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Bad Blood

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 By M Dutch

“I worked at as a Phlebotomy Tech for a several years back in the early part of 2000s and saw a lot of blood. As a vampire, it seemed like a great job, but it wasn’t as great as I thought it might be.

One thing that I learned, that shocks me that other Sang’s don’t speak about, is bad blood. I am not just talking about diseases, but other things that so many people seem to miss. Not all blood is equal.

Blood Samples

(Lipid heavy sample and normal sample)

Depending on how your lipid panel looks, your blood could be  filled with fats, when it separates it’s simply gross. I have seen samples that were more than half yellow cloudy slug, and believe me, once I saw what it looked like separated, I totally knew what that film in my mouth was after being with certain donors.

It’s not just people who eat too many fats either, it’s the taste medications can add to the blood, even something that seems innocent enough, like a script for high blood pressure. The worst part about it is you really never know what it will be like unless you test the donor, or taste the blood. By then, if something slipped their mind it is already in my stomach. Gross!

The ick factor a side, consider if your donor does drugs, or drinks too much, or any number of factors that can change the state of the blood. Ever meet a hunky guy and get him to donate, only to find his blood tastes like niacin from all the supplements he is taking? Or, that protein stink of someone who has decided to cut fats and go on the nutter Atkins, or South Beach diets?

With these comments on how to draw blood, and finding a donor has it really come to the point where people don’t notice, or is it because donors are hard to find that they don’t care?

Shouldn’t we be spending more time talking to our donors about healthy habits in both food and physical activity, or is that taboo because the gift is so precious that we can’t afford to forsake bad blood?”

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