A Higher Purpose: The Scientific Effort In the Vampire Community

Posted: Monday, 15 February, 2016 by deacongray in Uncategorized


By Deacon Gray © thegraveyardpress 2016

We all want to matter and to make a difference in the world, at work, or in someone else’s life.  Our Higher Purpose is how we find deep meaning and fulfillment in our lives by contributing to someone or something that is bigger than ourselves. The goal of finding a scientific reason for the sanguinary condition is just such a higher purpose and one that we, the community really should support to our fullest.

I honestly think that the majority of the Vampire Community takes no real issue with this goal. Indeed all of us are seeking answers in our own way, and to different levels of active focus. The real issue doesn’t come from objections but fears.

You see science doesn’t care about offending people. Science doesn’t care about anything at all other than answering the question before it. Science is inquiry without consideration for fears, or offense, and as such it spooks people when they hear about it, if not consciously, than on a subconscious level.

For a second consider what it would take just to start a real scientific study, and how many people could be offended, or dismayed at what the conclusions might be. Some of the natural questions people will have could very well be:

  1. Will this actually be scientifically valid at all?
  2. How will you know the difference between who is real, or who’s just playing the part?
  3. Once you develop a method to decide who’s a real vampire, a “litmus test” what does that mean if I’m not part of it?
  4. Does this attempt to invalidate my experience and personal identity?
  5. Will this make a new “elite” class, of people who consider themselves. ”Real”?

While these are just a sample of the questions people might have, these are some that I would like to look at for a moment.

One of the biggest issues many scientifically minded people face, is in dealing with people who don’t look at science as objective, but instead, look at the political, or social response to the research.  Just as science doesn’t care about offending people, challenging their beliefs or hurting their feelings, many of the people who conduct research like this don’t spend a lot of time focusing on it either. It’s not because they are cruel or uncaring, it’s because it adds nothing to the science.

So, let’s get back to the questions.

Will any scientific efforts actually gain scientifically valid information? The efforts themselves might not be scientific, but they lead to resources that might help establish communication with the people who could do such research. Much like the Atlanta Vampire Alliance’s survey’s in themselves weren’t all that scientifically valid, (no subjective survey is) it did lead to interest from people in fields of study from outside the community.

How will they know who is a real vampire, and what if I’m not considered ‘real’ in their study? Well that is a little more difficult. People will balk at the idea of developing any kind of ‘litmus test’ that determines who is, or isn’t, what they believe themselves to be. Of course the real issue is that, this isn’t the goal at all. Again Science doesn’t care what you believe. But the goal isn’t in finding who is ‘Real’ or not “Real’ The goal is to find people with common denominators that help define a study group.

If you want to do a study on red heads, you have to decide exactly what defines that for your purpose, or you’ll end up with a lot of shades of red. Does this mean that a strawberry blond isn’t a red head, or perhaps, people with blond hair, but a red beard and body hair isn’t a real? No, it merely means that a specific group is being looked at and defined for the purpose of the study. Science needs to have controls, and it doesn’t care if you get mad because you’re hair isn’t red enough for their needs.  You’re still who and what you are, just not at the center of focus, get over it.

So let’s look at the next question. Does this attempt to invalidate my beliefs and personal experiences?

I would like to start by saying that the only one who can invalidate your beliefs or experiences except you. Regardless of what might eventually be found, the answers they find are meant to help the community as a whole, not invalidate anyone else.

Will that lead to a new Elite Class of Sanguinary Vampires? There will always be those who use such things as a point of personal exceptionalism, but that’s really no different than thinking being identified as a diabetic means you’re better than someone with hypoglycemia, or someone with Fibromyalgia. There is nothing better or worse involved, just differences, and if research into a specifically identified group of sanguinary vampires can help a larger segment of sanguinary vampires all the better. Just like research into type 1 diabetics might help develop a drug that helps hypoglycemic individuals as well.


The biggest fear people face isn’t the seeking a real scientific study, it’s the idea of new leadership stepping forward in their segment of the community. Efforts such as these can lead to some level of notoriety, even credibility. Just as Merticus’ survey brought a lot of attention to him and the AVA, this effort could also propel someone into the lime light, and even make them seen as leaders with in the community.

Truthfully, that’s because they are leaders. These are the people who are stepping forward in their segment of the community and really attempting to do something significant. It doesn’t mean they speak for the whole community, or even that they speak for that segment, but it does afford them the place of being able to speak to their efforts, and let’s face it, people will be interested in what they are doing. I can’t fault them for that. Indeed, many of the current leaders in the community have long admonished the complainers about the current community to undertake such efforts.

In the end there really isn’t anything to get worked up about, the efforts in themselves could take decades or longer to produce anything of scientific value, and when they do, and I say ‘WHEN’ because I believe it will, then it still won’t change anything for the rest of the community. Simply because one group is able to validate their personal experience with a scientific result, wouldn’t mean anyone else’s experiences are lessened in anyway, and all of us can still enjoy the vampire community for those things that appeal to us.

We have never been a single faceted community, and thankfully, we never will be. We are diverse, but a community is only more colorful for that diversity.

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