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* This is actually a revision of an article I did some time ago. *

Choosing a Nightside Name

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan © January 2008

Choosing a magickal name is a very important step towards establishing a separate identity, something that is easily recognised by the spirits and ancients and an integral part of sacred space. Many use this separate name for meditation, magickal workings, ritual, and for a spiritual identity but do not use it elsewhere. Many Nightkind also take this path to separating their nightside lives from their dayside lives. Even though our natures are always with us and our energies remain the same regardless of whether we are at work, a nightside function, or in circle a separate identity helps us to recognise that it is something special and maintains the pillar of discretion.

Just as someone should never choose a magickal name with negative connotations, someone should also consider the character of the name they choose to be identified as in the nightside world as well. Choosing a name of a mentor is common in some circles, as it gives honor and shows a close tie to the one who assist us in our walk. Some may choose the name of their chosen household with some affiliation. An ancestral name or spirit guide name is also not uncommon. All would certainly carry a certain amount of positive energy and weight. Someone is less likely to misbehave using the name of a mentor, loved one, or guide.

Some choose their names from works of fiction and while it was more common in the mid 80’s ~ early 90’s (such as using the names of Anne Rice, Poppy Z Brite, or Lost Boy’s characters), doing so may hinder someone more often as help them. Someone presenting theirself as Lestat or Marius should strongly consider that they may be viewed as a role player, or have a lack of seriousness regarding their alledged nature. These names also have other connotations. Marius is Greek and strongly associated with the ocean and seaways. It’s not always a bad thing to choose a name from fictional characters, however it is a bad idea to choose a name and not know if there is further history behind it. The author chose it for a reason and it’s likely that there are more meanings that what is inferred within the character. Always research a name before claiming it as your own. Sometimes if a name speaks to us, there are reasons behind it.
Knowing the power of words is an important part for any form of energy work, especially for Nightkind.

Choosing a name of a deity is another manner of association and identity, but it is equally important to know the history and character of the name. Since many of us tend to run in gothic circles, it is not uncommon for members of the nightside community to choose names associated with death, deep emotions, or chaos. Such notions are fine but keep in mind that a peaceable person not eager to embark upon challenges may not wish to choose a name like Loki or Nemesis. They offer conflicting energies. A name should flatter the person and reflect something about them.

In the old days when one was taken as a ward they were expected to have contrived a magickal identity that separated them from their day to day existence and allowed them to access their higher self. If that ward was sired they were given their name by their sire. Occassionally a house, coven, tribe, or adra affiliation was added as a surname. They were expected to keep this name private and be addressed only as their new name at darkside functions. It was not under any circumstances to be used during dayside functions or out of accordance with magickal working.

It’s said that our spirit has a name written in our heart and it is this name that opens the door to our transformation to something beyond the mundane. This name is an energy that moves through us and triggers vibrational shifts. We are usually first aware of that name when we are young and moving through our awakening. Our spiritual name is the name of our higher self. Our nightside name is usually a reflection of that. When we are given names by our adra it is because our auras are heard as well as seen and the name is a translation of the vibration that is heard.

Magickal names may be created in a few different ways, although they are not synonymous with a Nightside name. They may be given by mentors and/or adras. They may be created from using a few different names or even parts of the dayside name. They may be created numerologically, or through casting ogham or runes or even a pendulum. Skrying with candles and reading the smoke is another manner of creating a name.

Using a pendulum and a pendulum board (if you’ve never seen one it somewhat resembles a ouija but is designed to work with a pendulum. They may be made with stone, wood, or glass.) hold the pendulum completely still over the board. Concentrate on letting it translate your personal vibration into a name. Tell it to reveal your higher name. Hold the pendulum as still as you can and allow it to move in one direction or another. Keep an eye on which direction it moves, notice where the strongest response is for the first letter. It should settle above one letter and spin or move in circles over the first letter. Continue to ask it to show you the letters until it stops moving. It will repeat with the second letter and so on until the name has been revealed. Keep in mind that sometimes these names do not have vowels because many of the old languages didn’t use them even though they were pronounced with them. You may end up with something that looks like this: ASLN and have to figure out what the missing bits are. That may be achieved through meditation or dreamwork.

Skrying for a name can be done numerous ways. I use candles and sometimes crystals. A simple way to do it is to take a white bowl and add spring water. Light a candle of whatever color speaks to you at the moment (except of course white). Let a little wax melt and pour some of it into the water. The water should be very cool if not cold so that the wax solidifies immediately. Notice any letters the wax forms and write them down. When you feel it has done its job, snuff out the candle and dump the water. Examine the letters and see what you get.

Another way of doing it with candles is to sit a tall taper in a cauldron. Light it and put out the lights. You should be able to still see the smoke. Concentrate on your name and peer into the smoke. The smoke should be swirling and forming shapes. As you look into the smoke visualize your name forming through it. You should be in a semi~meditative state that allows you to access your higher self. In some cases you may see your name actually spelled out in the smoke or you may receive a vision of the name being given to you, hearing someone speak your name, or seeing the name written on something that either belongs to you or is given to you.

To use a skrying mirror and a candle. Sit in a completely dark room. Light a candle near the mirror. It should still be dark enough in the mirror so that no distinct shapes are seen. You may feel as if you’re falling into the mirror. This is also a way of meeting your higher self or your true self. Your true reflection may be seen in the mirror. When you are able to get a good visualization of your true self ask it what its name is so that you may honor it by wearing this name. Almost without fail it will give you your true name.

Runes are one of the oldest European alphabets and used in much of Western and Northern Europe. Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, and generally all of the British Isles had some form of runic alphabet. They differ in appearance in small ways but they are used nearly exactly the same way. The alphabet of Ireland is one of the few exceptions in that it was a complicated pattern of letters dedicated to specific trees and tree energies called the ogham. To use these ancient alphabets to find your name place them in a bag. If you’re using runes a bag of animal hide or fur is preferred, as is casting on fur. Choose one rune at a time and place them side by side on the fur. Translate them into letters. If a particular rune stands out you may opt to only work with that name and its translations. For instance if you should pull the tyr rune you will likely use the connations attached to it to help formulate a name. Using the ogham is a little different but with the same principle. These are sticks, usually willow, and have the symbols carved into them. They look like lines crossing other lines but they represent tree names which in turn represent sounds. Choose one ogham at a time. Line them up side by side. Translate them.

Nightside names should be kept secret and only used at darkside events. When you choose your name be sure that it agrees with you on all levels. It should be flattering to your disposition, mentality, spirituality, and overall nature. It should reveal something of yourself but still leave a little mystery. Remember that if you choose to use your magickal name that it’s best to use a variation of it not the exact one.

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan © January 2008

Nightside Etiquette and Interpersonal Interaction

Our Nightside community is rich in culture, beauty, and history. We have
inspired myths, legends, egregores, archetypes, and innumerable forms of
entertainment. Along with our own brand of culture, we also have our own form of
etiquette. Social norms withstanding, we have rules of engagement, society
expectations within our culture, and community standards that span many decades
of our history. From the time that we began organizing into covens, families,
creating havens and staking claims to territories, we created a series of
expectations that govern polite Nightkind society. For the cultured predator it
is a necessity that we remember ourselves and our lineages and always maintain
appropriate behavior.

In Regards to Entering the Haven of Another Coven/House

Havens are those events, locations, rites, and gatherings that are hosted by a
specific house or a grouping of houses. They are places that are regular meeting
places for one or more house. They may have two or three contributing houses but
rarely more than that. These events take a great deal of time, energy, and
effort and should be treated with the respect in which they were created. They
are an offering to our community and should be accepted as such.

Never enter into a rite, gathering, location, or event belonging to a specific
group without first being invited. It is tremendously rude and may be considered
hostile. Events and so forth that are hosted for the open community may be
attended without an invitation. The host or hosts should always be greeted first
and communications should be polite. In succession, each member of the hosting
house should likewise be greeted in a similar manner beginning with the Elder
and following to the next highest ranking members and moving down the line of
succession. Each member should always be treated with an equal amount of respect
and titles should be used where permissible. Each member of your party should be
introduced in kind to each member in order of rank. Chylder should always be
introduced first, followed by the next highest ranking members.

At the point of departure all parties should leave in the fashion that they
arrived beginning with the members and thanking the host(s) last.

In the event that a dispute should arise, do not settle it there. Nor should it
be broadcast to the general public at a later date. All disputes should be
handled within a reasonable time away from the haven and should include none
other than the elder of each house, the next highest ranking member of each
house, and the individuals involved. Those who were not directly involved in the
dispute should not be involved at any point.

In Regards to Entering the Territory(ies) of another Coven/House

Territory is established with a ranking member of a coven begins a family in an
area that has no other families. They may be a secret coven or an open one. In
any event, these covens have ranking claim upon a territory. Their territory
begins where they first lay claim and ends where other covens are established.
Although they maintain ranking claim to the area, it is acceptable for other
members of rank to also establish territory as long as their territory does not
infringe upon the area of another. Territory includes:

· House location and the point between one house and the establishment of

· Havens

· Qabals

· Businesses or other established facilities belonging to the members or
elders of the Houses

· Those who are members of or bonded to ranking members of the House ie
wards, chylder, submissives, concubines, members, and others who are within
their care or employ.

· Personal property of said House and members therein

Upon entering a city always familiarize yourself with the local community, its
members, covens, households, and families. Always be sure to introduce yourself
in person, although emails are perfectly acceptable through a great distance. Be
sure to establish yourself as either Ronin or part of your pledged Family.

In Regards to Establishing Territory Among other Families

Whereas it was once uncommon for more than three families to be within a given
location over a distance of miles, but often under the same umbrella territory
(for instance House Sutekh, House Sukor, House Tiamat may form a confederation
of territory as Leviathon Territory), it is now quite common for many houses to
form in the same geographical location. When more than three houses are within
an area they often form a counsel or alliance of tribunal, a system of settling
disputes and dispensations of territory. They were formed from distinct coven
members of high rank and held in check by a system of election, with one
magistrar over the entire territory. If the territory or the covens were very
large more than one could be elected. It was through them that territory was
established, elders tested, and households and families formed, and disputes

Establishing territory today is not so involved. One must simply be of rank to
establish a coven, have a coven already established of no less than one to three
years (depending upon the area), found to be of good and stable character and
meet the approval of the elders within the established covens. In some cases the
ranking members must also cast lots. It is considered hostile to establish a
family within a territory of others. Elders within that territory must be
approached and the petitioner must be established to be within qualifications
(no community edicts or criminal background) to establish family units. Likewise
only Elders who have no blight or edicts may be petitioned for territory.

Writs of intention, the written notice of the intent to establish territory must
be presented to all recognized elders involved in that area. They must reach an
agreement in order for that unit to become established. As with all things,
Elders should be treated with respect and honor as they are called Elders for a
reason. Always be respectful to them and honor their decisions. They do not make
them rashly.

In the event that two houses disagree on the petition of territory, a Magistrar
may be petitioned to settle the dispute. They are the judiciaries and mediators
of house and territorial disputes.

In Regards to the Consideration of Kitra, Kitral, Chylder, and Wards

Kitra are rarely accompanied to events without a Mradu. Kitra are held in very
high regard irregardless of rank as they are the organizers,counselors, and
“batteries” of the castes. Always maintain personal boundaries with them and do
not approach them without first addressing their Mradu (guardians of Kitra
sometimes referred to as warrior caste). To do otherwise could be considered

Kitral are those that offer their services to us in one facet or another. They
are our donors, those who aid us in ritual, and those that offer their life
force to maintain ours. They are not property and it is VERY bad form to
maltreat them. Be especially aware of the bonds between a kitral and their
vampyre. Never expect to feed, ask to feed, engage them with the intentions to
do so, or treat them as less than human. They should be treated as a member of
rank and their safety within havens should always be a priority.

Chylder and wards are those that have a special bond to ranking members of the
community. They are those that have been taken on as the term says, adopted as a
child is adopted, taught, loved, mentored, protected. Wards and chylder may be
viewed as an extension of their nightkind parents and teachers. They are never
to be disrespected in any fashion. Disputes or complaints should be taken up
with the elder, mentor , or syre. Never take a dispute to those under the
guidance and protection of another member of the community. They should be
handled discretely and within proper channels.

A chylde or ward belonging to Ronin member of rank should be addressed to that
Ronin member, never to the ones beneath him or her. Households or covens not
associated with that member of the community should never be brought into a
personal dispute. It should be settled accordingly and timely.

A chylde or ward belonging to a ranking member or Elder of an established coven
or house should never be addressed in a dispute. The syre or mentor should
always be the one addressed. In the occasion that the syre is an not an Elder
but is of correct rank to syre a chylde or establish a ward, mediation may be
sought involving the house Elders.

Wards or chylder should never be chastised in public nor should disputes be
aired for public viewing. To do so is an act of direct hostility to the mentor
or syre of the person involved.
In the event that wards or chylder separate from their host, they should do so
respectfully and with dignity to both parties. They should never involve other
members of the community, other covens, or bring details of the separation to
the public eye. Writs of protection and separation should be issued to the
community with the intent to declare either relationship or disassociation. They
should be done in proper and appropriate manner, never personal attacks.

In regards to Disputes Between Two Houses

Personal disputes will happen. There are measures in place so that these
disputes do not infect the rest of the community. Two individuals that can not
reach resolution appeal to the Elders of their specific houses. If those Elders
can not reach resolution they may appeal to a third party, the Magistrar of that
area. Ranking members include Elders or those one level below them in line to
become an Elder and are the only ones that may bring disputes to a Magistrar for
settlement. Seconds may only appeal to Magistrars with the permission of their

In Regards to Internet Disputes

Unfortunately this is the age of online slander and it seems to happen
voraciously among our kind. Before issues evolve to this state , all steps
should be taken to mediate and settle disputes. In the event that issues can not
be settled, appropriate behavior should always be utilized.

Public/Private forums. Disputes should never be aired across message boards or
sent out as a public or private group message. They should be handled
accordingly between the people involved or within a mediated scenario. This
includes blogging, personal journals that are open to the public viewing or any
viewing that is not singular in nature.

Should a dispute occur between community members or the chylde, ward, or kitral
of community members all attempts should be made to handle it peacefully and
with respect to both parties in the same manner as any other type of dispute.


Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan,
Calmae, HotD

© Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, July 2008

Our Otherkin brothers and sisters

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Within the magickal community there is much diversity and even within that diversity lies another more diverse group. Our brothers and sisters who are similar in need and heritage but a separate branch of our family tree. They are those who are to all appearances human but if one would look deeply within, or perhaps as closely as to see their aura, one would notice striking differences. The Otherkin are those within our community that are something distinctly other than human, yet are not completely vampyre or therian. They are magick by nature but not necessarily magick workers. Magick is not something that they do, it is something that they are.

Like vampyres and therians, our Otherkin family may count themselves among the children of the Ancients as their ancestry is one of pure lineage as the grandchildren of the Ancients. They are those who lived other lives in their true inifinite forms but who are now within a finite human form. As such, much like other Ancient Incarnations, the Otherkin often feel as if they are trapped within an alien body, a soul that does not fit the form they are in. This may lead to painful awakenings, confusion, and disassociation as they feel they do not belong here. Many feel as if they are not only within the wrong body but also within the wrong verse, the wrong dimension, or even the wrong planet or solar system. Otherkin awakenings tend to occur much later in life than those of others, some mostly between 16 and 25 and 30 and 35 although it may occur as young as preschool. The term Otherkin may refer to any being within a human form that is distinctly non~human such as saurian, angelic, fae, elven, or mer. Some may also identify with gryffons, unicorns, Pegasus, or sphinx as a source of definition. To many this does not mean that they are those beings, but simply that those are the closest that they may identify with or that when confronted with their true self they see these things as reflections.

The Star Children

At the end of 1987 while I was graduating high school a number of other people were undergoing a mass awakening into their Otherkin natures. They were everywhere it seemed although few really took them seriously. Sadly enough this has been a common issue with Otherkin and the rest of the Nightside community (including the witchy side). The Star Children are those Otherkin who feel that they are not only on the wrong planet, within the wrong dimension, and in the wrong body but also living points of light from the Source. These Otherkin define this condition as being a Star. As such they exhibit many remarkable talents in healing, animal communication, music, angelic and dimensional channeling, and creative ventures. On other fronts, these Stars also tend to suffer from a loneliness that few can define as they feel the distance from the Source moreso than most. These were some of the first Otherkin to become public and define a spiritual existence that most did not know existed.

Unlike many Otherkin these Stars tend to be awakened from birth and have a greater understanding of universal order and function. They tend to be very aware of dimensional shifts and vibrations and even more so to the energies of the earth. This may lead them into work involving animals or the environment. They also tend to be more sensitive than others and fall into deep depressions easily. They have trouble understanding injustice, pain, or suffering and may exhibit deep emotional distress in its presence. On the other hand, they tend to fall head first into deep spiritual study and may devote their lives to such study as to aid in the awakening and re~awakening of others like them.

The Saurians

These Otherkin tend to refer to themselves more accurately as dragonkin. Dragonkin are those who are Saurian on the inside and human on the outside. They may identify with wyverns, dragons, feathered serpents, winged serpents, sea serpents, elemental dragons, naga, and lamia forms. Although they may not exhibit the vampyric tendencies of the latter two, they may envision their true selves as maintaining those spiritual forms. While the Star children dream of other dimensions, the Saurians often dream of being free in their true form. The path to finding the true self for this type of Otherkin is frightening as dragons are not small nor are they cute and cuddly. They tend to frighten at first but they are persistent and patient. They will wait for the dragonkin to acknowledge them, bond with them, and finally to accept them as a part of their innate nature. Only when the two merge will the dragonkin’s deep rooted abilities manifest.

Dragonkin have a very different set of anomalies. They often have physical anomalies such as skin horns, light sensitivity in the eyes, a lower than normal body temperature, thin blood, scaly skin, dry skin, webbing in the fingers and toes, tails (at least at birth), and a sensitivity to cold, although they adapt well to most humid to arid environments. Dragonkin may not have physical wings but nonetheless the tingling remains where they once were. Although not all dragons have wings, some have fins, feathers, or fans protruding where there would normally be wings on another sort of dragon. The memory of those things remains even though the physical presence is long gone. At points of agitation, awakening, or transitions the dragonkin may feel a slight tingling between the shoulder blades or at the hips.

Saurians almost without fail have trouble adjusting to their newfound identities. They may dream of being in dragon form but awaken to confusion as they find themselves still feeling very infinite but within a very finite body. They may have meditation experiences in which they invision being a dragon or true self quests in which they see a dragon face. Migratory instincts may also be strong in these Otherkin. They may feel the need to return to their homeland, places of their ancestry, or their birthplace. Travel to warmer climates in winter is also common. They may also go through a period of hibernation in winter and sleep a great deal, expend very little energy although they may still feel energy depleted, and become more active and alert in warmer months.


These are likely the least heard of among the Otherkin. These are those beings that are decidedly not human and like the Star children, very close to the Source. These Otherkin are not angels in the traditional Judeo~Christian sense of the word but those who have specific functions in universal balance and divine order. These are the predecessors to the Ancients and as such may have trouble relating to human experience and human time. They are those who were once a part of the Source and who have remained directly attached to it even though they are incarnations of spiritual function and energy. These incarnations are very similar to the Star children in that they are very close to the Source and very like the Saurian in that they also exhibit tingling in the “wings”. The incarnations are of the rarest form of Otherkin and most secretive but may also be the most compassionate and empathic. They have an almost irresistible urge to come to someone’s aid whether they know them or not. As an immortal this wouldn’t be dangerous. As human kin it may cause many more problems. As incarnations these kin are specific in function and have gifts geared toward those functions. For instance an angel that was created for protection may go into law enforcement, fire or ems, or some other medical field for the protection of others. More than one story abounds of angelic figures appearing and vanishing from burning buildings or other disasters. Perhaps it is only during these times that their true aspect manifest into the world if only for a short time.

Angelkin have a strong pull toward spirituality as they strive to be reunited with the Source, but they may also be strongly empathic as a result. Angelkin often exhibit strong gifts of visions, channeling of spiritual messages, precognition, innate ancient wisdom and teachings, remote viewing, strong connections with their function as an angelic being that carries over in their human existence.

Fae and Elfkin

Fae and Elfkin are likely the most prolific of all the Otherkin. Although fae and elves are closely associated with Northern and Western European cultures, many others also have these nature and elemental spirits. This grouping includes dryads, nymphs, merfolk, selkie, imps, dwarves, gnomes, faerie, and elf. Many of the above are closely associated with specific deities and with good reason. These are the first lineage of the Ancients and the first physical children of the Ancients to walk in the flesh. Those who came as second lineage were resulting from relationships between these beings and humans. The result was Other.

These fae were not tiny winged folk but human in form and size but with amazing auras and wisdom. Unlike most perceptions, these tribes were very private and like most of the other tribes of Otherkin they were spiritual in nature. They could be little else as the Ancients themselves were physical aspects of the Source. As such they have specific functions among humanity and the natural world.

The Beasties

The last class of Otherkin would include the beasties. Those who consider themselves to be the incarnations of what some consider to be mythical beasts: gryphons, unicorns, Pegasus, satyrs, minotaurs, centaurs, sphinx, and so forth. Whether or not these beasts actually existed on this plane is irrelevant. Perhaps they did, perhaps they did not. However if I can believe that I am a vampyre I can certainly give credence to something of this nature. For the most part this is where you will find the most species mixing, although in my studies I’ve found that it is not the aspect of the beastie that they carry but the traits of the beasties that they exhibit. A few physical anomalies may exist on some level such as skin horns on or around the head and some may be born with tails or cloven toes ( the appearance of which is caused by condition in which the toes are connected by a thin sheath of skin or that the actual bones of the toes are melded together).

A few closing remarks

Very few of our brothers and sisters receive as much disdain and scoffing among the Nightkind and magickal communities as Otherkin. This is in part due to textbook perceptions rather than experience and research mixed with a huge role playing community that assumes these identities. Let me just say that while there are many numbers of genuine Otherkin out there, there are even more than are trying desperately to fill a slot in the world and having none to distinguish them from mundane create one from any number of sources. There is a world of difference between exhibiting the traits of any of the above, having the aspect of any of the above, and being an actual incarnation. Incarnations are extremely rare.

In the event of an incarnation they are the physical manifestation of an Ancient, an angel, or dragon, or even of a fae or its relations. They are still human until they ascend into their true form. They are simply acting as a physical vehicle for the angel, dragon, fae, or Ancient. The veil is much thinner than it was years ago. This allows for more and more spiritual beings to be incarnated and even more to gain their path to ascension. They are here to not only guide the vehicle into the path of ascension but also to awaken others and to reawaken those who are the closest to ascension.

Having the aspect of any of the above is carrying both the energy and the traits although not necessarily the soul. It is very much like having a dragon, or beastie, or other sort as a twin flame that resides on the astral. This is a face of you and you are a face of it but you are not the same being as you do share the same physical and spiritual plane at the same time.

Carrying the traits of Otherkin is not the same as being Otherkin. It simply means that you have within you dragon traits, or fae traits, or angel traits but not the true nature, energy, or soul of these beings. Unlike the true Otherkin, someone may have traits of many different beings without being any of them, although one is likely to be more dominant over the others. Spiritual beings are attracted to other spiritual beings that resonate with the same vibration and energy. There are no grand mixtures of species among Other, however you may have angelkin that exhibit dragon traits and faekin that exhibit mer traits. Among beasties you may have any number of traits even though only one will be their true soul form. This is simply because these beings do not exist on our realm. They are solely spiritual and manifest that energy in its purest form so even though they exhibit traits (not from interspeciation but from association on those realms) of multiple beings there are no direct links between them. It is simply a matter of acknowledging that all spiritual beings are interconnected and as such have access the same well of wisdom, strength, and balance that connects them to the Source. Another train of thought is that even though a person may currently host one specific type of Other they may well have hosted other types in other lives or currently on other dimensions (depending upon how you view time) and carry within them the memories of those incarnations. As a person evolves on a spiritual level and awakens their Akashic records begin opening and these traits and incarnations are remembered a little at a time. These memories usually surface during dreamwork, pathwork, meditation, trance, astral travel, and through much introspection.