energy tendril that penetrates the energy field (aura) of the intended victim. The tendril finds its way to the core energy of the other person and begins the siphoning process.

Negative energy attacks begin in the solar plexus and move upward resulting in a cold chill that may run either from the center of your spine between your shoulder blades (some refer to this as wing points) to the top of your spine or in opposite directions. The solar plexus houses your core energy and this is a vital place for attacks. You may feel nauseated, have chills, turn cold for no apparent reason, have intense light and sound sensitivity, headache, sudden fatigue or exhaustion, and loss of appetite. The person who is under attack may have thoughts or feelings that they may have never had before or may say and do things suddenly that are out of character. Temper flares and emotional outbursts for no apparent reason is common. Some have had trouble concentrating or focusing on their daily tasks. If the attacks are persistent, the loss of core energy can negatively affect one’s mental and physical health.

Intentional negative psychic attacks occur very rarely but when they do they are quick, effective (unless someone is shielding that is), and can be debilitating. It may feel as if you’ve been punched in the gut in the beginning and is quickly followed by aggression, nausea, dizziness, headache, thirst, fatigue, abdominal pain or upset, tension in the neck or shoulders, spotty vision, dry mouth, irritability, rapid mood swings, panic, coldness radiating from the solar plexus and down the extremities, and an extreme sensitivity to light or temperature changes.

The best thing to do in this case is remain calm. Don’t give anyone any more energy than you have to. Concentrate on calming your body and regaining control. You’ll find that the more control you regain over your mind the more control you’ll have over your body and the better you’ll feel. Drink lots of cold water. If possible eat fresh cold fruit or raw fresh vegetables. They are full of prana and the cold natural sugars will help recharge you. Avoid eating red meat or anything heavy. As soon as possible drink a little relaxation tea…lavender blossom, chamomile, or valerian…smudge yourself thoroughly and get plenty of sleep. If you don’t know how to shield you now have a good reason to learn. Begin by practicing meditation and visualization exercises every day for ever extending amounts of time. Wear clear quartz, hematite, or jet to repel negative energy and attract positive. Wearing a little dragonsblood oil on the wrists or mixing a little black cat, spider queen, and dragonsblood oils with your shampoo, lotion, and body wash repel negative energies while magnifying your own personal power.

Shielding is always the best bet to prevent any kind of residual energy from attaching itself to your aura and it is possible to shield against very specific invaders. When someone sends out a tendril to draw energy from another person, they leave trace elements that may be traced just as any energy work leaves a trace energetic fingerprint. The energy of the individual is as unique as the individual itself. Pranic vampires tend to sip from core energy rather than trace energies that can be sipped from the aura as in psychic vampires. Their auras spike when they are in need of prana and they tend to bend upward and outward like the tendrils of an octopus. They will seek out someone who has a naturally high aura as they need healthy energy to replenish their own. If you were to look at the aura of this type of person, you would see brightly colored, nearly neon, spikes of color all around the lesser aura of the person. When their tendril makes contact with your core energy, you can see the energy like a thin brightly colored line attached to the aura of the other person. By tracing this back to them, you can erect a shield that interrupts their attack and prevents them from further attacks. Usually once they are blocked by a shield they are less eager to have to work for the energy. They are more likely to find someone else.

The Ward/ Mentor Bond

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The Ward/ Mentor Bond© Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, January 2008When we first enter the community we are green as grass but have at best read fiction of our kind. Some may even have been fortunate enough to have read articles or come across forums such as this and have been able to gather some information regarding their nature and healthy ways to maintain and live their lives. At some point a young one may also desire the formal training and education that can only be received from a mentor, someone of good standing within the community who is knowledgeable about the Nightkind nature and is in a position to train and nurture. Choosing a mentor is not easy work. Research is a must as is compatability and a willingness to work on the part of the intended ward. A ward who expects their mentor to tell them everything within a month or two is out of luck. A ward/mentor relationship may carry on for years even decades as a healthy relationship often thrives on the advice of the mentor and the respect of the ward. A ward who does not listen to the counsel and teaching of the mentor does not respect their teacher. The teacher who does not value the challenges of a willful ward may forget what it was like when they first entered the community. Sometimes willfulness and disrespect is wrought not with hatred or arrogance but with fear and lack of self acceptance of one’s nature. All in all one should nurture the best qualities in the other in order to build a healthy bond between them.

Wards are typically those who have awakened or in the process of awakening although they may also be Dhampyre as well (those who are born aware of their nature and partially if not fully awakened). They may be referred to their mentor via word of mouth or they may simply come across their writing or other form of reference and seek them out. It is important for the ward to understand that even though the mentor is there to provide a positive experience they are certainly responsible for their own education and at best in part responsible for the bond that forms. Someone seeking mentorship should be of legal age and of a positive state of mind. A good spiritual background of life affirming philosophy is a good sign that the person seeking mentorship is willing to study and progress their lives on all levels. Although the vampyre nature is not always based solely in the spiritual, it helps to have a path in place whether left or right that balances and grounds the person. An unbalanced ward is less likely to be receptive to constructive criticism and advice and more likely to get into mischief.

Mentors are those who are the teachers of the community and who have earned the right to mentor through years of experience and wisdom. A person will have many mentors throughout their life on both dayside and nightside. These are the people who have helped shape the person you are and the person you will become through integrity, wisdom, and respect. They may be the math teacher in high school that took the extra time to help you, the coach that lifted your spirits when you were down, the pastor or priestess that aided you spiritually, or the vampyre who aided you in your awakening. They are the most balanced of the community having achieved Twilight and a good understanding of both human and Nightkind nature. The experiences that they pass on are drops of wisdom learned in their younger days. When your mentor speaks, listen. Speak your mind with respect and honor, they have earned both.

Generally speaking the ward mentor bond is a close one. It may range from deep friendship to one of familial attachment. Be close but not too close. Mentors should understand that their ward is learning and will make mistakes. Wards should arm themselves with fortitude and acumen as to be willing to grow. Both should be tempered with grace and patience. Life happens. Sometimes things interfere causing other things to be postponed or altered altogether. Adaptability and flexibility are integral as each must adapt not only to their own changes in life but also to each other’s so that they are better suited to work together.

Sometimes your adra and your mentor will be the same person. Many times they will not. Choose your ward as you would your chylde/nadja as they will reflect upon you for good or ill simply because of their attachment. Protect them as you would your donor but do not shelter them. Young ones warrant warnings of danger otherwise they would not be aware of them. This community shimmers with a dark gleam. It is easy for a young one to become awed by it and by individuals who do not have their best interest at heart. However as all children do, they will make their own decisions. The purpose of a mentor is guidance. Generally speaking I may warn a young one once of trouble. I will not do so a second time should they not heed my advice the first time. The Nightkind community is not a kind one, nor is it forgiving. It is not fashioned from doves but from wolves, often in sheep’s clothing. If a young one is to grow within this community they must be aware of the dangers and pitfalls as well as the pleasures and rewards. Should they stumble but not dishonor theirself or their mentor, they are well and good to continue tutelage. Should they be dishonored beyond repair or cause dishonor or disgrace to fall upon the shoulders of their mentor, they are lost. Redemption (the public act of forgiveness by a sire/adra or mentor for their ward or chylde/nadja) is at the discretion of the mentor. The final decision should always be respected as it was made for a good reason.

Should the bond be one of adra and nadja, the bond will be deeper because of the act of communion. This relationship will carry an intimacy that mentoring will not. They will develop an empathy for each other and gifts such as the beacon, telepathy, shared thoughts and dreams will be strong between them. This is because of the heightened awareness that one has triggered within the other. The elevated vibration of the nadja allows them to be sympathetic and receptive to the vibration of the adra thus acutely sensitive and aware of their presence and state. This is in place to aid the adra in the growth and protection of their nadja. No two students will learn the same way, nor will they learn in the same period of time. Some will take longer to work with while some breeze through their study. Many will only be able to learn from working within through experience and hands on teaching, although not necessarily physical activity. This has been my manner of teaching for quite a while and I’ve found it to be very effective. This bond between the two is also in place so that when the energy of the nadja is high they may be pushed. When the energy is low, it is time to rest and choose another form of study that moves the nadja inward for personal and spiritual foundation rather than outward which moves them to a more active place.

Your adra like your mentors, will be the person you have the most contact with throughout your tenure within the Nightkind community. Be as sure of your choice to be active within it as your choice of mentors and sire. You will only have one sire. You will have many mentors. To be chosen as nadja is an honor. To accept the right one is a gift. To be mentored is an offering. They should all be respected.

The Never Ending Now

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The Never Ending Now.

Alixyveth Bruhl-August 2012


Destiny is the coupling of the individual and his surroundings, spanning the whole of the universe and in simply knowing and enjoying one’s existence. On becoming complacent for a moment after chaos and exhaustion. The air clearer, crisper and tensions of the world are gone and alleviated of pressure. The idle mind is indeed the devils playground, but who is your devil and dare you challenge or to resonate him? Destiny is what you know not what was taught but what was learned. Destiny is collaborating with ‘Amor Fati’ as put forth by Nietzsche in Ecce Homo:


“My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backward, not in all eternity. Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it—all idealism is mendaciousness in the face of what is necessary—but love it.”


 Destiny is being able to accept one’s fate. However, it is essential to question the reason to accept one’s fate, why accept any fate at all? Perhaps, fate has already been decided and decided by oneself. Examine this facet of our being and we shall be enlightened on how we have decided our fates. We are able to project ourselves into the universe and into the dreams and thoughts of others around us. We are self aware. We have self awareness when we do this. As self aware beings that construct our fate, we must also be aware that we have decided such a fate for a purpose. This purpose is knowledge. The reality around us is knowledge. Everything and everyone is involved, everything is about knowledge! Knowledge is wisdom indeed. I liken this process to a perpetual infantile amnesia, we forget. However, with a bit of chance to glimpse into this outer veil, this other realm, we then possess occult wisdom.

  God as we so call this higher being, is the copulation of everything and nothing.We must consider the possiblility that he is not here. That he doesnt want us and that he doesnt even like us. What if hope never existed in the first place and miracles fictitious nothing but our own mental projections of chance. Higher Intelligence is active and yet passive. It does not matter if The God exists, because we should take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.


The earth is an organic nexus to the realm of figures and values. Simply put, destiny is as you have made it. For only every man may know his own boundaries and elations and thus it is willed by no other then the primodorial archetype of mankind, the higher intellect of the self.

The key to discovery is within these lines “As above and so below, as within as so without.” 

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SA Vampyre News

Let me begin this article by saying that Aura Escher has never really cared much for opinions and perceptions of the vampire community beyond those that are strictly related to vampirism itself, especially if those opinions exist outside of South Africa. I have certainly enjoyed the international sites filled with information and discursive forums over the years, but all of a sudden, I am frequently feeling a sense of negativity coming from the international vampire community, negativity which is seemingly aimed at us South Africans.

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Donor After Care

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Donor After Care

by Deacon Gray

copyright 2007

In my last article I spoke briefly about “After Care” when dealing with a Donor. I thought briefly on the concept that there are certain after care obligations a Vampire has in regards to the Donor that I didn’t really cover in depth what this might entail. So I thought I would expand on the ideas a little. Perhaps some of your own concepts, ideas and new concepts of after care can start to be nurtured

Each of us is different; we handle things in different ways, with different people and Donors. There are many different kinds of Donors. What works best for one kind of Donor may not work for another kind of Donor.

This said I would like to break this down into three pieces:

After Care for the Sanguinary Donor
After Care for the Psi Energy Donor
After Care for the Eros (Sexual) Type Donor
Donor after care for all types can be fairly simple. The biggest consideration is taking the time to really get to know your Donor. Find out what their medical history is. What are their mental and emotional state and any other conditions that may become an issue? Trust your gut feelings before your hunger if your gut says “Stop” take a metaphoric cold shower and move on!

Sanguinary Donor after care
The first thing to consider is the Donor’s physical well being. Make sure he/she is physically well, not dizzy, feeling nauseated, or excessively weak. Watch for such things as they could lead to complications and/or physical injury. We can never leave a recently drained Donor by his/her self. Stay with him/her for at least 15 minutes after the exchange, as he/she could fall, become ill, or need your attention in other way.

Ensure you have the right clean up items on hand prior to feeding, and then use them in an informed manner. Betadine or rubbing alcohol are two of many different types of antiseptic topical cleansers that are available to everyone. There are also many different kinds of post cleaning ointments available as well. Here are a few; Neosporin, Bacitracine, Triple Antibiotic Ointment all are great to help keep bacteria out of a newly cleaned cut. A good band-aid is also advisable, I like Scooby band-aids it adds a little emotional humor and warmth but to each their own.

Because of the highly intimate action of taking ones blood, there is often times a reported bond or connection between the Donor and Vampire after a feeding. It is important to understand that the bond is not something that happens in every case, but it is possible. With proper communication before feeding the Donor and Vampire can become aware of this bond’s possibility and therefore be more able to handle the situation should it a rise.

Talk. Spend some time getting to know each other. Speak of your expectations, explain clearly how deeply and emotionally you are prepared to become and what, if anything will be involved in the aftercare process.

I find that there are many ways once the basic clean up is done to show your appreciation as well as allow the Donor and Vampire some time to “cool down” so to speak. One of those stated is to basically plan a night on the town. It does not have to be dancing or movies, but get out and spend a little time winding down. Some like getting a video and spending some time on the couch watching a good movie. Each person is different but prior planning to the act can really save you a lot of time and it helps to ensure both parties are happy and understanding at the end of the night.

Psychic Donor after care
Aftercare for the Psychic Donor in some ways sounds easier then the other two kinds. After all there does not need to be, in most cases, an intimate physical connection. You do not have to worry about disease and infection; the changes of a deep emotional connection are limited, aren’t they?

The truth is that after care of all Donors can be simple or complex. The Psychic Donor is often times the hardest one to take care of after the event. Not only can their physical energy be drained, but so can their emotional and spiritual energy.

Watch out for signs that the Donor seems overly drained or confused. While many will declare their well being, if you watch them you may see some signs of Donor Drain.

The recently drained Donor needs to be looked after more intently then any of the other types. Part of this is because truly understanding their current state can be so difficult. Some become so drained that they become very suggestible, though they seem to be perfectly happy and rational.

With out reason they are suddenly willing to engage in physical acts with those they normally would not be willing too engage with. They may also simply not be able to really say no as the drain can leave then simply confused and uncertain.

More then one Donor has complained to me of being left in a state of nearly helplessness, and then taken advantage of by others. One shared with me the story of how she was raped, and while normally she would have been able to fight him off, she was so weakened that the rape must nearly have seemed consensual. There are a few tests one can employ to help, but these are not fool proof.

Get the Donor to conduct a fine motor skill of an unknown action. Such as; ask them to untie a knot, or write something. Often times if a Donor can write clear thoughts and then the issue is resolved. Demonstrating fine motor skills shows that they have the ability to focus and concentrate.

Often times a Psychic Donor can experience a state of depression after the initial physical drain. The trouble is that the emotional roller coaster that many of them can ride is often hard to detect. Because of this it is more important to really make sure you conduct a good follow up with your Donor. Make certain that they are healthy and in good spirits.

It is important not to confuse basic Donor Drain, with depression. Depression is something that normally sets in over time and stays around longer then a few hours. Donor Drain can often have emotional reactions, but typically is gone after a short period of time.

A personal note: One Donor I had simply wanted to have me sit beside her with her head in my lap for 15 or twenty minutes while she composed her self. I secretly think my post feeding conversation was more then she could stand after fifteen minutes and forced her into clarity of thought. Either way after the fifteen or twenty minutes she would typically go dancing or find another way to enjoy our evening.

Eros Type Donor after care
This type of feeder is a tough one. First understand that Eros Type feeders do not always feed off sex it self. Rather sexual energy which can be gained through many different means.

One kind of Eros Type feed from sexual intercourse. If you do not know how to clean up after sex it is perhaps best if you move to another article. Planned Parenthood and many internet sites have detailed information about how to clean up after having sex intercourse. They contain everything from when to pee, to, where to throw the condom if one is used.

The second kind of Eros Types feed from “The Physical Tease.” This involves sexual touching with out the actual sexual intercourse. Many of this type of feeder are into different Kinks and use this as their means to feed. This often does not involve fluid exchange but can have some very serious emotional and physical effects.

It is important, like above to take these into consideration and ensure both parties are made aware of exactly what is expected. Just because one of this kind of feeder wants to twist your nipples, or slap your ass does not mean they want to be life long partners. It is extremely important to make this clear; if this is your intent.

The third and final Eros type feeder is the one I call “The Flirt” The flirt feeds from the desire and lust of others. It is often their goal to make the Donor so worked up with desire as to make the sexual tension nearly palpable. Most all of us have felt that tension at one point or another in our lives, and the issues are obvious.

Like “The Tease” and “The Flirt” they may or may not want sexual intercourse. However in order to make sure that he/she feeds they need to induce that desire in another. It can be tricky work. One reported to me that he would get his co-worker so hot to trot that she would race home and nearly rape her husband. He would feed from her in this manner at least twice a week. The relationship was built in a manner that made all three very happy. This kind of relationship is not as common as one might like for it to be.

After care for Donor Drain, physical reactions, emotional connections, and for all those little things that might occur are very important. The best way in all cases to prepare for proper Donor Care is to talk in advance with a proper negotiation between the parties. While the hunger may be raging inside, it’s important to try to have patience, keep a level head, and work to take care of both our selves and our Donors.

Rosa Moribunda, a Haiku

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Rosa Moribunda©  by Anya Ligeia Rakoczy


White rose of mourning

Fades, dies, falls; and blooms again

In crimson passion.

Drinks, drinks, drinks

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Hey folks! Thirsty Thursday is crawling to a close here and I wanted to share a new recipe with you!

This drink comes straight from Michael Chiarello, one of the many brilliant Food Network Stars. Yes, it is a Halloween themed drink, but it sure sounds fun – and I can’t imagine it would be hard to devirginize it, LOL!

Vampire Blood Drink

Recipe courtesy Michael Chiarello

Prep Time: 15 min
Inactive Prep Time: 24 hr 0 min
Cook Time: —

Level: Easy

Serves: enough ice for 1 big punch bowl



Mix the juices together. Add the sorbet, softened, and stir until it disappears. Add the seltzer.


Before serving, chill with the Body Part Cubes of floating face and hands.


Pour into glasses and stir with glow stick swizzle sticks.

Body Part Ice Cubes:

12 cups cold water

2 to 3 drops green food coloring


Special Equipment:

1 roll packing tape

1 roll plastic wrap

2 plastic gloves

1 plastic Halloween face mask


Color the cold water with enough green food coloring to make it stand out against the background of thepunch.


Use packing tape to seal of the eyesnose and mouth openings of the mask. Line the inside of mask withplastic wrap to prevent leaking. Place it in a bowl that will hold the mask as still as possible while freezing. Fill with the colored water up to the line of the mask, making sure not to spill over if possible. Place bowl in freezer to solidify, at least 24 hours.


Fill 2 food service gloves with colored water and twist and knot opening closed to make a tight seal. Freeze gloves for 12 to 24 hours.


When frozen, cut plastic gloves off. Take ice out of mask, putting hot water on the outside of the mask, if necessary, to help it come out easily.


Carefully float the face and hands in the punch.

Wading into Darkness to Stand in the Light

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Benjamin Samedi founded Nightmare Sonata in the fall of 2004. The original intention was for Nightmare Sonata to be a death rock/gothic alternative band. If you are wondering what that means, think Type O Negative meets Bella Morte. A member of the Vampire Community, and artist, he is breaking traditional concepts on music and wading into the darkness with in, in order to stand in the spot light.


GYP: Could you tell us how it all started?


Benjamin: The first show was a private house party a friend from the vampire community was hosting for Halloween. We did a lot of Misfits covers with a bunch of originals, and it was the first time I appeared as “Benjamin Samedi”. People reacted so well to the character that I decided to keep the character as a permanent fixture of the band.


GYP: Did the persona have any effect on you, and your music?


Benjamin:  As I started to write songs in character, the music became angrier, darker, more sexual and more macabre. The band has been playing shows all over the southeast ever since, in various incarnations. We’ve released several DIY bodies of work, the most recent of which is entitled “Necrophile”. We’ve several music videos on youtube, and now appear on the soundtracks for b-horror movies “Hack Job” and “I Spill Your Guts”. We’ve gotten to open for some big names, to include Wednesday 13, Voltaire, and Agent Orange. It’s been a wild ride thus far, and I look forward to what the future holds.

GYP: You have a production company that you work with. What drives you to continue?

Benjamin: We are our own production company- Decayed Angel Productions. It enables us to keep the rights to all of our material and keep the artistic vision pure. Record labels will muddy the waters quite a bit in an effort to make something more palatable to the mainstream for more commercial success. I’m not interested in that so much as I am interested in creating an artistic statement.


GYP: So you are doing all of this for the sake of art? What about money?


I’m not trying to get rich doing this, but rather trying to make an impact. There are times when I wonder why I keep going. Especially those shitty gigs with crappy monitors where the promoter screws you out of whatever pennies that should have been your cut of the door. Then that one guy (or girl) will come up to the merchandise table, buy a cd, and say that it was the best show that he/she had ever seen, and I get reminded as to exactly why it is that I do this, year in year out.

3. Occultism perhaps one of the most feared things in a lot of households in the United States and aboard, yet you bring it into your music. With that negativity known why do you put yourself in the spot light?

I love attention. I love challenging people’s taboos. I love getting right in the establishment’s conservative narrow minded little faces. I love seducing the minds & spirits of their wives/daughter/girlfriends into joining me on the Dark Side. But to be _completely_ honest I just love to be on stage playing for an audience that enjoys my music. All the other stuff is icing on the cake.

4. How does your occultism play a role in your projects?

I am vodoun by faith. My character is a tribute to Baron Samedi- the voodoo god of death & the cemetery. I’m an initiate to Baron Samedi, and the attributes and attitudes of my character are similar to Baron Samedi- especially in regards to the crude humor and overt sexuality. Depictions of possession, ritual, vampirism permeate my lyrical content and music video imagery. But always a bit tongue in cheek as to not take ourselves to seriously.

5. What projects are you working on now?

Currently we’re working on a new record, to be entitled “Expedition: Morte”. Or “Sending of Dead”. It’s a reference to a very powerful voodoo hex. We’re already starting to play some of the songs in our live set. We’re also working on more footage for our live video back drop, which consists of all original horror movie shorts, with heavy undertones of BDSM.

6. What have been some of your major musical inspirations?

Peter Steele of Type O Negative, especially vocally and in terms of his dark humor. Glenn Danzig- the sexuality he is able to infuse in his music for all three of his bodies of work (Misfits, Samhain, Danzig). His music makes me want to simultaneously break shit and fuck on the floor.

Wednesday 13 has really done a wonderful job in proliferating the horror rock genre- making it more R-rated and still preserving the fun and camp at the same time. Alice Cooper- the absolute master of horrific rock n roll theatrics and an often underrated lyricist. Rob Zombie. King Diamond- especially with his ability to tell a twisted, fucked up story. Musically I borrow a lot of my guitar playing techniques from Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (Misfits, Gorgeous Frankenstein). My guitar solos are seriously influenced by Mike Ness of Social Distortion.

7. Are you part of a House or occult organization, what can you tell us about that?

I used to be a part of a “court” of living vampires- the name of which I won’t mention here. We weren’t a house or coven per say- but often times had gatherings at various locations and events. At it’s high mark, it was a great thing. Lot’s of fun. Lot’s of ideas exchanged. But alas, it eventually unraveled after about a year. The egos involved were gigantic and eventually all of the A-Type personalities turned on each other. Drama drama drama drama drama drama. I only keep track of one person that was ever part of that group. Mainly I just keep track of her modeling work. She’s otherwise quite obnoxious. Sometimes I wonder if any of the other participants are even still alive.

I tend to shy away from any sort or organized “house” or “coven”. I’m not comfortable in that environment. I don’t like being expected to kow-tow to so-called “elders”. I have several other independents I sometimes exchange ideas with, but we’re by no means organized.

8. How long have you been involved , and what kinds of Vampires, Kin, or beliefs do you embrace?

I’ve been involved in the study of the metaphysical since I was in high school, stemming from my need to make sense of everything and find my place in the grand scheme of things. I believe natural magic. Power of Chi. The Loa, the Petro, the Ghede. My mind is open to a lot of things. I initially identified most strongly with the living vampire community, but evolved into other things. I’m initiated to Baron Samedi and Papa Ogun, voodoo being my chosen faith.

9. There have been a lot of changes within the community over the years, are there any you see as really good changes? Really bad ones?

Eh. My view is tainted because of the people I’ve been exposed to. Most of what I have to say is negative. I deal with people on an individual basis. Often times The Community books my band for their events- Fang Banger’s Ball on July 28th in Rock Kill, for example. But I don’t really participate in the community so much anymore. I’m much happier just engaging with individuals.

10. What advice for the community would you offer as a longtime member of the community?

Always continue to grow, learn, and maintain an open mind. Do your own research. Never say “never”. Never take yourself -or the community- to seriously, because that leads to bruised egos and hurt feelings.

And please “like” Nightmare Sonata on FB and order your own autographed copy of our latest release