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Skeptic’s silenced?

Posted: Tuesday, 3 February, 2015 by deacongray in Uncategorized

2/3/2015 (c) The Graveyard Press

Are Skeptics silenced with in the Vampire Community? I know that the so called skeptics feel that any attempt they make at reasonable skepticism is met with hostility, and many of the vampires feel that there is a certain banality to the approach of the skeptics from the onset

Skeptic Meme

Ultimately the struggle between the two sides turns toxic, but does it have too?

I understand the skeptics lack of belief in what we are and what we claim. It’s a given that there will be those people, after all the VC claims to be filled with “Vampires”

If we go onto other peoples forums that aren’t about the VC and bring up VC  matters, we have to expect skeptics to question our claims. WE are the ones who made the assertion to start with.

IF we didn’t want challenged on the point, than why bring it to a forum where there can be no other response? The very act is ego in its rawest form, there is no other reasonable explanation for doing it.
The same holds true with these so called Skeptics.  They are skeptical, we get it, heck we are skeptical of various beliefs within our own community. Of course the only reason a  self proclaimed “Skeptic” of the VC would seek out so called vampires in their own forums to pronounce their skepticism is Ego.


The Vampires on their forums don’t owe Skeptics a damn thing.  They call it tribalism or say that the VC members are afraid of outsiders…the truth is that the community has dealt with their silliness for years. We have better things to do, even if we get side tracked by the drama.

Skeptics will always be there, and there will always be those who a real interest who aren’t interested in showing us the light, or educating us poor delusional bastards. There are good people who want to learn so don’t silence them.

For the skeptics I have this advise. Approach any community as urban anthropologist. Take a little while to learn about the culture you are walking into too. I am not just talking about when dealing with the VC, or the OKC, but bikers, hipsters or any other group out there that has been around long enough to develop cultural aspects all of their own.

You can walk in like a ham handed fool, but ultimately you will just run into issues. IN the biker world something as simple as touching another person Harley can result in a seriously bad day. IN the VC the worst you will have to deal with is people being a little mean, or shutting down on you, Still…a little time and consideration goes a long way.