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Vampires, Marks and Rubes.

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By Deacon Gray
2/8/2015 (c) Graveyard Press

The carnival is active this month. On the right we have barkers calling for the rubes to come and give their both love, on the left, we have the guys smoothly calling to the marks that will easily be drawn in by the promise of a prize they would never buy for themselves.
What I am I talking about? Our community these days. Look around us, look at the people who we see from outside the community who come in and draw us into conversations or debates that get heated and a lot of attention. Why? Why do you think they are trying so hard to engage us?

Is it because they are curious? Is it because they are skeptic? They would balk at the very concept. I will tell you who they are. They are basically just people. People who don’t see us as what we are, but as a means to an end. We become Marks…people sucked into buying their products, or at least that is the aim, or  Rubes, lured in to play their silly little games that work to promote their agenda. Either way, we aren’t really people to them.

Fast words, a draw, and a goal is really what it is all about, while we… are just the moment. One hundred people pissed off, for fifteen followers. Is it worth it…well in a crowd of one hundred thousand, fifteen hundreds isn’t bad.