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the three soul paths in relation to the three roads

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

The Three Soul Paths in Relation to the Three Roads

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, 2008

Plato considered that there were three basic soul types. These types were the healer, creator, and teacher. These soul types were found to be the basis for many of our past and present life roles and that our final type prior to incarnating, would be based upon a conglomeration of all of the types with the dominant type heading the way. Dominance in this case, being the soul type in which one has spent the better part of his or her incarnations. In Nightkind castes these soul types play a prominent role in how the roads function.

The Teacher/Ramkt

Ramkt are the priests and priestesses of our community. They are the scribes that keep the history of houses, maintain the spiritual education and serve as the harvester of energies during ritual. They officiate over rites and circles and have a quiet strength and distinguished presence. Generally these tend to be the scholars within the group and tend to be mentors to many different facets of the community. As they often pull from many different sources for their spiritual, psychic, and physical balance they are a wealth of knowledge and acumen. They embody the soul type of the teacher.

In Plato’s world the teachers were those who were well educated, schooled in philosophy, and often of a patrician class. The Ramkt of today is one that carries him or herself with the elegance and grace of a patrician but with the humility of a student. In actuality, the Ramkt could call themselves perpetual students as they are constantly researching, lecturing, or carrying out a pursuit that betters their Family, community, and their own intellectual and spiritual growth.

The Healer/Kitra

Kitra are the most graceful of all the castes. They are generally beautiful, intelligent, and carry themselves with a mixture of experience and humility. Kitras generally radiate sensuality, although they are far from the temple prostitutes of the old days nor are they the House concubines. In fact one would be hard pressed to avoid being put in one’s place while visiting such a comment on a Kitra, politely of course but still put in one’s place. Kitras are usually fluent in both dominant roles and submissive roles being a taker and giver of energies, but also of being a counselor to kitral (donors) and newly awakened members of the community. They generally are those who teach effective drawing methods and safe instruction for donors and vampyres alike.

As a healer, Kitra are often the soothing influence in heated situations. They tend to have a calming influence so much so that often simply being in their presence can evoke a feeling of calm. This is in part due to the personality of the Kitra which is fun loving, sincere, gentle, and nurturing. The other part is due to the ability of the Kitra to work fluently with different types of energy and especially in filtering techniques. Filtering is the ability to take in energy, cleanse it, and release it as purified and healthy energies. The residual energies are released and grounded out. Kitra are usually the empaths of the three and tend to be very susceptible to intense human emotions, situations, and environmental charges. As such a Kitra often knows when their ward or Kitral is not doing well, having trouble, or just not feeling well. As a counselor they understand the need for balance but they also understand the need for release and healing as one can not have one without the other.

The Creator/Mradu

When most people consider the Mradu path they consider the temple guardians, those who stand in watch over the energies of the rest of the group, especially the Kitra. As an energy worker the Mradu must maintain balance over mind, body, and spirit. He or she must also maintain a certain quiet dignity, a presence that neither invites nor dissuades the approach of others. He or she must be proficient in erecting shields, maintaining proper energy levels during ritual, and making sure that nothing penetrates that shield. Furthermore, a great knowledge of many different types of shielding and energies is important. They must be able to alter or construct a shield at a second’s notice. Thus they embody the creator soul type.

Creation is more than simple creativity. It is production and maintenance. The Mradu balances out the Kitra, who is by nature a very creative person but not always a creator in aspect. He or she does this by erecting shields when they are needed around the Kitra as well as around their general environment. They maintain the energies within it and act in a diplomatic fashion when necessary. Diplomacy is within itself a form of creation as it takes a great deal to persuade someone not to do something foolish. Instilling an environmental calm is yet another way in which the Mradu acts as Creator. This is done not only by filtering, but by refilling the filtered energies with created calm by harvesting, filtering, creating, and pushing outward.

Those who are Ronin and must by necessity be proficient in all three castes may run into the snare of moving against their basic soul type. While everyone has traits of one type or another we will all have one that is dominant. That dominant trait usually guides us to our caste. Working against the soul type or working within a typing that is a more recessive soul trait will bring difficulty until the person is awakened enough to activate the other traits. That rarely happens with Ronin only because they have no mentor within the community and they alone are responsible for their growth.