Choosing a Nightside Name

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* This is actually a revision of an article I did some time ago. *

Choosing a Nightside Name

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan © January 2008

Choosing a magickal name is a very important step towards establishing a separate identity, something that is easily recognised by the spirits and ancients and an integral part of sacred space. Many use this separate name for meditation, magickal workings, ritual, and for a spiritual identity but do not use it elsewhere. Many Nightkind also take this path to separating their nightside lives from their dayside lives. Even though our natures are always with us and our energies remain the same regardless of whether we are at work, a nightside function, or in circle a separate identity helps us to recognise that it is something special and maintains the pillar of discretion.

Just as someone should never choose a magickal name with negative connotations, someone should also consider the character of the name they choose to be identified as in the nightside world as well. Choosing a name of a mentor is common in some circles, as it gives honor and shows a close tie to the one who assist us in our walk. Some may choose the name of their chosen household with some affiliation. An ancestral name or spirit guide name is also not uncommon. All would certainly carry a certain amount of positive energy and weight. Someone is less likely to misbehave using the name of a mentor, loved one, or guide.

Some choose their names from works of fiction and while it was more common in the mid 80’s ~ early 90’s (such as using the names of Anne Rice, Poppy Z Brite, or Lost Boy’s characters), doing so may hinder someone more often as help them. Someone presenting theirself as Lestat or Marius should strongly consider that they may be viewed as a role player, or have a lack of seriousness regarding their alledged nature. These names also have other connotations. Marius is Greek and strongly associated with the ocean and seaways. It’s not always a bad thing to choose a name from fictional characters, however it is a bad idea to choose a name and not know if there is further history behind it. The author chose it for a reason and it’s likely that there are more meanings that what is inferred within the character. Always research a name before claiming it as your own. Sometimes if a name speaks to us, there are reasons behind it.
Knowing the power of words is an important part for any form of energy work, especially for Nightkind.

Choosing a name of a deity is another manner of association and identity, but it is equally important to know the history and character of the name. Since many of us tend to run in gothic circles, it is not uncommon for members of the nightside community to choose names associated with death, deep emotions, or chaos. Such notions are fine but keep in mind that a peaceable person not eager to embark upon challenges may not wish to choose a name like Loki or Nemesis. They offer conflicting energies. A name should flatter the person and reflect something about them.

In the old days when one was taken as a ward they were expected to have contrived a magickal identity that separated them from their day to day existence and allowed them to access their higher self. If that ward was sired they were given their name by their sire. Occassionally a house, coven, tribe, or adra affiliation was added as a surname. They were expected to keep this name private and be addressed only as their new name at darkside functions. It was not under any circumstances to be used during dayside functions or out of accordance with magickal working.

It’s said that our spirit has a name written in our heart and it is this name that opens the door to our transformation to something beyond the mundane. This name is an energy that moves through us and triggers vibrational shifts. We are usually first aware of that name when we are young and moving through our awakening. Our spiritual name is the name of our higher self. Our nightside name is usually a reflection of that. When we are given names by our adra it is because our auras are heard as well as seen and the name is a translation of the vibration that is heard.

Magickal names may be created in a few different ways, although they are not synonymous with a Nightside name. They may be given by mentors and/or adras. They may be created from using a few different names or even parts of the dayside name. They may be created numerologically, or through casting ogham or runes or even a pendulum. Skrying with candles and reading the smoke is another manner of creating a name.

Using a pendulum and a pendulum board (if you’ve never seen one it somewhat resembles a ouija but is designed to work with a pendulum. They may be made with stone, wood, or glass.) hold the pendulum completely still over the board. Concentrate on letting it translate your personal vibration into a name. Tell it to reveal your higher name. Hold the pendulum as still as you can and allow it to move in one direction or another. Keep an eye on which direction it moves, notice where the strongest response is for the first letter. It should settle above one letter and spin or move in circles over the first letter. Continue to ask it to show you the letters until it stops moving. It will repeat with the second letter and so on until the name has been revealed. Keep in mind that sometimes these names do not have vowels because many of the old languages didn’t use them even though they were pronounced with them. You may end up with something that looks like this: ASLN and have to figure out what the missing bits are. That may be achieved through meditation or dreamwork.

Skrying for a name can be done numerous ways. I use candles and sometimes crystals. A simple way to do it is to take a white bowl and add spring water. Light a candle of whatever color speaks to you at the moment (except of course white). Let a little wax melt and pour some of it into the water. The water should be very cool if not cold so that the wax solidifies immediately. Notice any letters the wax forms and write them down. When you feel it has done its job, snuff out the candle and dump the water. Examine the letters and see what you get.

Another way of doing it with candles is to sit a tall taper in a cauldron. Light it and put out the lights. You should be able to still see the smoke. Concentrate on your name and peer into the smoke. The smoke should be swirling and forming shapes. As you look into the smoke visualize your name forming through it. You should be in a semi~meditative state that allows you to access your higher self. In some cases you may see your name actually spelled out in the smoke or you may receive a vision of the name being given to you, hearing someone speak your name, or seeing the name written on something that either belongs to you or is given to you.

To use a skrying mirror and a candle. Sit in a completely dark room. Light a candle near the mirror. It should still be dark enough in the mirror so that no distinct shapes are seen. You may feel as if you’re falling into the mirror. This is also a way of meeting your higher self or your true self. Your true reflection may be seen in the mirror. When you are able to get a good visualization of your true self ask it what its name is so that you may honor it by wearing this name. Almost without fail it will give you your true name.

Runes are one of the oldest European alphabets and used in much of Western and Northern Europe. Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, and generally all of the British Isles had some form of runic alphabet. They differ in appearance in small ways but they are used nearly exactly the same way. The alphabet of Ireland is one of the few exceptions in that it was a complicated pattern of letters dedicated to specific trees and tree energies called the ogham. To use these ancient alphabets to find your name place them in a bag. If you’re using runes a bag of animal hide or fur is preferred, as is casting on fur. Choose one rune at a time and place them side by side on the fur. Translate them into letters. If a particular rune stands out you may opt to only work with that name and its translations. For instance if you should pull the tyr rune you will likely use the connations attached to it to help formulate a name. Using the ogham is a little different but with the same principle. These are sticks, usually willow, and have the symbols carved into them. They look like lines crossing other lines but they represent tree names which in turn represent sounds. Choose one ogham at a time. Line them up side by side. Translate them.

Nightside names should be kept secret and only used at darkside events. When you choose your name be sure that it agrees with you on all levels. It should be flattering to your disposition, mentality, spirituality, and overall nature. It should reveal something of yourself but still leave a little mystery. Remember that if you choose to use your magickal name that it’s best to use a variation of it not the exact one.

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan © January 2008

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