My Vispassana Adventure

Posted: Tuesday, 17 February, 2015 by deacongray in Uncategorized

Silveness Weaves Her Magic..


Vispassana, as is says in the information blurb, is a process of self-purification by self-observation.

The actual technique is very easy and straight forward.
First you feel the sensation of your breath going through the nostril area.
The next day you learn to observe the sensations below the nostrils and above the upper lip.
Next day you continue the same.
On the Fourth day you expand to feeling the sensations all over your body.
Keep doing this and do not get attached to anything. I am simplifying greatly but it was not complicated.

That is the nut shell…the meat is another story.

The rules are the standard Buddhist rules of :- no killing, stealing, lying, sex or booze.

And, the biggy – Keeping Noble Silence.

Now I am not a Buddhist, it just goes against my inner nature. I love my desires and do not feel my natural state is…

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