Giving back to the Night

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Spot Light on “The Iron Garden”


Over the many gatherings and parties “The Iron Garden” has produced the concept of giving back to the community that has supported the effort has always been foremost on its member’s minds.

With speakers such as Lord Traveler Asura-MacPhee co-founder of House Pride of Asura., speaking on the past, present, and future of the community, and others such as Asttarte Rose Deva, and Shatki Bliss holding a forum on the secrets of tantric sex, they have helped produce over 150 different topics, presentations and workshops. They have covered, Magic and witchcraft, paganism and earth-based paths, energy work and vampirism, spirit healing and readers, art, books and many, many more.


With so much going on, and so much more to come, we here at the Graveyard Press decide it would be nice to introduce some of the leadership that makes it all possible.


Jabbar “Trismegistus” Martin, Ronin, became a Citizen of the Iron Garden in 2015 and is the Court’s Seneschal or assistant host. He loves the Goth Culture, Music, Fashion, Lifestyle, and considers himself a Victorian Goth.  Since joining Iron Garden he has personally met and befriended many individuals he considers outstanding, and he is grateful for the friendships and guidance.  As an awakening Therian he finds the Iron Garden, the Gateway Halo, and House of the Dreaming to be an integral part of his Education and Mentorship.  As a Seneschal he helps feature spiritual and educational organizations, artists and crafting businesses.  He takes personal pride in helping develop and introduce the NJ Gateway Halo for the Northern NJ Nightkind Community.  The Halo is here to assist the growing NJ Community; and it is expanding.  He feels these first 20 months are just the start of something great for all those that enjoy the Nocturnal Lifestyle.

Louisa Ashe, Ronin, was one of the very first Citizens of the Iron Garden and is now the current Scribe and keeper of the scrolls.  She was born on the Jersey Shore near the hour of midnight and there she spent much of her formative years perusing encyclopedias and novels, enjoying the seasons as they came.  She has traveled the world, explored its many cultures, and having resided all over the US, found herself returning to the east coast’s New York tri-state area in 1999.  Presently she is an actor, artist, model, and a dedicated organizer of this NJ Nightkind Haven.  She is an eclectic pagan, having explored many forms of spirituality and worship going back to the primal forces of nature.  With Iron Garden she is vested in the unity of the many different Pagan, Otherkin and Nightkind groups, so that there may be collaboration, support and learning from each other.

Blueeyesoulfof Ra Horakhty, Ronin, is a Founder and the current Marshall of the Iron Garden. It is her duty to ensure that the Haven remains respectable, peaceful and drama free for all Nightkind.  She is Vampire, Pagan and Witch daring to live a drama-free life; no wonder she has the same standards for the Haven.    She enjoys being a “Ronin”, and has met some very interesting creatures of the night, dating back to the late 80’s many from the BDSM scene. After nearly 2 years, she is still excited to be part of this awesome society of like-minded creatures of the night; she knows the resurrection of the new Jersey Iron Garden under this new flag, with new ideals, will continue to be one of warmth, networking and friendship for all to enjoy.  She feels honored to be a part of the Iron Garden and knows it will continue to be an awesome experience for all.

Madame X of House of the Dreaming is a Founder, the Producer, and the Host of The Iron Garden since its inception in January 2015. For decades Madame X has expressed her passion for The Community as Matriarch of House of the Dreaming, Co-Founder of Dark Nations, Chapter Head of NJ Bloodlines, Prince of the Gateway Halo, Co Host of BatStock 2016, Co Host of The NJ Goth Challenges, Editor The Rift Arts Forum, Presenter for Vampyre Lounge, Host of The Collective, and contributor to several anthologies like Vampires in their Own Words, and The Gotham Archives.   She also co-founded the original Iron Garden, Court of Lazarus, Black Atlantis, Black Oaks, Club Illuminati … Today, still inspired by that desire to motivate others to the same path of self-discovery and evolution, she is determined to put the NJ Nightkind Community on the map with New Jersey’s own Nightkind Haven, the Iron Garden.

With such a diverse and multi-talented crew, combined with the exceptional members and guests of The Iron Garden, the future looks bright for the organization. We here at The Graveyard, can only celebrate their achievements, and applaud their ever expanding verity of events and contributors.

Iron Garden Offerings to Date: 1/2015 – 9/2016

Presentations & Discussions

On Community:

“Dayside/Nightside Balance” by Empress Gem Evolution of Society Nocturnus of Gotham

“Faces of Initiation” by Hesperus of House of The Dreaming

“Iron Garden – Past, Present and Future” by Lord Traveler of House Sabretooth MacPhee

“The Gotham Vampyre Archives” by Lord Shaolin Asura MacPhee

“Unity Through Diversity” by Lord Stefan Henderson of Clan Resurrectus

On Witchcraft, Magic & its Practices:

“Altered States of Consciousness” by Herr Wulfsunus of House of The Dreaming

“Aphrodisiac Edibles” by Herr Wulfsunus of House of The Dreaming

“Macabre Magickal Practices” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Moon Magick” by Cher Cherichello of NJ Pagans

“Necromancy” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Secrets of Aroma Therapy” by Trinity Cauldronborn of Hands of Change Coven

“Secrets of Tantric Sex” by Asttarte Rose Deva

“Secrets of Witchcraft” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Sex Magick” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Voodoo & Sympathetic Magick” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

On Paganism & Earth Based Paths:

“Hetep Healing” by Karuna Ma Honerkamp of Neolyth Shamanic Center

“Inner Balance” with Jennifer Albert of the Inner Peace Center

“Kemetic Magick” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Mitras, Attis, and Dionysus” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Native American Spiritual Traditions” by Tony Moon Hawk Langhorn

“Shamanism” with Brian McGuire from Neolyth Shamanic Center

On Energy Work & Vampirism:

“Ambient and Elemental Energy” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Pranic Energy” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Sensing Energy” by Sensei Victoria Whitfield

“The Power of Blood” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“The Dawn of the British Vampire” by Medical Historian Nicole Salomone

“The Wonders of Power Exchange” by Amazon Mistress Victoria of Temple House Shajaza

“Vampires Across the World” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

On Paranormal & Unexplained:

“Ghosts, Spirits & Visitations” by Madame X of House of The Dreaming

“Hauntings” by Frank Lazzaro of NJ ROPE Paranormal Investigations

Spiritual Healers and Readers:

Aura Photography w/iDivinations

Energy Tarot Readings w/Eleshar Healings

Psychic Readings w/Angela Theresa

Palmistry, Bones & Tarot w/Genoveva Rossi

Rune Readings w/Nykol

Seichem Healing w/Karuna Ma

Tarot Readings w/David Merlino

Tarot Readings w/Lady D

Spiritual Ceremonies:

BDSM Power Exchange Ritual w/Temple House Sahjaza

Blood Blot Rite w/House of the Dreaming & Friends

Blue Moon Ceremony w/NJ Pagans

Bringing to Light the Shadows of the Absent Ones w/Kuriak Isepeth

Candle Magick Money Spell w/Botanica San Lazaro

Charging of the Besom w/NJ Pagans

Circle Blessing Ceremony w/Tony Moon Hawk Langhorn

Egyptian Feast of Divine Life w/House of the Dreaming & Friends

Energy Cleansing w/Eleshar Healings

Hearth Flame Ceremony w/House of the Dreaming

Homage to the Goddess, Sex and Rebirth w/NJ Pagans

Imbolc Preparation & 1 Year Anniversary w/The Iron Garden Citizens

Inner Balance Meditation w/Inner Peace Center

Kundalini Meditation w/Hearth Element

Reiki Share w/Hands of Change Coven

Samhain Circle w/NJ Pagans

Tools of Haven Consecration w/House of the Dreaming & Friends

Voodoo Love Spell w/NJ Pagans

Yuletide Circle w/NJ Pagans


Aquila Noir – Handmade Soaps, Candles & Herbal Mixes

Artisans of the Anvil – Wrought Iron Artistry

Asura’s Creations – Jewelry & other Handmade Creations

Athena’s Novelties – Sensual Indulgences & Naughty Delights

Botanica San Lazaro – Botanical & Metaphysical Goods

Culture Couture – Sensual & Spiritual merchandise

Fangsmith Horror Show Jack – Fangs & more

Finna DeElf – Leather & Woods Crafts

Fotoplex Photography – Green Screen Photos

Knightley & Company – Jewelry & Accessories

Lauren Curtis Art – Photography, Cards, Jewelry & T-Shirts

Magic N’ Mayhem – Fantastic Crystal Jewelry

Moon on the Water – Henna Artistry

Narcissus Gems – Handcrafted Jewelry

Strange Omens – Pagan Goods

The Golden Web – Handmade Spiders & Companions

The Mechanical Meow – Unique Jewelry, Hats & Masks

Tio Freddy’s Waxen Works – Hand Sculpted Candle Creations

Trinity’s Magickal Intentions – Candles, Oils & Gems

Turtle 2 Turtle – Native American Wares & Crafts

Walk the Light – Potions, Pendants & Charms

Wycked Lenses – Fantasy Contacts

Art Exhibitions:

Digital Art Photography Exhibit by Sandra N Silva

Elements in Photography Exhibit by Allison Dzielak

Inner Realms Exhibit by Art of Celine

Paranormal Photography Exhibit by Miguel Aviles

Sensual Photography Exhibit by Madame X Muzcat

Vampire Photography Exhibit by Swav Jusis

Book Readings and Signings:

“Beyond the Rift” Recital by Paul Nash & Denise LaNeve of North Jersey Literary Series

“Blood Mettle” Book Reading & Signing by Authoress Heather E. Hutsell

“Drawing Dead” Book Reading & Signing by Author Brian McKinley

Performances, Music, Dance & Film:

Belly Dance Performance & Workshop by Suhana w/Live Drummer Jack Lowery

“Dark Side of the Opera” Concert Performance by Soprano Nicole Oliva

“Night of the Magician” & ” In Flesh, In Spirit” Screenings & Talk by Artist Baron Misuraca

“The Philosophy of Horror” by Horror Host John Turnbull of Domain of Horror

“Power of the Flesh” – Performance Art Ritual by Horror Queen Genoveva Rossi & Friends

“Tame the Wind” CD Release & Live Performance by Jerico of the Angels

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