Why Medical research into Sanguinary Vampires at all?

Posted: Tuesday, 16 February, 2016 by deacongray in Uncategorized

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by Deacon Gray

(c) 2016 Feb 16th all rights reserved


So recently I have written about the new efforts by a small segment of the vampire community to make a new push for medical research. This research effort is the combined efforts of several people, though I believe Alexia Ashford is at the center of the push. These articles have surprised me a little in how some people have responded.

“Why do we need medical research at all?” “We know how to handle the issue, what more do we need to know?” “Is this just another attempt to build a clique for one group over another?”
There were more, but you get the point. So rather than speak to why they are doing it, I will simply tell you why I feel it needs to be encouraged.

There is a segment of the sanguinary vampire community who call themselves Med Sangs. It is a very small group, in action, but large in shared opinion. They believe that their need for blood is actually a medical condition of some sort, or, for those who balk at the term Medical Condition, they believe that there is a scientific explanation for their need.

They don’t believe it is a spiritual, or energy work issue, they don’t believe it is a fetish, or self-delusion, but a real physical need that can be identified. The issue is obvious, what scientific researcher in their right mind would even bother to work with a group who called themselves “Vampires?”

Sure we have had some people in the social science fields look into it with some with curiosity, if not for what makes us do what we do, but that we can be so normal and yet maintain such behaviors. But the simple truth is, they really don’t help us much passed not painting us to all be lunitics. The real unicorn isn’t in these fields, but a real medical researcher. And, without a lot of interest and a big grant, getting their attention is no small feat.

Back to the original question though, why do we need medical research at all? Well the easy answer is this, if we can find a source for the need, we can find a solution that could perhaps better treat, or even resolve the issue. Not all blood drinking vampires actually “Like” being such. Many find it not just emotionally taxing, but also very difficult to manage.

Not everyone can always have a ready donor on hand.  Not everyone even wants such a thing in their lives. The need, however, puts them in a position where they can be ridiculed, mocked, discriminated against, and even legal action can be taken, splitting family members apart. A treatment, or cure would significantly diminish this problem.

At the same time, a scientific discovery of a source for this need and behavior could validate the experience, and ensure that it’s not just some mental health issue. “No My mommy didn’t abuse me, I have a real medically recognized requirement that merely mimics silly myths.” Scientific recognition could result in greater acceptance and less discrimination all the way around.


“Is this just another way of forming some new Clique?” The answer isn’t a yes or no answer I am afraid. For some people it would divorce them from the community all together. For some it would offer them the affirmation needed to continue on their own path, and for some, it would bolster their ego, and arrogance. Pretty much just like everywhere else when a group comes to some sort of peace with their disposition. “We are all in the Army, but I’m an Infantry soldier!” “We are all in the infantry, but I’m an Air Born Infantry soldier!”

People always pair off based on their mutual interests, that’s just life.

So I am not saying we all need to join a medical research study, I am not suggesting we should all pair off and leave the community for our individual interests. What I am saying is this, there could be good things that come of it for some of our community, there could be bad things for others, but in the end not much will really change, and no drama, or conflict needs to come of it.

There is at least one more significant greater good that comes from efforts like these. It’s one that goes unspoken and it drives the contempt of the envious. Projects like this build leaders.

Our community is filled with people who possess opinions. We have thousands who wander through the community as shadows on the wall, and many who participate with no real sense of community obligation. What we don’t have a great deal of, are people who are willing to do the hard work, suffer the abuse, have success and failures all while slowly building the resentment of others.

While “I” don’t need a medical answer, I do need this community. And as some remember this community was once a project of a few people who even know take a lot of grief from those by standers and shadows on the wall for the very efforts that brought them together in the first place.

Our community is built off these kinds of efforts, and that’s why we need them.

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