Being a Skeptic with out Being Jerk

Posted: Thursday, 25 December, 2014 by deacongray in Articles of Interest, Editorials, Uncategorized

By Seraphyna K. LeonidBanksy

(c) 23 Dec 2014 for Seraphyna K Leonid

I’ve noticed that some people aren’t aware of how to be skeptics and how to expect people to have given their identity any thought without being assholes. There’s a big difference between being a jerk and holding the community, and members therein, to a higher standard.

Someone may strike you as fluff upon their first post in a group. Now, an asshole instantly jumps on them with memes and comments about how ridiculous they are. A skeptic asks them questions like “how did you figure out you were otherkin,” “how did you find your kintype,” “why you do believe X”. See the difference?

If you want to lul about actual fluff, keep it to groups created for that purpose. Don’t drag down groups made for the purpose of productive discussion with “fluff hunting”.

When you flame people because you think they’re fluffy or whatever, you’re being an asshole…not a skeptic…and you aren’t helping the community, you’re ultimately harming it.

You know why so many otherkin these days are anti being questioned? Because they’ve had bad experiences therewith and usually from the same people.

There’s a difference between thinking the community as a whole should raise the bar and expect rational thought from people and attacking people. There’s a difference between being logical and being a dick.
If someone is truly delusionally fluffy, then sure break out a meme or two and wait for them to be removed from whatever group. Tag the admins and try to explain reality in the interim.

So yeah…big difference between just being an asshole and holding people to a higher standard/trying to improve the community and a few of you need to learn it and need to stop feeding each other and encouraging each other and resisting learning how to properly behave in such a way as to not be an ass and contribute to the community instead of giving it a reputation for flaming and hostility.

  1. I agree a lot! some people are just new and confused and don’t know any better. they don’t do it on purpose. with all the hate out there people are scared enough and mocking can devastate some one that is still figuring themselves out. even if they are bonkers to them what they are feeling might seam very real and they deserve support. only if they flat out lie, act extremely immature or seek attention would I suggest they look at themselves a little deeper or give proof of somethings.

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