No Good Event, goes off without bitching

Posted: Saturday, 17 January, 2015 by deacongray in Community Events, Uncategorized

Editorial by Deacon Gray

1/17/2015 (c) GYPPromotor

Over the last several years there has been a trend toward demonizing those individuals that promote and develop many of the events we like to attend. The Court of Lazarus puts of consistent events for their area and have been for years, but if you ask the OVC about the Court of Lazarus, you hear nothing but mindless bitching. (Mindless because nearly none of them have actually attended the events.)

The same thing can be said about pretty much any event organizer or promotor out there though. Look at Austin, their court has been going strong for a year or so, few have actually attended those events, but the voices we do hear pretty much just complain about there being a court King and Queen. ( Not they never said they were the King and Queen of vampires in Austin.)

More recently we see places like the Iron Garden Court coming together after years as sleep. Before their first event has even kicked off, there have been several people bitching and complaining. Why? Why is there always so much vitriol about these events? I mean a basic scan of google shows so many events its insane, so what is it that people are complaining about?

“Have you seen how self-aggrandizing they are? They think their shit doesn’t stink! How dare they think they are better than other people!”

My favorite lately was in response to the interview I wrote about the Iron Garden Court. Someone who made a fast profile and listed themselves as IGREGENT stuck around just long enough to bitch about the events, but not so long as to actually step up and identify who they were.  For all I know they were the original IG Regent, but if so the cowardly pot shot didn’t really serve much of a purpose.

There are some self-aggrandizing people in the community, and they have nearly always become a real hindrance to the community as a whole in my opinion.


The thing is this, the people who promote events and gatherings can’t be “In the shadows” they have to be out there building up the event, and they have to build themselves up as well if they want the event to be successful. Sure, in the end they would love for the event to have a life of its own, like Sturgis, but in the short term you have to have those people out there who can help draw others out.


Let me give you an example. Here in my area we have a awesome promotor named Ginger. Ginger promotes events in Boise and in Seattle. She does a pretty damn good job of it, but everyone knows that if Ginger isn’t there personally, the event isn’t going to be as good.  People also know that Ginger isn’t the leader of the pagan community. She is a promotor, some of the leadership of the pagan community attend her events, but they are not threatened by the promotor.
There is nothing wrong with being a good promotor, of self-aggrandizing to an extent. It becomes an issue when people start thinking that they are the event, that they are the important aspect that is the community.  When promotors start to use their own credibility as “power”, it becomes an issue for the community as a whole. When people confuse promotors with community leaders, it becomes a disaster.


You see there is nothing wrong with someone being a good promotor, and nothing wrong with being a strong community leader, but they don’t have to be the same thing, and normally aren’t. If they work together a lot of great things can happen, but if they struggle for control, you can be certain only destructive waves will build.


Our community is no different. Sure we have our big time promotors. People like Todd, Like Maven  Lore, or the people in the Austin Court. That’s great, are they highly respected as knowledgeable in the community? Do you look to them for education? Perhaps you do, but even the one who tries to be a teacher that I mentioned, gets most of his stuff from other people who actually DO know what they are talking about.


Great events are created by great team work amongst promotors, artists and attendees, and unless you want to be the one who is OUT THERE, don’t bitch about people self-aggrandizing.  Think about the time, energy and effort that goes into these things. Think about the people constantly complaining, the venue owners making demands, the band or entertainment that you have to gather, and hope they do a good job.

I am not a promotor…don’t want to be one either, but just think about it for a moment and give credit where credit is do. If you aren’t willing to do the work yourself, perhaps silencing your criticism would be of more use than the constant bitching.

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