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By Heidica Northernlight and Edited by  Julia Nadeau

All rights reserved copyright Heidica Oct 31st 2012


Looking into the Vampiric Pregnancies.



                Since I found out what my condition is called and that there  is a whole community of others like myself out there, I have wanted to look more into the similarities and differences about our condition. Something that I feel strongly about discussing more  is our vampiric pregancies.

                Since I started ‘The Vampiric Female Group, Sisters of the OVC’ group on Facebook, the vampiric pregnancies has been up for discussion more than once. I see some similarities which makes me believe we might want to look closer into this and try to find out about how our vampirism affects us. I have found very little written material about the subject, so I will try to put down in words some of my thoughts , experiences and theories on the matter.

                 Many of us wish to have children, as much as anyone else. Many of us seems to struggle conceiving them and many of us have also lost several, in both miscarriages and stillbirths. I have spoken to so many of my sisters, who tell me about their own miscarriages, the complications during their pregnancies and how they feel their energy needs increase during this time in their lives.

Sad stories about loosing babies, struggling to get pregnant and to keep the pregancy has been shared, cried over in my group many times over. I am proud of my sisters who have openly shared their experiences and grief. Also all the Ladies who have shared with me during personal conversations; many hours and many stories has it been since I first arrived.

I am no doctor or researcher, but I am a healtworker and a mother. At least one of my daughters shows signs of vampirism. I would like for her to have more information about her condition so she might avoid some of the problems I went through when I was younger.

Yes, we discuss and sometimes disagree about what causes our conditions. Is it hereditary, a condition of the soul, or is it a contagion? The theories are many, but we still must live in human bodies, which are affected by what we are and what we do. Could it be our vampirism also affects how we carry and conceive our children? And is it likely our children have a higher risk of developing sympthoms of certain conditions?

Our little darklings..all parents wants their children to be safe and healthy, we are no different in this, though several of us live differently than mundane families.

When I started the first thread addressing this issue in my group, I was surprised to hear how many others seems to have suffered as I have. I was told similar stories over and over,and more roll in as I continue asking others of our kind. In our Norse community it seems every one my sisters have experienced at least one miscarriage, some have also lost their babies late in the last trimesters, which is rarer than during the first.

When I compare the stories and look at the similarities, it seems to me one of the issues might be if a vampiric female is on the low side of the energy balance before getting pregnant. It also seems  that the balance can affect how and if the pregancy will come to term. Personally I have experienced that it is  very important to have a good energy balance in advance when you as a vampire wish to have a child; my three children was hard to carry and I was very ill every time.

My youngest child though gave me fewer complications during the pregancy than the previous two, and I believe that  is because I was more aware of how my energy levels affects my health and made sure to feed regurlarly before deciding to conceive again. It seems to me that we might need to plan our pregnancies a bit more than others. We need to feed and be well balanced which needs to continue through all 9 months. Several speak of increased needs during this time, more cravings and more lethargy than most.

I am convinced this has to do with carrying a being inside you that feeds upon your own energy, and since energy is what we require, perhaps it’s not so strange that we also need more of it during our pregancies. An unplanned vampiric pregnancy seem to have a higher risk of miscarriage, and if this is the case, we need to research more on this to try prevent  future complications as much as possible.

It can also seem  that we share a higher risk of a few unpleasant difficulties during pregnancy, such as anemia, hyperemesis  and hip problems like Sciatica. These conditions should get better once the child is born but for many vampiric females the symptoms linger and go on for years after having a child. I spent several years in a wheelchair because of this condition and 17 years later, I still struggle with it every time I’m low on energy.

Could it be possible to prevent such problems for our future females? I believe it might. We should look more into this topic and try educate ourselves along with the  newly awakened  as much as possible. In the meantime I will continue to write my theorie and thoughts, reaching out to vampires and their partners  who desire children or who might already be pregnant. I apologize for not doing it before.

Before the reader says, “This is common advices for pregancies…”, yes, it is. But it’s also apparent from a vampire’s perspective. Not all are aware how much our energy levels may affect us and our children, though it seems we discover more and more as our community develops and grows.

So yes, these are simple suggestions, but had I known before I might have been able to keep all of my children and avoid such ordeals to get the ones I have. These are my personal suggestions,  based upon my own and other people’s experiences:

1: Plan your pregnancy as much as possible. Balancing your energy levels before conception is very important.

2. Maintain good health with a healthy diet and exercise, as any good doctor would recommend. Take vitamins and folic acid as recommended by your physician. Have your iron levels checked regurlarly. Not all countries offer this for free.

3. Feed regurlarly for a good three months  before getting pregnant if possible, and continue to maintain a good schedule for your feedings through the entire pregnancy. Many of us experience increased need and so might have to feed more often to compensate. For bloodfeeders it’s even more important to use sterile equipment and proper health screenings for donors. You want your little one and yourself to be safe and healthy.

5. Try to keep your surroundings as healthy as possible. Avoid huge changes in your life which could affect you negatively and steal from your energy. This is something all mothers should try for, but it seems especially important for us.

6.Many of us seems to lack the Rhesus factor in our blood for some reason, which is a topic for another time. For those of us who are and have Rhesus positive partners it is imperative to see your physician more often and test regurlarly for antibodies. This might also affect the baby after it is born so its important to know your blood type and to go for regurlar check ups during the pregnancy. Some of you may think that this as an unnecessary reminder, but remember we are vampires of all nationalities and cultures. Not all have the advantage of free healthcare, and might have to plan extra in advance to accomodate the expense.

7. Feed a little extra before the birth if possible. You will need more energy than usual and it might be harder to feed for a while after birth, as many will be isolated and cut off from their normal sources. I won’t go into the birthing process for now, because at the moment too little is known about it, but it seems several of us might need to get extra energy also during the labour.

8. Prenatal depression: It seems to me we might have a higher risk of developing this problematic condition. Several sisters speak about isolation, becoming depressed and paranoid, or finding themselves unable to feed from their regurlar sources or situations which again could make the symptoms even worse. This is a serious condition and I will strongly recommend each and every parent, fathers included, to make the family’s surroundings as stable and calm as possible. As a father you are able to provide much for your partner and help her with everyday chores so she might be able to dedicate more of her energy for herself and the baby. You may also provide her with what she needs a little more often if you should happen to be her donor. Should the mother show symptoms of depression, insomnia, excess stress or nightmares, you might want to see your healthworker or doctor. More severe signs of psycosis and or paranoia should be taken very seriously and help will be needed. There is good treament available in many countries for this condition.

9. Breastfeeding: It is well known that breastfeeding takes energy, and a vampiric mother will use much of hers to provide for her baby. Make sure your diet is healthy and you have that extra fruit and vegetable if possible; feeding more often also seems to be helping many during this demanding time of your life. Baby will benefit from your balance in energy, and so will the Daddy J

10.Enjoy your little one. For many vampires it’s not been promised they will have a child at all. Many of us, both females and males have been loners all our lives. Several struggle with finding the right partner, or donor. Or they experience difficulties of conceiving or carrying a child to full term. I know there will be several who cry inside when they read this and remember their own stories. I have reached out with my energy to each and every one of you who have lost their child or who never got pregnant at all…I know how you feel though I have been blessed myself with three wonderful children. It took a LOT to get them, and I will always grieve for the ones I’ve lost, no matter how they where concieved. I wish for this little recommendation of mine to be distributed around as much as possible, and for some help later to do a questionaire. Cos its so much we dont know yet, and can we help or save just one little darkling and mother with information it is a very good thing.

Thanks to Julia Nadeau for editing it for me.

 Heidica copyright OCT 2012

What President would a Zombie Vote for?

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Which President would Zombies Vote for?



Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are spending the days before the election trying to shore up votes among their constituents, but, so far, they have ignored at least one demographic that is dying to hear from them: The undead.

Apparently, members of America’s zombie community would like to pick (and possibly eat) the brains of “Barack Zobama” and “Mitt Zomney” if this infographic devised by is any indication.

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Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

© 2007 Aislin Ni MorRhiaghanSangomancy or blood magick is an ancient arte that has been a part of nearly every path. In the old days blood sacrifices via animals or human were performed to honor the old gods and the sanctity of life. Divine ties between all beings are held within the blood and it is through the blood that the magick of the ages is carried still.While most modern Pagan paths and even some vampyre paths do not condone, endorse, or perform blood sacrifices (in the form of animals or human), some old paths still use ritual sacrifice to honor the old ways. Modern Heathens still attend and perform blots, a ritual that involves the sacrifice and consumption of an animal in the most sacred of ways, with much prayer, forethought, and respect. Usually this animal is one that would normally be consumed (pig, goat, and such), and the blood of the animal is offered to the gods, a way of offering the life back to the source that sustains us all through the flesh of the animal.

Blood magick is not solely a Pagan tradition and early Christians and many Jewish paths also performed blood sacrifices often and in abundance. The sacrificing of oxen, cattle, sheep, and even first born children was utilized to atone for the sins of their tribe. Other tales have blood being used in ancient Egypt to prevent Azrael from imposing death on newborns. In other paths, blood sacrifices were done on a daily basis in droves. The Aztecs and Mayans were the most prolific sacrificers doling out hundreds of them a day.

Blood has been used throughout the ages because it has such potency and power to attract. It is the most intense of sympathetic magicks and among Nightkind the most potent. Blood may be used to shield, to divine the future, to form a barrier, to bind or blind, to ensure that a spell is done in the utmost sincerity, and to seal dedication rituals.

Lunar Blood

Menstrual blood is one of the most potent forms of blood as it is the essence of primal feminine power, the divine ability to create and give life. Its strong tie to the earth (the iron in blood representing earth) and heaven (the lunar association and relation to the divine feminine force) align it with power and strength. In the old days menstruation was hailed with rites, much ceremony, and celebration. It marked the time of change from young girl to womanhood, around the year 13 which is in itself a point of extreme power for young girls. At this point our senses are alive and our spirits begin to awaken to whatever path we embark upon. A primal feminine force indeed this type of blood, once honored and later condemned, is a potent magickal ingredient.

Vampyre lore tells of young women being hidden away during this time, not because they were a detriment to their village, but because vampyres were drawn to menstrual blood for its primal life giving abilities. There are still some who consider this blood potent, although it should be considered unsafe to drink.

In the old days one could purchase menstrual blood or rags used during this time for magick involving healing, fertility, love, impotence, repelling demons, chasing away death, faithlessness, attaining or strengthening marriage, or protection. Menstrual blood was at one time a base ingredient to many spells. Today it is rare to find energy workers who will work during their cycles, much less with it. Part of that has evolved from the belief that we are unclean during our cycles. The other stems from simply not having the energy to work magick during this time.

Fatigue and general muscle discomfort are usually good enough reasons not to try to perform magick, as most of us don’t if we’re not feeling well. However, it is a prime time for harvesting energy for magickal workings. Elemental and ecological harvesting is usually done without much effort. Generally speaking when someone is low in energy, the greater areas of energy in their environment will compensate. Going outside for a few hours a day will recharge you. When you step outside take a deep cleansing breath. Spend a moment sitting on the ground and notice that your palms and feet are tingling. If there is a breeze take it in. Even if it is raining feel the energy coming from it and pull it in. Magick can be worked during this time with great effectiveness. It is a personal choice of whether to work during this time or not.

Blood Shielding

Blood has remarkably potent shielding properties so much so that even blood bonds may be superceded with it. Blood is already charged and a potent form of sympathetic magick. Placing a few drops of your own blood with a mixture of herbs and placing it in mojo bags around your bed, entrances to your home, and even in your car offers a great deal of protection. Generally only a few drops is needed, depending upon whether or not you use herbs with this mixture. Blood without the herbs may also be used.

Blood has been used throughout history to ward evil, disease, and death away from doorsteps, a remarkable feat considering that most diseases and death were caused by blood born pathogens. In various parts of Europe warriors painting their faces in the blood of their enemies or their fallen comrades in an effort to carry some of their power with them back into battle. Menstrual rags were hung to ward off evil spirits as were a virgin’s sheets. The purer the blood the more potent the warding. It’s not a common practice today, but the same effect can be achieved with creating sigils with blood. Choosing a deity that is closely tied with blood (theMorRhiaghan, Baba Yaga, Cailleach Bheur, Kali Durga, Sekmet, etc) create a sigil using their name. Create an ink from a few drops of your blood and India ink. Draw the sigil with this ink and hang it somewhere near the entrance of your home or bury it near your entrance.

Weapons and magickal items (blades, shields, pikes, halberds, etc) were often consecrated and blessed with a drop of blood from the owner. This was to bond the weapon or tool to the owner so that they would act of one accord. If the blade was consecrated to a specific deity, the blood acted as a bond between the owner and the deity. It was also a way of purifying and sanctifying the weapon.

Wearing blood charms can be particularly effective especially at nightside gatherings. A small vial is all that is needed. You can use only blood or a mixture of dragonsblood and alcohol or peroxide with a few drops of your blood. Another formula is ground hematite (a small chip is fine), ground dragonsblood resin (you won’t need much), and blood. You may use a liquid such as peroxide or alcohol to keep it from clotting. The life of blood is relatively short if it’s allowed to dry. It’s only good unrefrigerated for a short time. After that the risk of putrefication is high and it should be discarded.

Should the need arise to ward or shield yourself from someone you share a blood bond with, using your own blood can be extremely effective. A vampyre can trace the energy patterns they are familiar with and especially so if they have engaged in communion with you. The best way to shield…use your own blood. During sanguine communion you exchange energies as well as blood. Normally using your own energy only intensifies the energy print, however using the combined energy is confusing. It can shield you from them or vice versa. I discovered this through an experiment a few months ago.

A newly awakened friend accompanied me to a nightside event where a mutual acquaintance was going to be. I share a bond with him, she does not. He had been pursuing her much to her aggravation. Nonetheless, I prepared a vial charm for her to wear hoping that my blood was strong enough to shield her from unwanted attacks and attention. Alas it worked better than I planned as the gentleman in question walked passed her several times, once even brushing up against her and she didn’t even see him. After a few days of trying to figure out why he was practically invisible to her but plainly visible to everyone else, it occurred that he could not penetrate his own energy field. The bond that we share was still present in the blood and therefore strengthened the shield.

Shielding with blood is not only limited to the physical world but also to the dreaming world as well. I once discovered while being pestered by a particularly aggravating dreamwalker that a simple bite to my wrist and a circle of blood was all I needed to keep him at bay. He simply could not cross the barrier and the rest of the night went by quite peacefully.

Love in Vein

Blood has also been used for creating love filters or potions intended to attract or enthrall a lover. Its intention is to bind someone to you for eternity. Generally this type of sympathetic magick is administered in strongly flavored foods or strong….very strong….drinks.

An old Romany recipe takes a ground devil’s hand root and mixes it with a little menstrual blood (although blood from a finger is every bit as effective as long as the woman is menstruating). The two are ground together and dropped in the unsuspecting gentleman’s dinner. Other variations of this from other parts of the world include adding a single drop of menstrual blood to someone’s food or beverage, mixing it with a dried passionflower and placing it under the pillow of your intended, and wrapping a rag containing menstrual blood around a stick and burying it under their bedroom window. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that specific type of blood as long as it is obtained at that time of the month. The day is also specific as most love spells are best worked on May Eve or Belteane.

While that may be the best time of the year and month to work love spells, regular blood works as well. In the old days blood was much easier to obtain than it is now and so were the organs used to obtain it. Using a cow’s heart or sheep’s heart (if you live on a farm where these animals are routinely slaughtered it’s not a big deal to obtain. Some may be able to get them at butchers that sell organ meats.) for love magick is not unheard of. In the more rural parts of Western Europe it was actually quite common. The heart was stuck with a needle much as a voodoo doll would be stuck these days. The intention was clear, albeit messy.

Folk magick aside, the most typical image of the vampyre is the enthralling, irresistible, ever potent lover. While this is generally a myth, vampyres do indeed have a higher level of pheromones that are greatly enhanced when they are in need of sating their hungers. It would seem that the urge to mate and the urge to feed are closely connected, likely due to the intimacy involved. After all, what is more intimate than our blood? Emotional attachment with those we commune with may well be the strongest form of binding magick as we are bound to them body, mind, and spirit. Until at least the two opt to release each other. But vampyres are not the only ones who drink blood.

The legendary Jim Morrison is noted as claiming to have partaken of blood. Drinking human blood is an old cure for ED as well as other potency and fertility problems. It was so common that in ancient Rome one could purchase bottles of the stuff at market. Warriors would drink it to enhance their fighting skills well into the dark ages. As Christianity took hold the practice became taboo and this old manner of honoring one’s fallen friends and family members ceased. The idea being that when one ingested the blood of their loved ones they were taking in the essence of that person, thus absorbing their strength and vitality allowing them to move on.

Blood and sex magick are a powerful duo. Unlike modern sex magick techniques, ancient practices show sex magick not occurring between people but between a person and a discarnate (an ancient that resides on the other side of the Veil and is not dead but no longer maintains a physical body). Blood is often used to attract these discarnated ancients as they are drawn to the life force within it. During this practice the person enters a trance state and by either placing sigils on their body written in blood, or by placing a vial of blood nearby, they access the astral where these ancients reside. Once contact has been established, they engage in communion which in this case involves some sort of sexual communion. This could be as simple as deep feeding via a kiss or a bite, or through actual intercourse. During communion the discarnate enters the physical body of the person giving them the sensation of pleasure and intimacy while raising the energy level and vibration of the magickian so that magick may be worked via sexual release. The energy raised in one is poured out through the other thus forming a continual circle.

Sacred sexuality among people requires a distinct level of well placed boundaries and even more so when mixed with blood. This can be used through complete sexual contact, partial contact, or contact through flagellation or other fetish behavior. Working through fetish behavior could involve anything that draws blood and raises energy at the same time. Pins or needles could be slid into the skin of the bound person. Intricate lacing with ribbon is then done lacing all of the sharp points together. This is done with much slowness and anticipation so as to raise the energy silently. Both parties should be conscious of the end result which is to release energy towards a specific goal. At the appropriate moment the ribbon is pulled, the pins pulled out, and the blood and energy harvested for ritual use. Flagellation may also be used.

General sex magick could incorporate two to as many people as someone is comfortable working with. The main focus of the work should be toward a specific goal. This process could last for hours, if the people involved are skilled enough to maintain their energy levels that long. In general they should focus on raising as much energy as slowly as possible without achieving orgasm. Blood obtained from this sort of magick is potent as it is filled with life giving chemicals and highly charged with bioelectrical energy. Use the blood obtained as soon as it is harvested as this is when it will be the most potent. Blood obtained from this sort of work may be used for healing, fertility, and bonding.

This form of magickal work is especially effective between those sharing blood bonds as the blood. Warming the blood by first releasing the fire of kundalini energy may be a potent prerequisite. You do not have to be in the same room or near each other for this. It may be achieved by bilocation (physically being in one place and astrally or aetherically being in another), by thought transference (many who share blood bonds share a form of telepathy similar to beacon that allows thoughts to be transferred to the other person), dreamwalking, or using energy fingerprinting. We are known for our smoldering sexuality, in part due to our ability to heat the blood without laying a hand on the recipient. By reaching out to the other person using any of these methods and sending a tendril into the chakra the fire is stoked. Once the energy has begun the transference of thoughts, energies, dreams, or the feeling of being touched is enough to inflame the blood.

Other ways of raising this energy without involving the energy centers at all is to simply raise the temperature of the blood. This should be done with infinite care as too much heat may damage the precious blood and thus the person carrying it. Blood carries energy in its purest form. To raise the temperature by barely a point is enough to cause a kinetic stir. The energy in the blood is stimulated by delicate and steady amounts of influx of energy from the other person. When the temperature is heated it will feel as if it is rushing through the person’s veins. The heart may race a bit, they will become flushed, dizzy, perhaps even a bit warm to the touch. The skin will tingle and they will be very sensitive to the slightest touch.

Blood bonding is one of the most common forms of vampyrecraft. Blood bonds occur when a vampyre engages in sanguine communion with either another vampyre or a latent vampyre with the intention of siring. The initial purpose is to help the younger one on their path and with their skills, with energy balancing, and to create a cohesive bond that will last until they achieve adulthood and hive off to form their own coven or household. Blood bonding between two adult vampyres are usually created to enhance an existing relationship. Blood bonds are created when the more mature vampyre engages in communion with the less mature vampyre. An exchange is made and with it an intentional exchange of energies thus raising the energy level of the younger one. In the case of bonding, the energies that are exchanged leave long term fingerprints and the two people are woven together so that they are completely conscious of each other on many different levels. The old myth that a vampyre can’t come into one’s home without an invitation from the owner is simply a metaphor for this type of bonding. Once you invite someone to share in this primal life force you will likely not be able to un~invite them in the future.

Blood Divination and Juicy Tidbits

Divining using blood is probably not as old as some of the other forms. Nonetheless I thought it deserved an honorable mention. This is done on a full moon, a Blood Moon is best but any of them will do. You will need a black bowl, matte black if possible or a cast iron cauldron. Fill it with water and set it underneath a full moon so that the moon’s reflection is in the water. Concentrate on what you need to know. Prick your finger. Squeeze a drop into the water. Sit patiently and wait. If it drifts to the left your answer is yes. If it drifts to the right your answer is no. If it goes nowhere wait. It is not the right time.

It’s lucky if you happen to get a paper cut while using your tarot. They’ll be more responsive to your use. I received a vampire deck that I had trouble relating to because of all things, it was too colorful and the artwork was actually distracting. It was a brand new deck and as it happened I got a paper cut. It’s now one of the best decks I have. Ironic but true.

Figures may be crafted from blood and clay and used in sympathetic magick. An image of someone may be crafted from red clay and a few drops of blood. Use it for binding or banishing. It is best that it contain something of theirs, hair or nail clippings. If you’re fortunate enough to find something with their blood on it (a razor or paper) even better. Just add the part containing the blood and do away with the rest.

In closing, I’d like to remind everyone reading this that any time you use blood as a medium for any type of magickal or ritual work, you open yourself up to a lot of possibilities. We are vampyres but we are not immortal in the common sense of the word. We can get sick and we can die. Know the people you are involved with and know thyself first and foremost. If you engage in sanguine communion it is best to get tested for bloodborn pathogens on a regular basis. These include a routine VDRL, Hep and AIDS test. If you donate to the Red Cross they will run these tests for you free of charge. Know first aid. Know what to do in case of an emergency and establish safe, effective, and life affirming boundaries prior to any type of communion or blood letting.

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan
 © 2007 Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan



By Deacon Gray

Graveyard Press Staff Writer

Tuesday, October 24, 2012


Facing pressure from Wiccan groups, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Arlington County Court relented yesterday and allowed Literata Hurley to gain the right to perform Wiccan/ Pagan based wedding ceremonies.

 “The Arlington County Court refused to grant me the right to perform marriages in Virginia, apparently on the grounds that my “congregation” does not own a building. I presented my certificate of ordination and documentation of the 501c3 status of the Order of the White Moon, which ordained me. Since my Order is incorporated in California, the secretary asked me if I had a congregation in Virginia; I said yes. She asked me to list the address of the congregation, and I said that we don’t have a building. She asked, “So, what, you just meet in each other’s homes?” I said yes, we meet in each other’s homes, or out of doors.

She left and came back with the Clerk of Court, Paul Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson said that they were not going to approve me. I asked if it was because we don’t have a building. He said, “Yes, you don’t have a building, and there were a few other things.” I asked him if he would give me a written list of the reasons I was being denied. He refused; he offered to show me the relevant section (Sec 20-23) of the Virginia Code. I assured him that I had read the Code, and asked again if he would give me more specific reasons I was being denied. He said that approving these applications was at his “discretion” and that he didn’t “feel” I met the qualifications, but he wouldn’t tell me how. He told me that I could apply to another court in another county but that he thought they would probably give me the same answer.”

In 2006 Arlington faced another such incident when they made international news for not allowing one of our fallen soldiers the right to a grave marker with a Wiccan symbol. This ended in a prolonged battle with the President Bush’s administration.  Eventually with court cases looming, and a large outcry from the soldiers and citizens of this country, the Bush Administration gave ground and allowed the headstones to be allowed in that famous cemetery.

For Literata Hurley the process took nearly as long.  She set about at once to seek help and advice from the ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the Lady Liberty League. Then she made a call out to the whole Virginia based pagan community stating “get the word out. The more Pagans pull together, the better our chances of being recognized as “legitimate” in these kinds of situations.”

The response was everything she could have hoped for. “Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent a letter to the Arlington County Court in support of my application to perform weddings. They are very clear about the situation:

“Your denial of Priestess Hurley’s application violated the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. We ask that you grant the application, as well as any similar applications that you may receive in the future.” – Americans United for Separation of Church and State

“The letter went into great detail about the relevant legal precedents, including details of interpreting and applying the First Amendment and other Constitutional protections. It cites many instances of legal recognition of Wicca as a religion entitled to First Amendment protections, including applications of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, and landmark cases for minority religious rights such as Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye, Inc v. City of Hialeah. They specifically state:

Your failure to recognize Priestess Hurley as a valid minister constitutes discrimination against the Wiccan faith and its adherents, in violation of three separate provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

The letter also addresses the only reason that the Clerk gave me for denying my application, pointing out that denying my application on the basis of not having a fixed address for my ministry is unsupportable based on the relevant sections of the Virginia code and would also discriminate against many other religious groups that meet at members’ homes or otherwise do not have a fixed address.”

Tuesday, Oct 21, she decided to make a go of it again after the court replied to the Americans United letter apologizing for an apparent “miscommunication”. “She { the clerk} had to go get approval from someone else; she said that the person who wrote the reply to Americans United for Separation of Church and State had to review my new application and paperwork. That took a little while, but she came back and said that it was approved, and then it was a matter of paying the fee, taking an oath to uphold the Constitution and the Constitution of Virginia and to do my duty fairly and impartially, and then I got the official authorization!”

The future outlook still isn’t as rosy as it might be, but this is certainly another step forward for the Wiccan faith, and pagans all over the country. With the fall of the Bush administration moratorium on Wiccan head stones and religious expression with in the armed forces, and now another step with the battle won over who can conduct your marriage, there is a lot yet to hope for.

We cannot win every battle, there are times when we just want to hang our heads, but keep in mind that you are not the only one, and just like Priestess Hurley, we do win some times.

“I am also deeply and sincerely grateful to everyone who supported me, especially Selena Fox, Ivo Dominguez, and my sisters in the Order of the White Moon; my thanks also go out to everyone who put energy into resolving this issue and making a positive difference for Pagan civil rights. The personal and magical support I got was amazing, and it made all the difference in the world. Thank you all.

I would like to particularly thank Americans United for Separation of Church and State, especially Ben Hazelwood, who worked with me directly. They sent the letters that showed the Arlington County Court in no uncertain terms that their actions were legally indefensible and got the court to clarify its requirements so that I could make this reapplication successful.

This is not the first time they have gone to bat for Pagan rights, either, as they were intimately involved with Selena Fox and the Lady Liberty League in bringing the Pentacle Quest to a successful conclusion. I strongly encourage all Pagans to support these organizations that are doing the hard work of defending our rights when we need it most.”

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Our Energy Centers and Ascension

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Our Energy Centers and AscensionEvery being yearns of being reunited with the Source however one views that Source to be. This yearning pulls us down many paths and journeys to self discovery and a state of balance that allows us to awaken and then re~awaken to our higher form. The lie of separation does not prevent us from transcending the mundane and achieving the infinite. To aid us in this path to re~awakening and remembrance and to remember the limitless beings we once were, we are given points in our bodies with very specific functions that allow us to gradually raise our vibrations and ascend to our higher forms. These points are energy centers or chakras that help us balance our spirits as well as our bodies. They run in a line down the center of our bodies and govern each segment, but also a different part of spiritual development. If just one is blocked the path to ascension is halted.

Usually the blockage is something simple, such as fear caused by the confusion a newly opened chakra can cause. As physical beings we don’t always welcome change. In fact most of us fight it every step of the way.

You may wonder what this has to do with you as a vampyre, but it is because we are already on the path to ascension and thus already have a heightened vibration that we are vampyres. It is because of these centers that we are able to travel in our sleep, heal our donors, and the community that we live in. These energy points allow us to awaken, hone, and utilize abilities that others only dream of having.

The chakra that roots us to the physical plane can be found between the balls of our feet and is the grounding chakra that connects us to the earth and allows us to release energies back into the earth. We first learn to use this as a means of releasing old ideas, fears, emotions, and then later as a part of ritual as a means of returning residual energy back into the earth.

The first chakra is the root chakra found at the base of the spine or the sacral point. This center houses the kundalini energy that awakens the other centers into full potential. This is the fire of creativity, passion, and action. This is the also the location for the beginning of the ascension process as it triggers the awakening and opening of all other centers throughout the body, mind, and spirit. It is often referred to as the serpent energy for the way in which it coils around the sacral chakra.

The second chakra is located near the spleen and is the chakra of sexual energy. This houses our desires and drive to commune with other beings, even if only on a physical level. It is the desire for reunification that drives us to cleave to each other, to exchange energies, and allows this chakra to aid the fifth chakra in emotional development and experience.

The chakra that we vampyres hear the most about is the core chakra that is located within our solar plexus. Many of us automatically guard this chakra by placing our hands folded over it when we are uncomfortable. This chakra holds our basic soul energy. When this chakra opens we begin our awakening process, but it can not happen until the other previous chakras have already opened. Astral projection, out of body events, and even dream walking and in some cases even feeding does not occur until this chakra has opened as it is one of two places that the soul enters and leaves the body.

Once the soul has awakened we learn compassion, friendship, and love. We learn the truth of ourselves and those around us and it is through these experiences that our fifth chakra is opened, the heart chakra. This is the energy center of healing and limiteless compassion, but only if we allow it to remain open. Should the chakra become unbalanced through bitterness, hatred, anger, and constant strife the awakening process is stopped until the chakra is allowed to open. This is the source of healing and healers use this energy center to process their patient’s illness into a more dense form before sending it to the first chakra to be released. This is also the source of our spiritual vibrations. It performs as transmutation of information from our higher soul chakras to our higher physical chakras resulting in a vibrational flow that has density, pitch, and form. When this happens spiritual energy is transformed into physical energy that results in emotions, attachments, and bonds.

This rarely happens without the use of the throat chakra which allows communication and release to occur. It is important to use this chakra wisely as the damage that occurs is not truly to the other person but to ourself. These two chakras are perhaps the hardest to remain open because when we meet adversity we first feel emotional then we feel rational then we begin to heal. These emotions are stored here and must be released in order for the chakra to work properly. The inability to release is simply the physical body’s way of telling the spiritual body that it is not yet prepared to move on to a higher state of awareness. These physical things prevent us from moving forward spiritually. In the end they must be dealt with or the ascension process is stopped until the person has released and healed.

This center may also be used as a tool for raising the state of awareness thus heightening the vibration of the spiritual body by chanting, toning, and harmonizing the energy field to a peaceful and mindful state. When this center is open and free flowing it awakens the third eye chakra found between the two physical eyes.

When the vibrations of the soul are heightened by the fourth and fifth chakras the 6th chakra, or the third eye chakra found between the physical eyes, opens. This center allows for sensory perception and abilities to manifest by allowing the mind to perceive that which is not seen with the physical eyes. This is the home of intuition, of psychic awareness and of an awareness of something greater than the physical world around us. When this center opens we begin to see the world and the universe through new eyes as our perception of the reality we perceive begin to change.

The crown chakra is that chakra found just above the head, as if it is floating atop our head. This is the last chakra to be opened on the ascension path between the mundane world and the infinite. This chakra serves as the gate to the higher soul chakras found in the spiritual body itself. When this chakra is open, psychic abilities manifest and a greater sense of interconnectivity is felt.

When all of these centers are opened and aligned properly they awaken the next four chakra centers. These centers concern themselves with the spiritual aspects of the individual rather than the physical aspects of the other 7. They hold within them the Akashic records, past life memories, and spiritual blueprinting that determine the individual’s path to ascension. Generally there are two points in the person’s physical development that halts the process. These points are between the grounding chakra at the feet and the sacral and the point between the heart and the throat. This is because the center between the feet is the grounding point for release and so this is an important part of the process. A person who does not learn to release blocks their own path of which is the beginning point in the kundalini chakra.

The 8th chakra is found aligned above the crown chakra and is the conduit of psychic abilities and spiritual information from the higher self to the physical self. This is also the chakra that holds and maintains whatever emotions or goals that were not maintained within the previous incarnations, or our karma. It is important to remember that the universe maintains balance and does not keep cosmic tabs on our behavior. We alone are responsible for those life lessons. The purpose of karma is to allow us to release those pains and trials that left residual spots in our aura that halted our ascensions in the past so that we can learn from them and move foreward. Once the door to the physical world is closed and the one of the spiritual world is opened, the individual, their perception, and their outlook is changed forever. This is the point in your development that you begin to see the world through new eyes. Simple things trigger hours upon hours of deep thought. You begin to see the universe not as a singular thing that is far off but as something dimensional of which you are an integral part.

Once you are able to view the universe on higher level, the 9th chakra opens and your spiritual blueprint comes into play. Your blueprint is the map that you create prior to your first incarnation that holds every experience an individual may encounter and the many paths those experiences may hold. The choices that you make in physical form activate the paths made on the spiritual realm. The skills, abilities, lessons, wisdoms, and soul type (creator, healer, or teacher) are found in this chakra. Generally when a person realizes the type of soul path they have maintained (based upon how many lifetimes have been spent in each of these paths) the way becomes smoother and the transition is easier. When they fight against it, life becomes more stringent and less wisdom is gleaned from the experience.

Just as there is a pivotal point betwen the two lower chakras there are also two pivotal points in the higher chakras. The point between the 7t and the 8th chakras and the point between the 11th and 12th. The first pivotal point is the gap that must be bridged between awareness and knowing. It is the same pivotal point of enlightenment between being a specific thing and simply Being. This point begins the process by which the physical body is shed and the spiritual body is freed. In short it is the shedding of self and the loss of identity and physical boundaries.

When the tenth chakra opens the skills stored in the 9th chakra begin to flow and manifest. This is the chakra of harmony, balance, and polarity. A person can only open this chakra if they are in a position of balance between the masculine and feminine energies of the universe. This is because divine energy has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with balance. An equal presence of both energies and the acceptance and love of both energies must be present for this divine energy to flow freely and open this chakra to align the following one.

The 11th chakra begins the integration process between the soul and the spirit. The soul is that part of us that even though is pure energy, it is bound to the physical form. The spirit is that part of us that is boundless. It has no form and is vast. Nor does is have restrictions, mass, or time limitations. It is our self in the true infinite state of awareness and Oneness. On this level the glimpse of multidimensional existence that began in the 8th chakra is vastly opened to include not merely a multidimensional state of awareness but also a multidimensional view of oneself. At this point one becomes aware that time, matter, and reality are all nonexistent and instead of awareness occurring on one facet, it occurs on many as all dimensions of the self become awakened and harmonic. As one dimensional self becomes awakened abilities and memories from the 10th chakra begin to open, thus even though the 10th chakra is open it does not fully awaken until the 11th chakra has begun the ascension process.

When this happens dimensional doorways open up and we may have memories of other existences, other languages, other skills, or people. Greater instances of déjà vu and precognition or flashes of very different current lives, anticipation, fear, confusion, the feeling that one is too large for the skin they are in, or an influx of wisdom, are just a few examples of what happens when this process begins.

This is the second pivotal point in the higher levels between the 11th and 12th. At this point the soul recognizes it’s impending freedom but it has been so long in a finite form that it is unsure of the lack of mass. The emotional body responds by becoming fearful of ascending and losing that comfort zone and so a blockage may form until the energy of the person is once again stored to a balanced state and the fear has been healed and released.

The 12th chakra is the mirror image of our spiritual self. This is the highest center that triggers the transubstantiation from finite form to infinite form. This is the point of release as the physical body is shed and the spiritual body is allowed to expand into its true essence which is infinite, formless, and timeless.

It is important to remember that this process may take years, decades, and lifetimes to occur. Also remember that as humans we tend to respond to change on an emotional level that effect the process. Fear stops the process. Failure to properly maintain a grounded state, allow growth, and release harmful emotions and experiences hinders the process.

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, February 2008

More people believe in Aliens, then in God?

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More than 33 million U.K. citizens believe in extraterrestrial life, compared to just over 27 million — less than half the country — who believe in God.

That’s the result of an online survey of 1,359 adults who were asked a variety of questions ranging from belief in alien visits to Earth, suspicions of UFO cover-ups, belief in extraterrestrials vs. belief in God, and whether or not men actually landed on the moon.

The survey, conducted by Opinion Matters, revealed the following statistics among those surveyed:

  • 52 percent believe UFO evidence has been covered up because widespread knowledge of their existence would threaten government stability.
  • 44 percent believe in God.
  • One in 10 people has reported seeing a UFO.
  • A quarter more men than women claim to have seen UFOs.
  • 20 percent of respondents believe UFOs have landed on Earth.
  • More than five million British citizens believe the Apollo moon landings were faked.

While the survey was conducted as part of a tie-in with a new video game, “XCOM: Enemy Unknown,” it was a legitimate sampling of opinions that can be taken to represent the population of the U.K., according to the agency that conducted the survey.

“Yes, it has been done with an independent panel through a bonafide research company,” said Karen Brooks, managing director of Opinion Matters, a well-known market research agency that created the survey.”



( read the rest of this article at

Nearly a month ago this file was sent to me by some one whom I will not name, though I would encourage him to step forward if he is willing so people know exactly who did all the work involved. At that time I was dismayed by what I read. Yet, with contacts, family and friends all over the place I figured…hey lets give the man a chance to speak to the issue quietly before making a scene.

Several people I know, whom I also will  not name, who live within a few hours of Russell Mercado sent off inquires, and offers to talk on the phone or meet somewhere. It was answered with…well, it wasn’t answered at all. Much to my surprise I was informed late last night, that Russell Mercado has passed away.

I would like to say for the record that I personally really liked Russell. I didn’t know him well, but his posts where always respectful, in chat he was intelligent and well spoken. I have never heard of any drama from Russell or his house at any point. And yet…the file I was sent is pretty…well I will let you read it, and judge for your self.

Russell Mercado

The Living Vampire Survey

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I would urge all of you to take a few minutes of time and take this survey.

Marie LaFay Desgins Interview

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Hailing from the Midlands, Lindsay Jones is the creator of Marie LeFay Designs and specialises in gothic and historically-inspired custom garments and wedding gowns.

Lindsay was inspired to pursue dress-making after attending Whitby Gothic Weekend, during which she found it difficult to find the style of clothing she liked in the quality she wanted. Marie LeFay has been a real hit, and now Lindsay is working on new items, including 18th century influenced corset couture. Blackavar chats to Lindsay to find out more.

Spiritual Blueprinting, Predestination, and Reincarnation

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan »

Spiritual Blueprinting, Predestination, and ReincarnationA great deal of spirituality is concerned with the afterlife or the spiritual evolution of the soul. Vampyres are intensely spiritual people and as such often study a great many types of spirituality and philosophies. Spiritual evolution begins as soon as we incarnate and draw breath. The many tenets of evolution lead us to many paths of which have many different views. There are no right or wrong paths, no philosophy that is correct or absolute, and any path to evolution and ascension must be made on a personal basis. No man is the captain of another man’s soul nor is the spirit of one accountable to the soul of another. Understanding is the path to awareness which is in turn the path of ascension. For this reason I have foregone getting into specific religious ideology and doctrine as each man and woman must walk their own path free from influence. I include only my personal interpretations of this complex topic.

There are no new souls, no spirits that are just now coming into play. We are all centuries, even millenia old (if one relates time in such increments. My views of time are very different but that is for another article.). Thus we carry within us all very old souls with very ancient wisdom that awaits our awakening to begin relaying this information.

Prior to incarnating we are one with the Source, indeed a part of it. Spiritual blueprinting occurs when the discarnate soul (energy body) begins to slow in vibrational tone and form density and breaks away from the Source. As it does so it begins making the necessary adjustments for the coming transmutation into a physical finite form. It begins forming paths and lessons that will need to be learned in order to quicken the vibration, heighten it, and eventually regain its true form once again. In doing so it creates all measure of physical experiences that will lead it to paths leading into other paths. This type of spiritual preparation could be compared to walking a complex labyrinth or maze in which one path leads the soul closer to ascension and the other leads it to yet another incarnation but in the end all paths lead to the same point. There are just different ways of getting there.

During the process of creating this draft the soul splits into two forms. One form, the twin soul, remains on the higher level within the 12th chakra, which is the mirror image of its higher self. This is to urge the soul to be reunited not only with the Source that created it, but also to be reunited with its mirror image. This also occurs because the soul is infinite even as it begins to gain mass. The part of the soul that remains closest to the Source is lighter in density, but too heavy to remain with the Source. This part remains on a higher level than the soul but not yet on the ascension level. Often when the individual is on the path to ascension and has accessed the 8th chakra, the person may begin to receive information from their spirit guide, or the mental impression of the twin soul or mirror self. This is needed to remind the soul of its true nature as the time between the activation of the 8th chakra and the ascension back into an infinite nonphysical form is a frightening period. Thus the twin soul gives comfort and advice intended to reunite the two, form a complete energy body, and elevate into the infinite form.

Everything that a person will ever learn, every trial the person will ever undergo, any sadness, illness, death, happiness, pleasure, or tragedy will be chosen at the time of incarnation. This is simply so that the soul may have the full venue of physical experience prior to ascension. It is also so that they may help and teach by example the way of evolution. For this reason, three different types of soul patterns are to be noted: the path of the creator, the path of the teacher, and the path of the healer. These paths take on many different roads and we may see each one reflected within our own community caste system. The path of the creator is similar in structure to the Kitra. The path of the teacher the path of Ramkt. The path of healer may well be found within the path of the Mradu. As all souls are generally composits of all three, one type may be more prominant than others. This dominant soul path generally determines the path that a person will take in that incarnation and any lessons that are to be learned within that path as well as the options. And the options are legion as there are thousands of paths to be taken from each path of the blueprint. Each one has a different outcome and each one has a different vibration that elevates us. Because our souls only work in one direction, which is toward ascension and higher vibration, we can not lose the information and lessons we have learned. Thus we can not lose the vibrations we have attained. In short, irregardless of how difficult a life may prove to be there is a reason for every trial and that reason is essentially for the greater good and elevation of the soul. There is no backsliding or cosmic paddle. It is simply a matter of choice. Of action and reaction. The way that we react to one action triggers the path to the next action and so forth.

Free will is likely one of the most debated of topics in any spiritual forum, be they Pagan, esoteric, or Christian. Do we have it or do we not? Well we wouldn’t need a blueprint if we didn’t and to be perfectly honest the universe is too ordered, too structured for our care, consideration, and overall existence for me to even begin to ponder a Source being too selfish to allow us to have say so over our lives. Along this train of thought, we can not control the actions of others only the actions of ourselves. The actions of others affect our decisions but it is the manner in which we respond that decide what actions will follow. It is important to remember that even though the soul breaks away from the Source it is not through punishment but through vibration. There is no true separation as the soul is tethered to the Source by spirit. This tether is only so that the soul may find its way back to the Source that it was originally attached to, but also so that we may be interconnected with others as well. We were never intended to walk this path alone but instead to aid, teach, and heal each other. On the flip side of free will is fate or predestination.

Generally there are several views of predestination commonly referred to as fate. One view states that some form of Divinity (Source, Ancients, God, Goddess, so forth) is in control of our lives and that our decisions are crafted and predecided by this Divinity. Our ascension is reliant upon a omniscient being rather than our own actions and that this being applies actions to our lives in accordance to its divine will. Another take on predestination views it as being conditional, as a way of offering redemption. This view holds that even though man is inherently flawed because of losing his divine status that his choice to take faith and love as a path over the paths of other paths that separate us from the Source the path is already set. In yet another view the events that come into our lives from birth to death are all in the hands of the Fates and are out of our control. Generally this view doesn’t leave room for expansion or for any life other than the one. In short you have one shot so you’d better get it right the first time. However this philosophy negates one thing. The law of personal accountability.

In order for any person to rise above the mundane state and achieve a heightened state of awareness and vibration it is vitally necessary to acknowledge a life lesson, glean what we can from it, and release it if necessary. If something causes us pain, illness, or fear it is better to release it and move forward taking what we can from it and utilizing it for a greater cause rather than hoarding it for our own suffering. For this reason personal accountability is the most important thing we can take into our paths. There are no right and wrong paths, only right and wrong mindsets. We make mistakes, or things that bring us discomfort and distract us from our paths. How else would we learn, grow, and expand? It is the manner in which we react to these things that determine at what rate we will grow and expand.

Reincarnation is intended to aid in that expansion by providing multiple lives (paths) in which to learn these lessons. The forms that we take are dependent upon the vibration we held last. As we can not digress in spiritual form, only progress in evolution we can not take the form of something with a lower vibrational note than what we maintained in our first incarnation. For example if a blade of grass was first incarnated as grass it could not incarnate next as a speck of dirt, but it could advance to say a daffodil or angel trumpet and then later as an aspen, or birch.

If you follow the train of thought that delves into multidimensional selves that parallel each other, your incarnations are all in existence at the same point and as such reincarnation simply acts as a function to maintain the frame of those verses in which you will incarnate. The choice to reincarnate is in accordance to your free will as it relates to your lessons found within your blueprinting. Some philosophies state thousands of years in between these incarnations, some have no set time frames while others state a limit on how many times one may reincarnate.

The concept behind many reincarnation theories is that we are doomed to continue reincarnating and repeating old patterns until we get it right, recognising the patterns and discontinuing the behavior. Another popular concept is the concept of karma. Let me just say now that if you didn’t like what I’ve said so far, you will likely not be happy with this either.

The universe does not keep tabs on our human mishaps and personal choices. The forces that govern universal balance are not concerned with our personal decisions only with keeping balance of energies so that everything functions as it should on a higher level. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and nowhere is this truer than within universal order. Karma was never intended to be used as a universal paddle but as a source for healing. Karma is simply the blockages that we acquire within the ascension process that prevents us from moving foreward. It could be something as simple as a fear that needs to be faced or a loss that needs to be released. The concept that we are being eternally punished stems from the same concept that teaches that we are separate from divinity. Since we were never truly separated from the divine we also were never intended to be eternally punished for simply being more dense than the Source. Learning to release and heal are not only important for our physical health but also for our mental and spiritual health. As the soul takes resident within our mind as well as our body, the connections effect each other. We can lengthen our lives or shorten them simply by choosing which things are healthy, which ones are not, and which ones will bring us peace or turmoil. We are truly the captain of our souls.

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, February 2008