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I receive many emails every week regarding negative energy attacks and how to distinguish when one is under an actual attack and how to trace it back to the source. Both are possible, although rare, and both can be discerned and can be prevented with practice.

Before you can understand what they are a brief lesson in how they happen is needed. If the person being affected by the energy is empathic, it could be simply a case of internalizing emotions and both common and residual energies of those around them. This can cause a great deal of emotional and physical discomfort. The residual attack is the most common with no one really being at fault.

Residual attacks occur when people internalize negative events and energies instead of releasing them thus causing theirselves damage. The culprit is the inability to release and remain separate from negative behaviors. I learned long ago that we can not control the actions of other people, only the way in which we react to them. Releasing pent up emotions, aggression, and hostility is not only good for the mind and spirit but in the long run is very healthy for the body. Stress causes a lot of physical malaise that could be avoided simply by letting things go.

These types of attacks may be treated in different ways depending on what’s causing them. If they are resulting from constantly being surrounded by negativity remove yourself (or the ones causing it) from the situation or location. If possible smudge yourself or light a cleansing incense such as lavender, sage, cedar, or lemongrass. This removes the residual effects. Smudge with mugwort or wormwood if the discomfort is more severe. If the victim is capable of seeing auras and can trace the tendril back to the individual, smudging with wormwood or mugwort before coming in contact with them will make attachment distasteful and they will find someone else.

In rare occasions, the effect is caused by a forced condition of negative energy attack from an outside source. In this case, one individual sends out an energy tendril that penetrates the energy field (aura) of the intended victim. The tendril finds its way to the core energy of the other person and begins the siphoning process.

Negative energy attacks begin in the solar plexus and move upward resulting in a cold chill that may run either from the center of your spine between your shoulder blades (some refer to this as wing points) to the top of your spine or in opposite directions. The solar plexus houses your core energy and this is a vital place for attacks. You may feel nauseated, have chills, turn cold for no apparent reason, have intense light and sound sensitivity, headache, sudden fatigue or exhaustion, and loss of appetite. The person who is under attack may have thoughts or feelings that they may have never had before or may say and do things suddenly that are out of character. Temper flares and emotional outbursts for no apparent reason is common. Some have had trouble concentrating or focusing on their daily tasks. If the attacks are persistent, the loss of core energy can negatively affect one’s mental and physical health.

Intentional negative psychic attacks occur very rarely but when they do they are quick, effective (unless someone is shielding that is), and can be debilitating. It may feel as if you’ve been punched in the gut in the beginning and is quickly followed by aggression, nausea, dizziness, headache, thirst, fatigue, abdominal pain or upset, tension in the neck or shoulders, spotty vision, dry mouth, irritability, rapid mood swings, panic, coldness radiating from the solar plexus and down the extremities, and an extreme sensitivity to light or temperature changes.

The best thing to do in this case is remain calm. Don’t give anyone any more energy than you have to. Concentrate on calming your body and regaining control. You’ll find that the more control you regain over your mind the more control you’ll have over your body and the better you’ll feel. Drink lots of cold water. If possible eat fresh cold fruit or raw fresh vegetables. They are full of prana and the cold natural sugars will help recharge you. Avoid eating red meat or anything heavy. As soon as possible drink a little relaxation tea…lavender blossom, chamomile, or valerian…smudge yourself thoroughly and get plenty of sleep. If you don’t know how to shield you now have a good reason to learn. Begin by practicing meditation and visualization exercises every day for ever extending amounts of time. Wear clear quartz, hematite, or jet to repel negative energy and attract positive. Wearing a little dragonsblood oil on the wrists or mixing a little black cat, spider queen, and dragonsblood oils with your shampoo, lotion, and body wash repel negative energies while magnifying your own personal power.

Shielding is always the best bet to prevent any kind of residual energy from attaching itself to your aura and it is possible to shield against very specific invaders. When someone sends out a tendril to draw energy from another person, they leave trace elements that may be traced just as any energy work leaves a trace energetic fingerprint. The energy of the individual is as unique as the individual itself. Pranic vampires tend to sip from core energy rather than trace energies that can be sipped from the aura as in psychic vampires. Their auras spike when they are in need of prana and they tend to bend upward and outward like the tendrils of an octopus. They will seek out someone who has a naturally high aura as they need healthy energy to replenish their own. If you were to look at the aura of this type of person, you would see brightly colored, nearly neon, spikes of color all around the lesser aura of the person. When their tendril makes contact with your core energy, you can see the energy like a thin brightly colored line attached to the aura of the other person. By tracing this back to them, you can erect a shield that interrupts their attack and prevents them from further attacks. Usually once they are blocked by a shield they are less eager to have to work for the energy. They are more likely to find someone else.