Just in time, and Long Overdue

Posted: Monday, 1 October, 2012 by deacongray in Uncategorized

“….II. Nine Different Ways

If we can see the world in 9 different ways, that should be enough to determine its strengths, weaknesses, and possibilities for escape. Our mistake is only having one view, a singular narrative we’re inexorably drawn from because of outside pressures, until we become the pre-packaged story to be bought and sold wherever such products are needed. A dozen or more ‘I’s… all of them seeing this world from the same, limited perspective. This is the lack of freedom our Cult struggles against.

The vast majority of human beings have a hard time sticking to anything because they move in circles. Our many ‘I’s fluctuate according to octaves woven into reality. The point of our Work is to change the pattern by deliberately altering a few key tones here and there. Just one individual, unscripted sound or color or texture can divert the stream into a place beyond our prison walls, sacrosanct. Moments of consciousness not lost in the shuffle, rising above to conquer this World…”


Check out this new piece from the Cult of Cthulhu the complete version can be found at the address above!


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