Ten Tips For Building a Vampire Group

Posted: Sunday, 27 December, 2015 by deacongray in Uncategorized


A Vampire Facebook group should be more focused than a business page, and attracts people that are genuinely interested in what your group is about So the question is, how do you make it successful? I am going to offer some tips that might help, but in the end, if your content isn’t good, your group will struggle


#1: Choose the right name.

For searches, and ensuring the proper message is being sent, you have to ensure you pick the right name. I myself built a group called “ Dark Warriors” it seemed a good name, until I found out there is some sort of role playing game, or video game that uses the same term. I ended up with a lot of people drawn toward the group that focused on the game, and were totally lost at the talk about kin and vampire warrior paths.

#2: Upload a Group Etiquette or Policy Document

If there is one thing you don’t want in your group, its trolls, spammers and chancers. Make your group etiquette doc available to everyone so that they know the rules.


#3: Description: Keep it Simple!

In your description if you have too much content, or rules, people won’t read it. Save the rules for a post you can pin at the top. People want to be able to quickly scan your description and know what the room is all about


#4: Content is Key

There are hundreds of rooms that do nothing but post sexy vampire pictures. While there is nothing wrong with seeing those on occasion, they do little to encourage interaction. When people interact with the group, they start to feel like they are part of it, and this helps not just with word of mouth sharing, but also in ensuring good content all the way around.


#5: Encourage Personal Content Sharing

Encourage people to share their own content. I’m not saying that you should allow your group to become a advertising hub for others, in fact that draws people away from your room, but do ask them about their interests and encourage them to share. Poetry, photography, and written documents, or just things that happen in their life as it pertains to the topic really helps people to open up.



#6: Intermittently Use Images to Control Behavior

A handy little tool I learned to use are images that convey the rules of the room. A picture of two kids sharing, with a caption that reads “Civility encourages Sharing” and things of that type, can really help people remember to act like adults.


#7: Ask Before Adding People To Your Group

This one speaks for itself. Sure you might be able to get a large number of people who might not even notice they were added, or those that don’t mind, but you also tick off a lot of people who do mind, and they tend to let all of their friends know. If you have admins, make sure they are aware that only people who ask to join, should be approved. The goal is to have an active group, not the largest. Anyone can add thousands and for a time claim popularity.
#8: Choose Your Privacy Options Wisely

These days there are 3 options to choose from – open groups, closed groups and secret groups. Make sure your level of privacy corresponds with the goal for the group.


#9: Select a great Logo or Icon for your group

If you want your name to spread, there has to be more than just a great name. You need to have a logo or Icon that really stands out, and keep it! If you change your logo, Icon, or name often, it loses its power. People get confused, and generally drift toward things they know.


#10: Stay Active!!


Activity is everything on a group. If you don’t have the time to devote to keeping your room active, or don’t have admins that will help maintain its activity, you are going to suffer from a lot of malaise from your members. They want to be inspired, engaged, and involved. If you just phone it in with images, people will find forums where they are being engaged.

  1. This is great for any group. I’ve dropped out of all of the vampire groups on FB because ALL they do is post “sexy” vampire photos. Ugh. I’ve dropped out of writing groups because of trolls who love to tell me how they hate everyone who writes or reads about vampires. I don’t know what motivates trolls. I can’t even count how many I’ve blocked. I admin a couple of writing groups and we always post a “no hate zone” statement.

    Let me know if you start a group. I’ll be there.

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