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Laws of the Magus and Ebay’s Dewitchery

Posted: Sunday, 26 August, 2012 by deacongray in Articles of Interest, Religion


Recently Ebay and a few other e-commerce sites opted to close down their metaphysical and witchcraft sections, which up until that point had supplied many many new students and seasoned practitioners alike. Amidst cries of religious discrimination, ebay has maintained it’s decree that there would be no more sections devoted to the study of witchery and metaphysics or rather certain types of items could no longer be sold there. I for one do not see this as an issue of discrimination, rather an end to a lot of wealthy charlatans. Were this an issue of discrimination, ebay would have not allowed them to be listed at all. Yardsellr, for instance, has a Wicca block that itemizes witchcraft and mystical items for sale into this category automatically, however they do not have a section for metaphysical goods listed at all.

One of the most important aspects of studying any sort of metaphysics and occult is the Laws of the Magus, To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Be Silent. None of those tend to applywithin a small range of metaphysical community of online shops and especially not on ebay. I have seen everything on sale there from floating oils guaranteed to lend the ability to levitate items to “haunted” books of shadows, pendants, cloaks, and practically any item you can possibly consider. I for one do not shrink at a little good old fashioned necromancy, really it’s good to play in the dark once in a while, but the concept of trapping the soul of another being inside a pendant or tome, or any other item intended to be imbued with protective, loving, or wise energies is utterly vile to someone who practices and lives a magickal life.

Or so one would think.

For those that sell such items, ebay has been an amazing boost for their personal economy, however not only is this an illegal practice it’s unethical and vile….and it has negatively impacted many other honest, sincere shopkeepers that are offering legitimate goods for mystical and spiritual use. Many many shop owners that have opened spaces on ebay to try and boost their income or business in a lagging economy with handcrafted items and drop shipped goods. Many of them run legitimate storefronts and others choose to work from home exclusively providing wares for that Old Tyme Religion and many other various paths. Unfortunately, the only people this is going to affect are not the ones running the scams…purchasing a pendant for pennies, claiming it is haunted, raising the price 1200% and selling it to the first vulnerable person who believes the fantasy of magick rather than the very mundane reality.

Which brings to the main purpose of this piece.

You see, magick isn’t just love and light, bright and sunny, sabbats and esbats, pointy hats and witches’ balls. It’s steeped in logic, metaphysics (key word there…physics), personal responsibility, and most of all common sense. Enter the Laws of the Magus, To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent. If there were ever a genuine set of realistic magickal and mystical laws to apply to working metaphysics, these are, well, it. The first thing I was taught in magick was to own the energy I create. The next thing was to distinguish where fantasy stopped and reality set in. Now, I started practicing at the ripe old age of 12 after years of reading every book on mythology I could possibly find. There was no “Craft”, no “Angel” no “Charmed’ to segregate one from the other. It was quite literally a lesson in illusion. More than 20 years later it’s not so easy.

From Charmed to Angel to Buffy and countless movies and programs in between, the assumption is that an item may be ensouled and used in a necromantic fashion. Watch an hour of any of these programs and you’ll likely see dozens of items with souls of this creature or that person crammed into tiny little items. The sheer physics of this procedure is in itself unrealistic. The probability very close to zero and the ability of a practitioner to develop the amount of power needed to do such things exceptionally impossible. Of course, many of the people making such claims also claim to be descended from a long line of powerful witches, sometimes even mythological figures, more commonly Morgan Le Fey and Merlin. I’ve even seen Gandalf a time or two.

The first law of the Magus is To Know…or simply Know Thyself. Somewhere deep inside every person is an alarm that is triggered every time something unreal crosses their path. In short, it is the responsibility of every practitioner to not only know their path and know the difference between illusion and reality, but to also know their self. Without knowing these things there is no point in continuing a study in energy work. It not only makes a practitioner dangerous, but it also makes one unreliable. If you don’t know who you are, looking for some one or some thing to give you an identity is utterly foolish, dangerous, and pointless. If you don’t know who you are, how is anyone working with you to know how to work with you and where to begin, slow down, and move forward?

To Dare, the second Law, infers a strength of will to move past the boundaries of the ordinary and step into learning extraordinary abilities. In the old days the “dare” portion would have been much more serious than simply hiding a book or disguising an altar from disagreeable family members or coworkers. It would have meant certain death and definite imprisonment…with or without torture…for not only the individual but very likely for their family members as well. Delving into the art of metaphysics involves not only the prying open of one’s mind, but also the elevation of one’s spirit actively. Breaking away from the norm and engaging a part of us that is highly inclined for spiritual and mental evolution is a process that takes a lifetime and it is also a process that involves a great deal of discomfort as we move from one vibration to the next. Every elevation brings its own discomforts and trials and so it takes a certain amount of tenacity and strength of character to begin the path much less stay on it throughout a lifetime.

Which brings us to the next point, To Will. This third portion of the Law brings the knowledge of self within the first tenet into the second law that reflects initiative and drive to begin the practice. The third law is the law of activation, To Will. This law moves into effect when a student moves beyond the basics and into the point of manifestation of will, when the energy within begins to move outward as well by sheer force of will. A person reaches this point after significant study and practical application.

The last law to move into effect is the command to keep silent. This is actually one of the more to practical aspects of the Law. After reaching a level where magick is intuitive and energy work begins to have results we can see the student reaches the next plateau where the relinquishing of ego is important for the energy to continue to have positive results. To law of “To Be Silent’ is instruction to be ego-less where magickal work is concerned. Silence guarantees that the energy is not tainted and the work is not countered, tainted by others, and affected by ego. The idea of witchcraft is not to control other people but rather to learn to control yourself and your environment with the good of all of humanity involved.

In effect, witches and metaphysicists know that whatever we do to ourselves we inadvertently do to others also because energy does not occur in a vacuum. Rather it ripples out like a wave. So when a witch casts to find a job or to protect his or her family or to heal someone who is ill, the idea is it will occur within the universal laws of return. Everything about the energy work involved is crafted with this in mind. In short you will get back whatever energy you send out and anyone else that is positively or negatively affected will be part of that return. Whatever you send out you own and all the plus or minuses thereof.

Enter the ebay issue. You see throughout history tarot readers, palmists, psychics, healers, people with genuine gifts have had to contend with charlatans. Charlatans are people that make their living by scamming other people, people who are not so aware or who have a narrow concept of what their particular scam is about. For instance laws geared at fortune tellers have a tendency to also impact those who are skilled tarot readers. Or it could be someone who reads palms or sells witchcraft supplies but who also spots a wealthy customer and scams them into believing they have a spell or curse on them and need thousands of dollars worth of supplies in order to be rid of it. In this instance these people target others that have a thin line between illusion ( or in this case absolute fiction) and reality and they are using a legitimate business to do so. Unfortunately, along with the bad there are always the good that get caught up in the wake of removing the bad seeds. Once someone is burned by one of these people they develop a bitter taste for any other form of experiential energy worker. There will be lots of home based businesses struggling to find last minute sites willing to host their wares and services. In the meantime, the bad choices of a few will negatively impact the lives of quite a few as they will lose sales and income during the switchover.

So there really is a bigger picture to this whole ebay ban on selling witchcraft and metaphysical supplies. If this were religiously motivated it would not be an issue. These items would not be sold there to begin with. In fact, up until last Wednesday I was receiving invitations to sell my own wares in an ebay shop. So truthfully I don’t believe this is an issue of genuine religious discrimination. I do believe this is an issue of the few affecting the many and causing many more issues and thus causing the whole to be negatively impacted. A little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of tv witchcraft is a bad thing in some cases. Someone who genuinely studies the craft and realizes the power their words can have and how energy may impact a few or a lot is careful with their intentions and with their actions. This is a prime example of how these laws work with the reality of magick and the laws of return and balance. It’s very difficult for the world to view Wiccans and witches as legitimate members of the spiritual and religious community when things like haunted jewelry, books, boxes or even toys are on display.

So remember little boy and girl witchies, before you pay 348.19 for a 12th century soul of a witch which has been pulled out of their much incarnated shells and stuffed into a 7.00 pendant for your sole use…no pun intended phonetically…, you may consider that it only really happens on Angel. Or Charmed.

Know Thyself.