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Vampire female

Interview by Nyx Louloudi

Sex. When we hear the word, we get interested. We are surrounded by sex and sexual images, especially in advertisements to sell us products as diverse as beer, to fabric softener. So I guess it wasn’t a surprise to see a link for a survey on sexual vampires posted on Facebook. But, just what is a sexual vampire? As I looked deeper I saw they go by many different names. Pranic, Tantric, Eros, Succubus, Incubus yet none of these name brought me closer to what they actually are. I’m sure I am not the only one with these questions. I have seen inside and outside the community questions being  asked. So here we are asking the big question:  What makes them tick?  And can we get a better insight on what it means to be a sexual vampire?

Well, you have probably heard about the new research about sexual vampires being posted around the vampire community. Tonight I have one of the workers on this project with me, so let me introduce Suzanne Carré


SC: Thank you Nyx, it is a pleasure to be here. To some members of the vampire community, I am a writer of fictional vampires, but many are not aware I am also a scientist. I have one undergraduate and one postgraduate degree in physics and mathematics, and I have published novel research in primary literature (journals) for years. For this work, my experience in biometrics and my recent interest in sexual behavior gives me a good working basis to look into the intriguing subject of sexual vampires. In this study, I am also working with Hesperus in CLAVIS, for his invaluable data collecting skills, and Deacon Gray, for the experience he has accumulated over the years in the vampire community.


NYX:  Now we in the community know you get many kinds of vampires. Each with their own traits.  But, what exactly is a sexual vampire?


SC:  According to some sources, a sexual vampire is any vampire, regardless of their feeding needs, who actively requires some sort of sexual stimuli,either produced or evoked, in order to make the act of feeding of value. How this happens, or why the sexual component is necessary, are some of the questions I hope can be investigated in this study.


NYX: Do you relate to this kind of vampirism, or what pulled your attention to this subject?


SC: I interpret the mythology of vampires in a sexual context.  As a researcher, sexuality has been one of my topics, and combining my research with real sexual vampires was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.


NYX : Speaking of mythology, I have heard people throw around the word incubus and succubus. Are sexual vampires the same as these or in any way related at all?


SC: Incubus and succubus refer to male and female demons who were believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping people. In 1597, King James published his “Daemonologie” and this is one of the earliest sources I know of, where they discuss these creatures of the night. In it, these demons are not called evil except if they disturb men (not women) from their sleep.

In the vampire community, some sexual vampires have either chosen the titles of incubus or succubus, to denote their feeding habit, or other vampires have pinned these labels on sexual vampires.  I haven’t been able to figure out which group started it, but they are just that, alternative names. In this survey, we are not dealing with mythological creatures, though some fancy the trappings. We are looking at a behavior driven by a need. The terms are

In this survey, we are not dealing with mythological creatures, though some fancy the trappings. We are looking at a behavior driven by a need. The terms are self-chosen to better assist the individual in defining their own condition, so we don’t need to discriminate based on terms, we are looking at behavior. While we don’t want to make the survey about labels, we are looking a specific demographic that requires this sexual element to draw their specific need, from the willing donor. If a succubus or incubus feel that they fall into this demographic we are eager to hear from them.


NYX :  What exactly is the Study? What do you hope to gain from it?


SC: The study I am undertaking with my collaborators is to study real vampires using statistical data from a survey we are conducting. We are considering sexual vampires at present, how they feed and what factors affect their feeding because their feeding involves sexual activity of some type.


This study gives me a unique chance to investigate what a sexual vampire is and provide a window for researchers, outside the vampire community, to gain some insight into this very special group of self-identified real vampires.


NYX: How long have you been in the writing business?  And did it always circle around the vampire  community?


SC: My writing seriously started in 2009 when I began blogging about my interests in mythical vampires. I have been enchanted by vampire myths since I was a teenager. Back in 2009, I didn’t know about the vampire community, yet once I discovered it, I was fascinated and joined, but only as an observer. As a writer, I felt it best to listen and learn, and I have gained so much insight from this experience.


NYX: What is your personal opinion when you hear someone call themselves a sexual vampire?


SC: Well I guess it is the same reaction when I first heard someone call themselves a sanguinarian or psi vampire. At first, I didn’t understand but after looking into the vampire community, I became aware of the diversity of vampires out there. Yes, I found it fascinating that there were sexual vampires, and, at first, I thought these were very rare, but as time went on, I found there is a population of sexual vampires. With all my experience in the vampire community, I always keep an open mind to all the varied possibilities of vampirism.


NYX: There are so many articles out already. What makes your one different? What do you hope to achieve in the community with this article?


SC: Most of the articles concerning real vampires are blogs for magazines or in books. This work will be an attempt at serious research, with the intention of contributing to the primary literature. The vampire community has a few interested academics, Browning, Laycock and Williams, but their contribution has been limited to communicating the existence of real vampires and promoting the acceptance of this very special group. I believe given the opportunity to have active members of the vampire community, as my co-authors are, will be a step towards gaining much-needed recognition for the real vampire community.


NYX: Now, this may sound like an odd question but where did you begin to find information for this article? Was it through interviews interactions or research?


SC: No, this is a good question. I was reading one of DR. Williams papers on sexuality because this is my scientific research interest when I realized that sexual vampires are unique.  Sex is a choice for most human beings, but this is apparently not the case for sexual vampires.


I mentioned this to Deacon Gray, and he said the idea of looking into the motivation of sex for sexual vampires would be interesting. He directed me to the work of Hesperus of “CLAVIS”, so within a few hours, I had collaborators and we set about making this idea into a working proposal.


NYX: How do you think the community will respond to an article like this?


SC: I hope the vampire community will see this research and the publications we derive from it, in a positive light. Because my collaborators are within the community and actively involved, every effort is made to be totally respectful of the vampires who participate in this research project.


NYX: Will we be seeing any more of this kind of articles from you in the future?


SC: I hope to have the privilege of working with Deacon Gray, on other aspects of sexual vampires, and with Hesperus, by looking into the various groups within the vampire community. So far the opportunity to collaborate with both of them has been inspirational. I have learned a great deal so far and look forward to learning more about what it really means to be a real vampire.


NYX: With all the buzz around the sexual vampire topic, it’s nice to see research of such extent being done. For a better understanding of those, we know close to us and in our community who identify as a sexual vampire. It was a delight to have this opportunity to interview Suzanne Carré and I hope to see many more of her future articles.

The first part of the sexual vampire study is a survay that can be found at

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