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Vampire on Feeding and Energy

Posted: Tuesday, 7 April, 2015 by deacongray in Uncategorized

by Kate Gallwey (c) April 7 2015

I have had to take the common philosophies found across the OVC and adapt them to what I know and can understand. So like everything else here it is highly subjectively to one’s own reality. Soo taking that into account we have three categories of psychic vampire, with the middle category sliding into both sides. An energy leech…no the name is not nice, we are all energy leeches, I watch my cat come to me for attention and energy, dogs and horses.. all higher vibrational creatures need energy and will manipulate the other beings around them to get it. Attention flows where energy goes.

The ebb and flow of the tides of energy is all around us. A child is a literal sponge being shaped and evolved by the currents around it. But we get blocked and warped for numinous reasons and in comes the element of competitive. Siblings compete for energy and the winner get it and is shaped by it. The losers have to go hungry for a bit. We learn to find what we need or the vibration starts to fade and fall. People growing up close to large sources of energy will always do better than those that do not. The ocean, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and rolling hills are all abundant sources of energy.

Even cities have a beat to tap into if you know how. So we have, for whatever reason, an energy starved person. They may have got sick or burnt out over time but all want attention in their different ways. Some seek emotional attention, poor me, so much shit has gone wrong in my life. Some seek intellectual and egotistical attention, look at me, I am so clever. Some seek power and become bullies and trolls.

There are as many different combinations as you can think of. Just watch the VCN for validation of all these feeding types and you will find it in the Hypnosis, Pagan, Shamanism, Mothers, and Common Law groups and these are just my places of observation. Every one of us has needed attention and energy at some time in our lives. It is not a bad thing unless it became an addiction or there is an inbuilt trait of lack and need. This is where the lines get blurry.

My question was, ‘what is the difference between an energy leech and an awakened psychic vampire?’, and the answer is, not much. A desperate energy leech can get enough and move on, a psychic vampire has a larger problem, was the initial answer. An energy leech can stop leeching by going outside, getting major attention or regaining their health and energy balance. Whether a psychic vampire can do this is the dividing line. Not enough is know why…so I am going to leave the whys and go with what I know. Hunger is predominate, once you become aware that the need for energy does NOT go away over time no matter how much time spent in nature, good or bad attention is gained, or good health is achieved.

There seems to be a steady decline that I can find no other explanation for. So the awakening to the fact that the hunger is not going to go away and that if you develop a routine of visualization and ritual for drawing in energy the decline is eventually halted and then reversed. You become an awakened psychic vampire. Energy can be taken quite morally and ethically from many sources. It can also be taken from those that are engorged with energy, to the point of sickness. There are many such people.

People with a swelling in their energetic, mental and physical forms, that with a tendril, indrawn breath or touch can be relieved of this excess. I love such people. Many seem to have the condition temporarily and psychic vampires can really help relieve pain in such a glorious way that all are balanced. There are others that bubble up with a seemingly inexhaustible supply that I cannot take enough to help them.

It leaves me with performance anxieties. I am not a parasite. My physical, mental and emotional need for energy is not easily met. I see energy leeches getting what they need far easier than I do and going much further with it. I get hyper and hypo like a diabetic. I have looked very clearly that I may be an addict, and energy addict. It is quite possible that all this may be psychosomatic and all in my head. But with a variety of set methods to find balance I am growing stronger. If it is all a fantasy and coping method it is certainly working for me.

The interesting question is, how strong can I get? What are the limits here? I wish I had more physical connection to other living psychic vampires, I would like to compare energy signatures and methodologies. I also would like to explore the removal of deep emotional pain for people for I find that extremely frustrating to feel their pain but not able to remove it but I think that works best with touch.

I have learned many things about the dances of energy that flows around us. The word vampire is both a benefit and a handicap. There ARE likeness and similarities to a traditional undead monster, no matter how hard I try and deny it. There is a connect found within all that I feed from. I could find them anywhere and that means there is a tiny bit of me attached to them when I draw from them.

This is not an enjoyable thing when they are far away and in pain but the net that connects us all also ties us all together. I sincerely hate this, it nearly drives me out of my skull with the currents of madness about today. Another link to the word vampire is the permission thing, I CAN work without permission, do not get me wrong I am no saint or light worker, but if you give permission to feed the food is ‘richer’ and the flow is stronger. And the bond is stronger.

There is also the blood thing. The amount of concentrated energy in blood is the densest form on this world. I mean it is extreme rocket fuel to me. To feed off another’s energy is easy, everyone can and do, do it. Just focus your attention on them and inhale. There is a point when visualization and imagination becomes reality, just like in using magic.

Focus on the heatwave or fuzzy colours coming off someone and see it flowing towards you. Or see a tendril of your own energy brush gently across them and turn on the suction. There are many methods as there are practicing psychic vampires. To stop it happening to you is another story. In a conversation turn your body slightly to the left of the person trying to feed off you, moving your heart away from them and turn your head back to face them.

Eye contact is a major trap so do not do it unless you can hold steady. I find if I focus past their eyes and in the center of their head there is a misalignment so their hooks cannot find a way in. It all depends on who you are dealing with and what state you are in.

Rapport is encouraged in the hypnosis books but it is anti-rapport needed here. To dislodge an energy leech with hooks in your energetic field, feel the energy build up in your heart or solar plexus chakra and expand it really fast pushing back and out anything that is not yours or those that you love….saying that those that we love are sometimes the biggest energy leeches of the lot. In a conversation on social media the solution is easy don’t get emotionally involved.

You are not going to change anyone’s view point anyway and having a sense of humour is really the best medicine here. In an all-out psychic vampire attack there is only a few things that actually work here and if I am honest this is why we are seriously hated by most. I have been up against some serious witches, occult magicians and spell weavers and all of them manipulate energy in some way. Energy is my food. So the ones that throw curses at me are all throwing big bars of yummy chocolate at me.

Most shields are just energy, they show me what flavour you are and whether you are worth the effort of feeding off. But, however, there was a variation of a shield that I couldn’t get through, that I came across, it seemed to constantly change its frequency and buzzed in a really uncomfortable way. So I do not know everything here.

I have been overwhelmed by emotion and retreated from a magic practitioner. She used emotions like a weapon and hit me with an extreme variable of grief and loss. I decided I wasn’t that hungry. An occult circle is a fairly good defense, it would take some time to dismantle it and my attention span is not good when I am hungry. But when I am angry I have bulldozed a covens circle and taken no prisoners…. they did try and bind me for a hour or two and severely got my attention. A vampire trumps a witch every time. To feed off another awakened psychic vampire is just yucky.

There is a VERY personal feedback loop and we would be very intimately entwined energetically. I have mostly backed away from another psychic vampire, a brush up against their energy is enough to want to leave them alone. It is one way I always know a psychic vampire when I see/feel one. I seriously could not feed off one, the idea alone makes me shudder. If a witch or occult practitioner were to imitate the energy signature of a psychic vampire would be one way to avoid becoming prey.

I have seen otherkin do this to their energy fields but not sure how they do it. There is a chameleon effect going on here that I cannot do. I cannot seem to alter my energetic soul signature like they can. When it comes down to it, awakened psychic vampires are very rare, there are far more energy leeches that have a skill or two for causing and feeding off trouble. I do not think we are even vaguely responsible for ALL the drama in the OVC.. We just hang around to mop up afterwards.