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An Interview with the Iron Garden Court

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Iron Garden


A Safe Haven For New Jersey’s Nightkind Community


31 December 2014 © GYP all rights reserved

By Deacon Gray

Just down the street from City Café Bar and Restaurant on Mulberry street,  sits a brick building rimed in purple  the initials QXT are printed in yellow above what appears to be a portal to some unknown world.



Inside the  lights are low, the music thumps and black lights reflect off people in corsets wearing gothic colors and enticing make up. In one corner a sign reads “Custom Fangs by Sideshow Jack” and to your immediate right a pleasant bar tender mixes concoctions to sate those thirsts so easily built on the dance floor.


You have arrived at QXT’s and the Iron Garden Court is in full swing, the night is young and the vampires are out on the dance floor. I could write this whole article about the environment alone, and the gods know I could write twice as much about the beautiful people that inhabit this mystical place, but…that’s not why I am writing today. Instead I’m writing about the Iron Garden Court itself.


Where did it come from, who runs it, how is it any different than any other so called Court out there? Lucky for me Sir Traveler Asura-MacPhee, one of the founders of the feast,agreed to take some time and answer a few questions for me and the Graveyard Press readers.

GYP:  I know there is a lot involved in setting up these things. Is it something you are doing by yourself, or do you have others assisting?
Traveler MacPhee: There is a group ofsix that came together for this endeavor. Myself (Sir Traveler Asura-MacPhee), Madame X, Finna Beruthiel DeElf, Herr Wulfsunus, Asif Murad & Blueeyesoulfof Ra Horakhty

GYP: It seems like a lot or work went into developing this idea.  I was wondering if you would talk to us a little about where you got the idea to create the Iron Garden Court?

Traveler MacPhee: Building a Court for NJ was something that I had in the back of my head for a few years now. I’ve spoken with Madame X before about it but time ran away from me, and daily life took priority. That thought stuck in the back of my head started poking again, and this time I saw that I wasn’t the only one. I spoke with a couple people (one of which was Madame X again) and decided that I wanted to make this idea a reality. So along with the individuals I spoke of earlier, we set out to build what we have now.


GYP:  Why a new court at all? You are very close to the court of Lazarus and Gotham.
Traveler MacPhee:  I am indeed close to Gotham Halo; I even have close ties because my Family (House Sabretooth MacPhee) is a  Gotham based Household. But as a New Jersey resident, sometimes it is easier to attend something local and a  little closer to home. I know that with my dayside schedule being what it is, it is difficult for me to get out to NYC as much as I would like. This was a way to give that option to those who live in NJ.

GYP:  Is there a king and queen like in some courts, or is it set up with a Regent instead?
Traveler MacPhee:  There is no king or queen; we have tried to steer clear of titles that would give off the assumption of holding supreme “power” over others. We do however have a Host. And the name is self explanatory. The Host serves as the MC and sets up the proceedings of the event; promotes the event and ensures that the night runs according to schedule.

GYP:  Is your Master Fang Smith the Leader/ Host of the group like in other places?
Traveler MacPhee:  No, Horror Show Jack is a supporter of this endeavor and is sharing his talents with us as the resident fang smith.

GYP:  Your website says that in order to be a Citizen of the court, you have to be from, or work in New Jersey. Does this mean outsiders are not welcome at events?

Traveler MacPhee :  Not at all. You can be what are called an Honorary Citizen, which allows you all the rights and privileges that citizenship entails even if you do not live in or work in NJ.

GYP: A lot of courts in the past were fairly exclusive for vampires, is this one different and if so why?
Traveler MacPhee:  We are open to all night kind be it Vamp, Therian or Otherkin. We are also open to Black Swans, Witches and scholars alike. We do this because it is not our intention to exclude anyone. There is enough segregation going on, we do not wish to perpetuate this cycle. If you are of open mind and respectful to others and the paths they subscribe to, you are welcome here.

GYP: Your website says you have a strict no “negativity and hostility” statement, have there been issues with other courts?

Traveler MacPhee:   No there haven’t been “issues” with other Courts. There are individuals that have their own concerns, but to say whole Courts have issues with us is a stretch. The no negativity and hostility  environment means that this gathering is to be neutral ground; a haven of sorts. It would be foolish of me to say that we want everyone to love each other. You may not like a person, but we expect there to be some civility and respect within the walls of the court.

GYP: What is the Iron Garden code of good conduct?
Traveler MacPhee:  We have what is called The Seven Gates. This is a basic code of conduct that we ask our citizens to follow.  Haven, Law, Diversity, Unity, Respect, Accountability and Journey. In a nutshell it’s about respect. Respect the venue, respect laws of the state, respect yourself and one another. With a 21 and over code, everyone is an adult and we expect that everyone acts as such.

GYP:  In the past some courts have only allowed Houses. I see you are more inclusive in that regard. However, if a House leader is in the Court, does that mean the House members are as well?
Traveler MacPhee:  If a House leader wishes to bring in their house, clan, order or what have you; they can do so. Also, house members can become citizens, but full house participation is not mandatory.

GYP:  How often does the Court meet, and when is your first-time event?

Traveler MacPhee  We meet once a month, typically the third Friday at QXT’s in Newark. Our first event will be on January 30th, 2015

GYP: One last question, who designed your ‘Iron Garden’ symbol and is there history behind it? It is really well done.
Traveler MacPhee:  We went through a couple of ideas but we decided on the design done by Miss LaRue (member of HoTD) and finishing touches added by Asif Murad. The metallic (iron-like) look to the IG represents our “ironclad” commitment to provide a safe haven to all within the NJ nighkind community.


I was honored to be allowed to conduct this interview Sir Traveler Asura-MacPhee  and I want to thank him publicly for taking the time to answer my questions.
There are a lot of people who talk about doing things in this community, but not as many are willing to actually do it as opposed to simply talking about it, or complaining at those who are willing to step up. I congratulate the members of this Court for their effort and desire to bring this court to life, and provide the safe haven for the New Jersey vampire scene.


More information about the Iron Garden Court can be found at or on Facebook


A Bicker of Vampires

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By Deacon Gray

(c) October 2014

crows flight

“I give up. I joined the community pages two months ago and all anyone every does is bitch and fight.”


A week ago a new member of the community contacted me after witnessing a fight break out on a Facebook message board.  He was friendly, outgoing and I had never seen him post anywhere before, so I was a little surprised to receive a message. However, rather than leave, I managed to convince him to sit down for a brief interview about what he had seen and why he feels that being in the OVC is pointless.

GYP: Will you start by telling me a little about yourself?


Six: Hello, my name is Travis but I have been going by a fake name. I awakened a few months ago, well transitioned anyway. I have been drawn to energy work and spiritualism and the works of Michael Ford since I was around fifteen. It’s been a few years since then, and one of my friends in who also works energy pointed out that I was constantly feeding and thought it might be a form of predatory spiritualism.
I originally thought that the whole concept was dumb, but after a trip where I found myself often isolated, I realized I couldn’t do well without being around other people and drawing energy from them. The few people I was around, were constantly drained and I noticed they didn’t want to be around me much. Sure, it could just be my sunny disposition, but once I identified the problem and started to shield myself from their energy, it was all good.


GYP: It sounds like you were on the right track. What brought you to the Vampire community? It seems like you had the skills needed already.


Six: I followed some links people posted on a message board. A few people who were on that board said they had interacted with the vampire community. They said to check out a few places to help me learn more about myself. Most of those sites weren’t very active, but there was a lot of information. That part was awesome, with the exception of the interaction part.  I suppose that is what got me to Facebook. I always swore if it was a Facebook group, I wouldn’t join, but I did.

GYP: When you contacted me it seems you were pretty dissatisfied, what brought you to that disposition?


Six: Well, after several months of hanging out and watching the board I realized that every single conversation seemed to dis-evolve into childish arguments. You called it a Bicker of Vampires, and I realized you didn’t just mean the conversation, but any gathering of them.

At first I didn’t think it could be that bad, I mean there are a lot of groups. So I decided to check out several of them, both on line and off line to see what the deal was.

GYP: I think this is important, would you please tell us what you found?

Six: Well I started by looking for major organizations that had a presence online. It wasn’t as easy as I thought many of the Courts have a page to like, but not many people actually interacting at any major level on line.

Eventually I found people in NYC, JY, Austin, in each on the people were more interested in social drama that any meaningful education. In one Court forum they were bitching about another Court that was starting up. “Who gave them permission to start their own Court?” and “Make sure that people know that Court is not legitimate, I don’t care what the last Regent had to say about it, or who supports it, I want to see it go away.”

In one there are people who seem to actually spread all out lies about people they don’t like. Then when caught, they try to play like they are above it, even when the proof that they planted lies is right in front of them. I’m a peaceful man, but if someone accused me to sexual assault or pedophilia, or had someone attack me physically, it would take once before I went to their privet residence and changed their disposition with extreme malice.

GYP: Certainly you don’t think all the Vamps out there are just in it for the drama?

Six: Not at all. There are some damn fine people out there. I just don’t like where their community debates take me spiritually. I want to get in there and explain things, to try to be a peacekeeper, but I have seen out that works. The peacekeeper is attacked, the one making explanations is slighted unless they are years into the community.

I have found a few Houses I really respect. I would love to go to Michelle Belanger’s house gathering, or if Rose Mary ever decided to do and open house for her organization. So I know there are great vamps and people out there, but as far as facebook goes- I think you’re right about how the community should be called a “Bicker of Vampires”

Being a Skeptic with out Being Jerk

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By Seraphyna K. LeonidBanksy

(c) 23 Dec 2014 for Seraphyna K Leonid

I’ve noticed that some people aren’t aware of how to be skeptics and how to expect people to have given their identity any thought without being assholes. There’s a big difference between being a jerk and holding the community, and members therein, to a higher standard.

Someone may strike you as fluff upon their first post in a group. Now, an asshole instantly jumps on them with memes and comments about how ridiculous they are. A skeptic asks them questions like “how did you figure out you were otherkin,” “how did you find your kintype,” “why you do believe X”. See the difference?

If you want to lul about actual fluff, keep it to groups created for that purpose. Don’t drag down groups made for the purpose of productive discussion with “fluff hunting”.

When you flame people because you think they’re fluffy or whatever, you’re being an asshole…not a skeptic…and you aren’t helping the community, you’re ultimately harming it.

You know why so many otherkin these days are anti being questioned? Because they’ve had bad experiences therewith and usually from the same people.

There’s a difference between thinking the community as a whole should raise the bar and expect rational thought from people and attacking people. There’s a difference between being logical and being a dick.
If someone is truly delusionally fluffy, then sure break out a meme or two and wait for them to be removed from whatever group. Tag the admins and try to explain reality in the interim.

So yeah…big difference between just being an asshole and holding people to a higher standard/trying to improve the community and a few of you need to learn it and need to stop feeding each other and encouraging each other and resisting learning how to properly behave in such a way as to not be an ass and contribute to the community instead of giving it a reputation for flaming and hostility.

Cult of Holy Death Catches the eye of the FBI

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The OVC Weekly News For 19th December 2014

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( The OVC Weekly News is a satirical look at the events going on in the VC on a weekly bases. If you can’t handle the “jib jab” style of humor, you might not want to read this article. BTW no one is safe”skeptical vampire

19 Dec 2014

(c) GYP

A small tribe of baby sanguines have been discovered. They are young, arrogant, obnoxious and dip their cigarettes in blood to smoke and get high as well as drink blood in public, which has sent a flurry of discussions on donor respect and public displays. They have set up a forum and a couple of fb groups, with the usual segregation required by the sanguines of the psychic vampires to their own areas with strict instruction not to ‘pollute’ the sang chats with talks on energy or life force. So all very familiar there.

More emotive questions asked on the VCN and getting curtailed early as the admins swing into action to prevent another ‘fang measuring’ discussion. Only one discussion with much value still going on is one on crystals and psychic vampirism but once again is being derailed by a man giving us terminology and history lessons one more time.

A couple of clashes between a walker in the night and a wizard king, rather entertaining but cut off before it got educational once again by the walker. An old and vicious Order, that I thought well and truly gone was mentioned in it. And another discussion I just heard about on the subject of predatoral spiritual vampirism that got deleted by admin as they disliked the concept of sangs and psys are both just hunters of vital energy. I truly dislike deleted posts and threads, I might miss them.

The wizard king is holding court quite a bit recently in one of the community groups but has yet to find someone to fight with him or interact intelligently on his views on reality. I think he misses psion to debate with him. I miss her too. You have to look past all the pictures of half naked dribbling vampires to find the discussion, but there is a potential fight brewing.

The walker has been invited to play in Australia, and is proceeding to chew up the Aussie Vamps and the usual rate. I give it another 24 hours before he is thrown out and banned.

More people lost their night side names and are expressing a little irritation at the person or persons reporting us. It is getting to be annoying but there are ways that have been found to get around them. An investigative report is rumored to be underway.

Top Ten List of Respected Elder Vampires was released this week and hotly debated as those that felt they should have been on the list were provoked into action. Long illegible comments were made by some new names in the VCN, whether they have been there a while but under other names it is impossible to tell. Some strange little black bird got very intense with the list and expressed herself all over it. The dry cleaning bill will be presented to her when found.

Another debate is going on about the validity of Father Todd.

And finally, on a lighter note, the vampire/wolf therians are coming forth once again to debate their uniqueness and how they are the bridge to stop the war between our species. Popcorn is offered to any that are online when they take this to the VCN and a certain walker might be in a playful mood to watch the blood splatter.

That is the Vampire News this Week…lol

The Moon Light Path is Lunacy!

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By Ezra Canidea13_Frosted-Coyote-Watching

GYP-©Dec 14 2014

“In my mind I can hear the wind in the trees. With my eyes closed I can still see the light of the moon paining the inside of lids a pale white. The smell of snow is in the air, though I know it has been years since any snow has fallen here. I’m home with my pack, and our energy is magic that flows through the trees, over the brooks and boulders. We are creatures of the wild, even though I am a creature of the couch.”

I found that things some call the Therian path many years ago. I was a child of fourteen or fifteen, and just kept finding myself drawn to the natural world. During storms I wanted to scream into the wind, or jump on my horse and ride toward the mountains. My father said I had the spirit of a Coyote and I agree with him in a manner of speaking.

I tell you this not because I think I am some Shaman with a coyote totem, or  skin walker, but it is how I found myself. Something inside me simply feels the inner coyote. Call it what you want to, a delusion, desire, or simply my way of dealing with life. I don’t honestly care what others say about it.

I named this article “The Moonlight Path is Lunacy” because while I have been wandering around the Therian and Otherkin, groups I mostly hear just that. Lunacy.

We do not physically shift. If those who tell me that some do shift physically would be so kind as to show me some physical evidence that isn’t contact lenses or computer graphics I might change my mind, but so far that hasn’t happened. I don’t have a need or desire to disprove another’s experience in how they feel, or what they believe spiritually, but if you are going to claim a physical shape shift into an animal, your words aren’t going to cut it.

In my spirituality we are all creatures of energy, creatures of many life times, a journey that is based on the idea of spiritual growth, not a human desire to be unique. Spirituality isn’t about who can make the most ridiculous claim, or what animal you think you secretly are. You are a human being with the energy of the universe locked inside you.

I say this because people need to stop fooling themselves and actually try to learn and grow. You won’t be able to explore great minds and thoughts if you are too busy looking on the internet for just the right fake teeth, or some program that lets you make digital pictures as you imagined yourself as a wolf.

There is no Alpha Wolf in nature I had read, and I believe that is true, so stop thinking that by claiming to be one, you somehow are more impressive than others. It only shows that you don’t really understand nature that well. Wolves don’t howl at the moon, they aren’t brave, or strong noble wild creatures, they simply are a species that has developed a way to survive. All humans do the same thing.

I am not saying that your energy isn’t touched by the wild. I believe it is. My energy was once part of a coyote, after all energy can never be destroyed, only changed, and I believe that in each change it takes something of what it was previously with it.

It would be foolish to say I know everything that is out there spiritually. I don’t know about dragons, or pixies, other things people in these groups talk about. I only know that we need to explore and learn, both inside ourselves and in the teachings of others. We need to do it with a discerning mind and allow our spirit guide us toward the growth it needs.




By Deacon Gray

GYP © 2014 DecKid facepalm Black and White

It’s the holiday season and Christmas cheer is abound.  No better display of the Christian path can be displayed than the ones seen on Luciferians groups all over facebook.
“Satanic worshipers???? You shouldn’t be allowed to be on Facebook”.-FB post Charlene Kennedy
“You’ve Lost the battle. Jesus Wins. Read the book.”-FB Post Marilyn Covington

“Accepted Jesus into your heart and allow the darkness to be washed away by his light!”-FB Post Jason Hagans
“Let the angels of the Lord carry you from this abomination! Just like the beautiful angels bible says about.” –Rev Joan

Intrigued by such comments I decided to try to contact some of the people who had sent such wonderful season’s greetings.  Oddly enough, not many replied back for some reason. It seems making nasty posts to Facebook…I mean holiday greetings, weren’t something people wanted to share with a larger community.

I was beaten, I had given up hope on finding one of these holiday well wishers, when a Christmas Miracle took place I found someone who agreed to speak to me about her faith and why she feels that Luciferians deserve to be harassed by “Good Christian Women”

Not wishing to be harassed herself, she asked that her name be withheld from the article, so I decided to give her a anonymous name, she agree to. So starts my interview with Lady Lilitu,

GYP: Lady Lilitu, are you certain you are ok with this anonymous name?

LL “Yes, I always liked the name Lilith, it reminds me of that pretty dark haired bartender on “Cheers”

GYP:  Nice, would you tell us all a little about yourself?

LL: Certainly, I’m a life time member of my church, a home garden enthusiast and full time grandmother.”

GYP: Lady Lilitu, I found you because you posted on a few Luciferians groups, and I have to say those posts seemed pretty aggressive. “Spreading your satanic lies is a monstrosity! If you want to burn hell, that’s your choice, but don’t Sheppard the innocent with your filthy lies!”-Lady Lilitu

LL: There are a lot of young people who visit these sights out of curiosity. That’s pretty normal, but their hearts have not been hardened against the sweet lies of the damned. It is far too easy for young ones to hear these messages and have doubt creep into their hearts. They ears are plugged with the wax of  Satan’s own busy bees.
If they don’t have the chance to hear The Word, than it is all good Christians obligations to sing gods good graces.

GYP: Do you honestly feel that being mean on a facebook site will draw the innocent? Has it been successful for you?

LL:  I say hard things with love in my heart. Jesus said “god helps those who help themselves, but blessed are those who speak to my children”

GYP: could you tell me what line and verse that’s from? It seems like a mash up of a phrase from Shakespeare and a misquote from Luke.

LL: The Lord knows my heart, that’s all that matters.

GYP: wouldn’t he also know the hearts of the Luciferians and in knowing them have the sole place to judge them? “Judge not least you be judged, and so by your judgments shall you also be judged.”

LL: that is a urban legend, Jesus never said that. He spoke against the sinners, and told them not to sin anymore

GYP: Matthew 7:1-3 KJV Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

LL: If you want to misquote the bible to me, we can end this interview young man!


And sadly the interview did end right there. Lilitu, or Lilith mother of Demons, felt the interview was “a trap set by the Lord of The Flies”, and that she was fairly certain that I wasn’t a real Deacon.

I assured I was indeed Deacon Gray, and that the Lord of The Flies was a novel by William Golding, who I am certain wasn’t setting a trap for her. She declined to respond further.

Before you all start getting up in arms please remember a few things. This Lady Lilitu, yes I was mean in tricking her to use the name of a supposed demon, wasn’t at heart a Christian as much as she was a Christian at Ego.

Good people and bad can be found in any faith. Nasty people are in every community. I have friends who are Christians who have as much if not more understanding of the bible than most of those who you have heard of on TV or Radio and they abhor the direction some people take Jesus’ words and ideals. I also know some Luciferians who think the whole path is based on the idea of getting them laid.

In the end it is the holiday season, and no matter what faith you follow please try to remember kindness. Eat Drink and be Merry, for as Jesus said…”I’m totally hanging at Baccus` house on New Year’s Eve dude! He has kicken pad in Denver!”