Unexpected Vote Elects Gateway Halo’s New Prince

Posted: Monday, 25 July, 2016 by deacongray in Uncategorized

By Ezra Canidea 2016 July 25th
UPDATE : After garnering the majority vote, Iron Garden Founder, Madame X, of House of The Dreaming became the new Prince of the Gateway Halo of Northern New Jersey. “I am very, very happy and thank my fellow Halo members, ” said Madame X

Madame X, who also once served previous Courts, has served the Gateway Halo and Iron Garden for nearly two years now. “I’m going into my 2nd year with the “Iron Garden”, and with the help and support of great people like Wulfsunus, Jabbar “Trismegistus” Martin, Blueeyesoulof Ray-Horakhty, Asif Murad and so many more I wish I had time to mention, we have really become an independent organization dedicated to building and developing strong ties in the community.”

IG July 29.jpg
She went on to add “Over the years, since the inception of the NJ Chapter of Bloodlines International in 2012, and specifically within the last two years that the Iron Garden has been active, we have been repeatedly asked to clarify as to what Halo does the NJ VC belong to, who was the Regent or Prince? We really didn’t want to get into that, simply being a separate and self-defined organization was enough.

It’s really no wonder that some efforts have been made to absorb us into other Halo’s or pull us under the authority of other leadership. So while I wasn’t pleased that the Iron Garden had to declare its own status as the Gateway Halo, and would rather not deal with the politics that titles create, I was surprised to find that my fellow Halo members felt that making an official position of leadership was required.”

Being currently out of the US, the vote was organized by the members of the Gateway Halo, and Iron Garden, to name Madame X, Prince of the Gateway Halo, and Iron Garden. It is a title she feels is a little lofty, but she is certain her strong fellow Halo members will keep her from getting a big head. Wulfsunus, a fellow member and a Gateway Halo resident stated: “Madame X created the Gateway Halo of Northern NJ in Feb, she never figured she needed to officially lay claim to it and really wanted to avoid the politics and just have a good time.”

Reacting to the news her fellow House Elder, Deacon Gray of the House of The Dreaming, had this to say. “With such great inspirations as Gotham, and the amazing support of the Gateway Halo residents, Madame X and the rest of the community have undoubtedly created something special.

I had the pleasure of attending an early Bloodlines gathering, and without a doubt, the crowd was wonderful and the people beautiful and fun. I know Madame X wanted to avoid titles and all the politics, who needs it? However,  all organizations need to define their leadership. I have never really liked titles like “Prince, Regent, or Vampire King, but I do see how having a formal figurehead for the community helps to both promote the community and keep a sense of order. It just makes sense that it would be her, she was behind the push to build the whole thing as I understand it.”

At the end of the day the politics aren’t important, the real adventure is in coming out and having a great time. The Gateway Halo is a service to the community, not just for the Iron Garden residents, but for all NJ and beyond. All are welcome and encouraged to attend, participate, and contact us. Let us know who you are and what you or your organization is about.

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