Posted: Sunday, 9 September, 2012 by deacongray in Articles of Interest, Community Articles, Religion

Magic is a very real way of life, indeed magic is life itself. There are two accepted spellings of the word magic. The “k” is commonly added to segregate it from the word magic denoting trickery or illusions. It is used without a k here because magic is just that. It is reaching into the illusion, becoming it even for a brief time and taking care that it does not shred, pulling it gently into the world we acknowledge as real. It is both an extension of ourselves and ourselves, the universe and universal mind manifested as perfect will and intention, a natural occurrence cleverly masquerading as something supernatural.

Magic is the very essence of life, life manifesting itself through the thoughtforms of the Source. The magician carefully weaves their magic as an elaborate tapestry. So were we woven. Along with the mysteries of life we were given the mysteries of the very universe itself. Reaching into ourselves and outside of ourselves, we gingerly touch the fragile Veil of Mysteries and see into the illusion of life and beyond it, pulling our manifestations from the tender strands into the mundane world.

Magic is as natural as breathing and the very breath we take. It is the great I Am as we bring our divinity to the forefront, invoking within ourselves the power of the universe, our Creators, and ourselves. As being a part of the illusion that is everything we believe is reality, we have within us the power to shape our accepted realities, our dreams, and our lives with the release of our passions and intentions. Reaching into ourselves and allowing our spiritual link to the Divine to reach into the ether and connecting with that which is all and with ourselves we become creators.

The illusion of life is held in place by our accepted realities and just as our points of view may be changed as we grow and expand our minds and spirits, so do the veils of illusion slip away and allow us greater possibilities. As we become more aware of the illusion that is our realities and our lives and ourselves, we glean a greater acknowledgement of the connection between our dreams and our physical presence. The ultimate transcendence is the final removal of the physical being and the complete assimilation into the illusion itself. When we perform magic or when we acknowledge ourselves as magical beings, we touch the immortality of the spirit and grow closer to the Divine thus also growing closer to transcending the mundane and becoming the final dream that is the total connection and reunion with the Ancients.

Magic allows us this reunion and is not merely something that is found in circle, in ritual, within tools, or books. A teacher can not instruct a student that does not carry the magic within their soul. No amount of experience can explain the all encompassing presence of Spirit within the life of someone who has opened themselves up to the grand illusion and reached into it becoming a thread within it. It is everything we see and everything we do not see. It is everything that was and everything that is to come. It is the fabric of the Veil of Mysteries and the Mysteries themselves. Magic does not allow us control over others, but rather teaches us control over ourselves as we move forward into claiming our rightful places as wielders of power with humility and grace.

Magic is believing not only in the balance of all things, but in the truth of absolute love and the hope of becoming love and truth as to move into a state of balance with everything and everyone around us. Magic is the essence of our spiritual selves transcending mathematical equations and astronomical evolutions to become our own manifestation of the dream. In short, magic is everything and in everything, and a part of everything. We do not use magic, we become it. We do not access higher powers, we carry it within us. It is the ability to believe the unbelievable and to achieve the imaginable.

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