Vampires, Walking on the Sun?

Posted: Monday, 26 January, 2015 by deacongray in Uncategorized

Fedora1/26/2015 © graveyardpress

And they folked out with guitars around a bonfire
Just singin’ and clappin’ man what the hell happened?
Some were spell bound some were hell bound Some they fell down and some got back up and Fought against the melt down
And their kids are hippie chicks all hypocrites
Because fashion is smashin’ the true meaning of it!”- Smash Mouth


In the summer of 1992 America and the world was in a economic, social and cultural state of confusion. New trends were erupting even as old trends were coming back into fashion. There was one style ‘mood’, one style ‘mainstream’, one a hidden underbelly that just won’t be put down no matter how hard the system tried to kill it. Things were happening but than I suppose things always do.

Music was twisted around as well. There were too many generations all screaming out their birth pangs or death rattles. And, while the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” took a whole years worth of kids ‘under the bridge’, and their little sisters, and oddly enough their parents, cried as they heard Eric Clapton leak tears on his guitar, our generation was so much as lost, as deliberately in hiding.

The wavers and skaters sunk themselves into their own cure, and in some unexpected cultural coup, the dead had arisen and once more traveled in their bus while hippie wannabes and deadheads chased them and the high to new places. we had a hundred hour war to protest, even though most of those flag burners didn’t even know what the hell was going on.

Somewhere in that dismal dark place between sunshine girls and the boys of summer, a ugly movement was raising its head, and spitting in the face of the new happy go lucky toon tones like the “achy breaky heart”. I know some of you people had that song and repeat, I know you did and I resent it. Anyway…

There is probably more misunderstanding and misinformation about the Goth Movement than any other movement in that contemporary culture. It wasn’t as naïve as the hippy chick liberals who seemed to think tie dye and dreadlocks would save the world, or as empty headed as a thug life culture of blue and red that seemed to swell up from the sewers no matter were you went.

No, the Goth culture started out more Victorian, older blander patterns for clothing, make up that was subdued but silk, and a sadness that spoke volumes about the state of our world that wasn’t just about drugs or music, and it wasn’t limited by some trend, or belief, even if that belief was vampiric.

You could be a pagan, or party boy, you could be there to dance, or to create. It was a new mix of people doing whatever the hell they wanted and not caring a damn bit if people thought they were just dorks in black. We were the future. We were Intellectual and curious, the crème of the crop, even if the rank and file of sheeple in the world couldn’t see it. We screamed with Depeche mode, and rocked with Sabbath,  against their blindness.

The Vampires didn’t show up on the scene, they simply emerged from it. Stepping out of the shadows for a time, they felt a comfort in the new dark movement. They mingled in the clubs because they could with out immediately coming under fire, or being misconstrued as Satanists, demon worshipers or pagans, because they could be any of those things and no one really cared much about the fang loving, or blood drinking. What was any movement without a little wickedness?

Recently someone told me the generation was dead. The last of those curious intellectuals were still hanging around, but they were bending their will more toward trolling and public debate over crap they don’t think about more than a few moments after the words are hammered out in their keyboards. Some of our best minds, more active and progressive have become silent in the shadows, as trolls and entertainment seekers tear down every new idea for the simple fun of doing so and perhaps feeling for a moment like the have proven their value to humanity by dragging down an idea that could perhaps of worked given a chance to develop.

I am not sure I agree with this concept. I look around and I don’t see the financial poor and internet famous. I see people, good people who are making progress in various ways. New groups are coming together, based not just on how many “likes” someone can get, but on an actual population that might want to get together for a drink and talk about things deeper than defining vampirism.

I think our next great generation is on its way. One made up of the fuck it attitude of Gen x, the tech savvy of Gen Y and the exuberance of the generation that doesn’t know what a dial up modem sounds like. They are opening Ezines, and fashion blogs, they are asking the questions, and seeking others who seek, and perhaps in the end they will make a connection in this world. A connection not just with other people, but with a movement that like the beat movement, could cause waves for generations to come.

Two generations from now we will see Gen Z complaining about the fakers copying the X Gen, and us old folks will kick back and smile, because it was never about the black cloths, it was never about the tie dye, or even the music. It was about a voice of a generation that pushed its way into several more as it went. We live though attacks, wars, false flags and propaganda from idiots on both sides of the isle and the idealists who can’t see why both sides are needed. We are survivors and our kids will be after us thanks to the lessons they learned.

The VC will not die out, it will not fade back into the shadows, it will just become brighter and dimmer as time passes and, we will have to fight for our legacy with actions that people can remember. My friends I wouldn’t have it any other way.





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