What are “Elders” anyway?

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For years I have heard people talking about these Mystical Creatures known as “Elders”. The “Elders” abuse their power, the “Elders” aren’t doing enough, the “Elders” aren’t accepting of the new generation. So what Are Elders anyway?


I realize that many people out there know what an elder is, it’s pretty well established. But, there seems to be a great many people out there who really don’t seem to get it. So I thought I would write this little primer for those who seem to have missed the boat, and seem to think that these nearly divine creatures have passed them by.

According to Webster’s Dictionary and Elder is

1:  of earlier birth or greater age <his elder brother>

2:  of or relating to earlier times :  former

3   archaic :  of or relating to a more advanced time of life

4:  prior or superior in rank, office, or validity


But how does this really apply to the Vampire Community? Well let’s take a look.

There are actually a few different types of Elder in the community. The first type primarily being

1:  Organization rank achieved through time, contribution, and administrative task completion, and community recognition

2: Individual standing achieved through significantly long community involvement

The first one really speaks mostly to Houses, Clans, Courts and Halo’s. In this field it is expected that the member involved has spent enough time, displayed a depth of knowledge and contributed enough effort to be recognized by both their own organization and others.

When one tries to establish a House, or other organization without any respected Elders, it often becomes rather difficult to gain wider acceptance. This can be an issue when there isn’t an organization in ones given area and they wish to set up their own, but simply haven’t been around long enough to gain a reputation in the wider community. These people are known by another term a “Leader”

The second type of Elder speaks not to standing in an organization, but to simply having been around a long time. It becomes accepted that through time, one has gained knowledge and wisdom (though that’s not always true.) These “Elders” aren’t always leaders and quiet often couldn’t lead their way out of a paper sack, if they could they would most likely be, or  have been, in some organization.  Sure there are some that are simply not interested in joining a group, but those tend to contribute in other ways.


What it really breaks down to, is that not all “Elders” are “Leaders” and not all “Leaders” have to be “Elders” The title “Elder” isn’t worth a whole lot outside of organizational business, and even then, if you aren’t a leader, it tends to be more of an honorific.

So if that is what Elders are, what are they not?

This has become a big question, so let me give you my view on it. Elders are not in the community to baby sit. They are not law enforcement, they are not working behind the scenes to put down upstarts, because honestly, they are a dime a dozen and no matter how many you squish, ten more take their place. Elders are not magical, or divine, they are not going to make bad people go away, (might kick them from groups) and in the end they are just normal people with the same reach and power as anyone else on Facebook or in the real world.

Very few Elders are full time community focused individuals. I know it might be a shock but most of them have jobs, heck some jobs that pay less then what you might be making, or in a profession with less esteem.

The Biggest thing elders contribute, at the end of the day, is experience. They have seen the rabble rousers before, they have seen the trolls, the womanizers, and dramatics and games people play. They know what has worked in the past, and what has totally failed.

Our community doesn’t need more Elders, what we need are more Leaders.

Rather then worry about a status, earn one by getting involved in something you are passionate about. Share your own knowledge, and contribute to on going efforts if leadership isn’t your thing. Respect can be earned by anyone, don’t worry about being Elder, you can grow old as time passes.

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