The Sight of a Vampire

Posted: Tuesday, 22 September, 2015 by deacongray in Uncategorized

Silveness Weaves Her Magic..


You are a mass of lights and glowing wires. The seven major chakras radiate and spin, pulse and shimmer. To gaze at a heart chakra you can lose yourself in the hundreds of shades and facets. A living human is a glorious being of power and wonder. The life force sometimes boils in intensity of colour and vibration. To look closer I can separate feelings, blockages and eventually thought pictures…but that takes an invite or two.

Contradictions are common. Cross wiring and paths of energy being choked off and diverted. Lies and misdirections blaze trails of deceit across the whole energy field. I may know you are lying but not about where and what. I can see you are deceiving yourself and me, but not about what.

You think it would be wonderful to see so much but I am so easily blinded by your beauty I will not see…

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