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Marie LaFay Desgins Interview

Posted: Sunday, 7 October, 2012 by deacongray in Gothic Fashion

Hailing from the Midlands, Lindsay Jones is the creator of Marie LeFay Designs and specialises in gothic and historically-inspired custom garments and wedding gowns.

Lindsay was inspired to pursue dress-making after attending Whitby Gothic Weekend, during which she found it difficult to find the style of clothing she liked in the quality she wanted. Marie LeFay has been a real hit, and now Lindsay is working on new items, including 18th century influenced corset couture. Blackavar chats to Lindsay to find out more.

Spiritual Blueprinting, Predestination, and Reincarnation

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan »

Spiritual Blueprinting, Predestination, and ReincarnationA great deal of spirituality is concerned with the afterlife or the spiritual evolution of the soul. Vampyres are intensely spiritual people and as such often study a great many types of spirituality and philosophies. Spiritual evolution begins as soon as we incarnate and draw breath. The many tenets of evolution lead us to many paths of which have many different views. There are no right or wrong paths, no philosophy that is correct or absolute, and any path to evolution and ascension must be made on a personal basis. No man is the captain of another man’s soul nor is the spirit of one accountable to the soul of another. Understanding is the path to awareness which is in turn the path of ascension. For this reason I have foregone getting into specific religious ideology and doctrine as each man and woman must walk their own path free from influence. I include only my personal interpretations of this complex topic.

There are no new souls, no spirits that are just now coming into play. We are all centuries, even millenia old (if one relates time in such increments. My views of time are very different but that is for another article.). Thus we carry within us all very old souls with very ancient wisdom that awaits our awakening to begin relaying this information.

Prior to incarnating we are one with the Source, indeed a part of it. Spiritual blueprinting occurs when the discarnate soul (energy body) begins to slow in vibrational tone and form density and breaks away from the Source. As it does so it begins making the necessary adjustments for the coming transmutation into a physical finite form. It begins forming paths and lessons that will need to be learned in order to quicken the vibration, heighten it, and eventually regain its true form once again. In doing so it creates all measure of physical experiences that will lead it to paths leading into other paths. This type of spiritual preparation could be compared to walking a complex labyrinth or maze in which one path leads the soul closer to ascension and the other leads it to yet another incarnation but in the end all paths lead to the same point. There are just different ways of getting there.

During the process of creating this draft the soul splits into two forms. One form, the twin soul, remains on the higher level within the 12th chakra, which is the mirror image of its higher self. This is to urge the soul to be reunited not only with the Source that created it, but also to be reunited with its mirror image. This also occurs because the soul is infinite even as it begins to gain mass. The part of the soul that remains closest to the Source is lighter in density, but too heavy to remain with the Source. This part remains on a higher level than the soul but not yet on the ascension level. Often when the individual is on the path to ascension and has accessed the 8th chakra, the person may begin to receive information from their spirit guide, or the mental impression of the twin soul or mirror self. This is needed to remind the soul of its true nature as the time between the activation of the 8th chakra and the ascension back into an infinite nonphysical form is a frightening period. Thus the twin soul gives comfort and advice intended to reunite the two, form a complete energy body, and elevate into the infinite form.

Everything that a person will ever learn, every trial the person will ever undergo, any sadness, illness, death, happiness, pleasure, or tragedy will be chosen at the time of incarnation. This is simply so that the soul may have the full venue of physical experience prior to ascension. It is also so that they may help and teach by example the way of evolution. For this reason, three different types of soul patterns are to be noted: the path of the creator, the path of the teacher, and the path of the healer. These paths take on many different roads and we may see each one reflected within our own community caste system. The path of the creator is similar in structure to the Kitra. The path of the teacher the path of Ramkt. The path of healer may well be found within the path of the Mradu. As all souls are generally composits of all three, one type may be more prominant than others. This dominant soul path generally determines the path that a person will take in that incarnation and any lessons that are to be learned within that path as well as the options. And the options are legion as there are thousands of paths to be taken from each path of the blueprint. Each one has a different outcome and each one has a different vibration that elevates us. Because our souls only work in one direction, which is toward ascension and higher vibration, we can not lose the information and lessons we have learned. Thus we can not lose the vibrations we have attained. In short, irregardless of how difficult a life may prove to be there is a reason for every trial and that reason is essentially for the greater good and elevation of the soul. There is no backsliding or cosmic paddle. It is simply a matter of choice. Of action and reaction. The way that we react to one action triggers the path to the next action and so forth.

Free will is likely one of the most debated of topics in any spiritual forum, be they Pagan, esoteric, or Christian. Do we have it or do we not? Well we wouldn’t need a blueprint if we didn’t and to be perfectly honest the universe is too ordered, too structured for our care, consideration, and overall existence for me to even begin to ponder a Source being too selfish to allow us to have say so over our lives. Along this train of thought, we can not control the actions of others only the actions of ourselves. The actions of others affect our decisions but it is the manner in which we respond that decide what actions will follow. It is important to remember that even though the soul breaks away from the Source it is not through punishment but through vibration. There is no true separation as the soul is tethered to the Source by spirit. This tether is only so that the soul may find its way back to the Source that it was originally attached to, but also so that we may be interconnected with others as well. We were never intended to walk this path alone but instead to aid, teach, and heal each other. On the flip side of free will is fate or predestination.

Generally there are several views of predestination commonly referred to as fate. One view states that some form of Divinity (Source, Ancients, God, Goddess, so forth) is in control of our lives and that our decisions are crafted and predecided by this Divinity. Our ascension is reliant upon a omniscient being rather than our own actions and that this being applies actions to our lives in accordance to its divine will. Another take on predestination views it as being conditional, as a way of offering redemption. This view holds that even though man is inherently flawed because of losing his divine status that his choice to take faith and love as a path over the paths of other paths that separate us from the Source the path is already set. In yet another view the events that come into our lives from birth to death are all in the hands of the Fates and are out of our control. Generally this view doesn’t leave room for expansion or for any life other than the one. In short you have one shot so you’d better get it right the first time. However this philosophy negates one thing. The law of personal accountability.

In order for any person to rise above the mundane state and achieve a heightened state of awareness and vibration it is vitally necessary to acknowledge a life lesson, glean what we can from it, and release it if necessary. If something causes us pain, illness, or fear it is better to release it and move forward taking what we can from it and utilizing it for a greater cause rather than hoarding it for our own suffering. For this reason personal accountability is the most important thing we can take into our paths. There are no right and wrong paths, only right and wrong mindsets. We make mistakes, or things that bring us discomfort and distract us from our paths. How else would we learn, grow, and expand? It is the manner in which we react to these things that determine at what rate we will grow and expand.

Reincarnation is intended to aid in that expansion by providing multiple lives (paths) in which to learn these lessons. The forms that we take are dependent upon the vibration we held last. As we can not digress in spiritual form, only progress in evolution we can not take the form of something with a lower vibrational note than what we maintained in our first incarnation. For example if a blade of grass was first incarnated as grass it could not incarnate next as a speck of dirt, but it could advance to say a daffodil or angel trumpet and then later as an aspen, or birch.

If you follow the train of thought that delves into multidimensional selves that parallel each other, your incarnations are all in existence at the same point and as such reincarnation simply acts as a function to maintain the frame of those verses in which you will incarnate. The choice to reincarnate is in accordance to your free will as it relates to your lessons found within your blueprinting. Some philosophies state thousands of years in between these incarnations, some have no set time frames while others state a limit on how many times one may reincarnate.

The concept behind many reincarnation theories is that we are doomed to continue reincarnating and repeating old patterns until we get it right, recognising the patterns and discontinuing the behavior. Another popular concept is the concept of karma. Let me just say now that if you didn’t like what I’ve said so far, you will likely not be happy with this either.

The universe does not keep tabs on our human mishaps and personal choices. The forces that govern universal balance are not concerned with our personal decisions only with keeping balance of energies so that everything functions as it should on a higher level. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and nowhere is this truer than within universal order. Karma was never intended to be used as a universal paddle but as a source for healing. Karma is simply the blockages that we acquire within the ascension process that prevents us from moving foreward. It could be something as simple as a fear that needs to be faced or a loss that needs to be released. The concept that we are being eternally punished stems from the same concept that teaches that we are separate from divinity. Since we were never truly separated from the divine we also were never intended to be eternally punished for simply being more dense than the Source. Learning to release and heal are not only important for our physical health but also for our mental and spiritual health. As the soul takes resident within our mind as well as our body, the connections effect each other. We can lengthen our lives or shorten them simply by choosing which things are healthy, which ones are not, and which ones will bring us peace or turmoil. We are truly the captain of our souls.

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, February 2008