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Vampirism: Is it all in your head?

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*Is it dangerous to think so?*

17 July 2015 08:15 // by Deacon Gray

(c) 2015 by the graveyardpress

All in your head


It’s not a new phenomenon rising in prominence in the public discussion boards of the vampire community, or (VC). Our small but overly exposed population evades an easy diagnosis. Despite an increase in credentialed scholars taking note and conducting “Studies” about the community at large, we still see the predominant conclusion about the vampiric condition as being physiological in nature.

Most point to issues that are “All In your head” The medical field has improved in leaps and bounds since the time of Hippocrates, but there is still a lot about the human body that is not completely understood, and when a condition isn’t easily tracked down, or a symptom sounds incredible, the resulting diagnosis tends to learn toward the mental health of the individual.

The presumed culprits are

  1. Depression: one of the popular scapegoats for Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms or (MUPS) is depression. Depression is well known to cause many various signs and symptoms of illness.  There are connections between depression and fatigue, stress, pain, and innumerable other complaints. When no easy solutions present themselves, depression is usually blamed for a patient’s aches and low energy.  But when depression is also a symptom, treating it alone can be ineffective and further confuse patients and medical professionals.
  2. Hypochondria: Real Hypochondriacs are people who claim illness though there are no consistent signs or symptoms of an illness. These guys aren’t really connected to the VC unless the issue becomes disruptive to their daily lives of the person making the claim. Studies by the Atlanta Vampire Alliance have indicated that most members of the VC actually claim to live normal lives, some with degrees in the medical, or mental health fields.
  3. Conversion Disorders: These are a collection of several disorders that are psychological in nature but that manifest in a physical way. For example, depression leading to sexual dysfunction, or stress leading to decreased immune response

If your doctor suggests any of these illnesses as a possible diagnosis for your condition, you should request a referral to a psychiatrist for additional assessment and a second opinion.  If you are diagnosed with a somatoform disorder by a reputable psychiatrist, you should not feel that you are being dismissed. These disorders are just as real and life altering as other diseases, and this diagnosis does not mean that you are “creating” your symptoms.  Your focus should be on improving your health and quality of life, not what label your symptoms are given.

The important thing here is that if treatment doesn’t address your health issues after a reasonable period, than perhaps talk to your doctor about further explorations.

The method of identification of MUPS is basically; medically explore the issue until you hit a dead end in known medical treatment and diagnosis, psychological treatment until treatment doesn’t improve your situation, than exploration of new medical possibilities.

While in the VC many have spoken to their doctors initially, the feeling of having your symptoms dismissed as a mental health leads a lot of people away from this process of discovery. The isolation of having the symptoms and no known cause, can push people into believing they have a vampiric disposition, more so if those alternative methods of easing the symptoms are effective.

The problems over all is that many conditions are passed over for years before they are realistically considered by medical research. Fibromyalgia is a great example of this.

For years medical doctors and physiological providers looked at people with fibromyalgia has having something akin to a conversion disorder. With the only real symptoms being pain, and no real signs to indicate a known problem, it was easy to dismiss the symptoms. However, after years of study, due to aggressive demands for research, medical researchers have isolated the condition, and they have found real treatment options.

Fibromyalgia is just one example, but it is not the only one by far. People used to get told their ulcers were a result of stress, as were migraine headaches. Anxiety used to be considered merely female hysterics, mostly due to their uterus and the phases of the moon.

VC Members are easier to dismiss because of their claims of being vampires. Once you put that tag on the ailments source, you have encouraged the providers to dismiss your claims as psychological in nature. Getting them to act objectively after that is pointless as the treatment bias is already there.

Donna Michele Fernstrom and VC Message board participant put it this way while in discussion with critic “   The dangers of defaulting to psychology as an explanation are very, very clear in medical history. It has always resulted in poor funding for experiments into the medical side of things, and it’s always resulted in social stigma. It’s resulted in a lengthening of the time it should have taken to find the real causes”…”Psychology should only be explored as a possible explanation after everything else has been ruled out. There are people involved in this, and their lives may be affected by it.”

She went on to say “The problem with a psychology-based explanation is that it essentially requires no proof at all. Do you see how this works? There is no positive, objective test for psychological conditions.

The psychiatric conditions which DO have positive, objective tests for them have recently shown evidence of being medically-based after all – inflammation and autoimmune processes, or brains structure abnormalities, seem to be the cause.

Frankly, psychology is barely more science-based than metaphysics, when you look very, very closely.”

While there are medical and mental health professionals in the VC, the ability to conduct large scale testing and research is still very limited. The term “Vampire” and many of the spiritual or metaphysical aspects brought forward by the community has increased the limited interest in the conditions people case medically because once more it is too easy to dismiss the whole as ‘delusional claptrap”


More and more there is a push is to allow the psychological and social sciences to label the VC members as having a default disposition as a psychological construct, a plea for attention, or a desire to be a part of a unique identity group. We are even seeing a renewed call for a clinical diagnosis like the not debunked Clinical Vampirism and Readfield’s syndrome. With one academic suggesting, perhaps partially in jest “Vampire Identify Disorder” Resisting the recognition of having a diagnosis can be hard considering how long it has taken just to get some level of acceptance. Many people believe it is better to be diagnosed and accepted, as opposed to undiagnosed and unrecognized, but I am not sure they consider the ramifications of that act.

History has demonstrated that with every diagnosis of a mental, or behavioral disorder, comes some level of stigma. Is some cases that stigma can result in child custody issues, career suicide, relationship struggles and the contempt and condensation of our peers. We have seen just such things when dealing with other issues that eventually were established as ligament, though the stigma isn’t likely to leave.

What Can You Live With?

In the end it comes down to this simple question. What can you live with?  If you have symptoms that you can’t live with, seek medical treatment for the symptoms, not for your own diagnosis. Having a Diagnosis of MUPS is far better than one of Vampire Identity Disorder. You might still face stigmas and doubts, but at least they are doubts about things that don’t involve things that are seen as mythical creatures.

For many in the Vampire Community, the uncertainty of life without a known cause of their issues can make it difficult to deal with all the doubts and critics. Worrying that “it’s all in your head” is a normal reaction, but if you believe that something is really wrong with your body, don’t give up on finding an answer. The VC is a support system, it always has been. For those who can live with their issues and identity but need support, the VC isn’t hard to find. So take an active role in discovery and don’t get mired down in the questions, doubts and critics that add nothing to the dynamic of your life.


By Deacon Gray
(c) Graveyard Press 3/15/2015

There are many views on the subject matter known as Psychic Vampires.  Anton LeVay considered them people who drain people of their vital energy, but fill no useful purpose in our lives, not as lovers, or real friends.  In his view a psychic vampire manipulated you, makes you feel indebted, and plays on your emotional sense of moral obligation.

Modern Living Psychic Vampires, would say something else altogether. The basic belief is that there is energy, one that people produce naturally, that Psychic Vampires cannot produce sufficiently, but they can siphon off others.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg, a Dentist, with a Masters in Counseling, and BA in Biology and Chemistry on other hand referred to the Energy vampire as “an unhappy lot, and do their damage by a telepathic draining of their victim’s energy resources.

Michelle Belanger’s version is more likely to be accepted by the group we call the Vampire Community today. “Psychic vampires are people who prey on the vital, human life energies of others. They are not believed to be undead. They are mortal people whose need for energy metaphorically connects them to the life-stealing predators of vampire myth.”

But what are they?  I think one of the issues is in separating the so called Psychic Vampire that people like LaVey spoke of, and those who fancy themselves an actual vampire with some difference from a standard human.

Most of the so called Energy, or Psychic vampires out there aren’t vampires in the least, but merely people who have managed to get others to waste their own energy on drama, trolling, or confrontationist’s discussions.

LaVey was speaking about those psychic vampires, those who we waste valuable time and energy on, not those who have an actual energy drawing ability.

The expenditure of your own energy as a choice is not the same as having energy drawn from you. Nearly every time there is a debate and someone says…”You’re feeding!!” the case from my point of view is that no feeding is taking place, only expenditure.

Levay had one thing right; we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be sucked in by those who are draining to us. It really doesn’t accomplish anything other than to waste our time and energy on fruitless efforts. Most all of the bickering is wasted time, and leads ultimately to nothing but ill feelings.

What’s actually more dangerous,  the psychic vampire who might take a little energy and make you feel a little worn out, or a energy manipulator who is simply trying to engage you in a manner that makes you use energy in a such a pointless way, and leaves you dealing with unpleasant emotions like anger? How often do they use emotional blackmail, or attempt to drag you down for the sake of proving their own intelligence?

How many projects, written works, movement toward personal growth is wasted on such people?  What is ever really gained by it? How do energy manipulators serve anyone except themselves?

People could claim the same about psychic vampires, but and ethical psychic vampire leaves you with no ill effect, and often become great friends. They might even drain off your negative energy and leave you feeling more at peace. If they are really skilled, they might even help you find your own means of controlling those negative energies.

There are a lot of ways you can protect yourself from both of these types of people. The most powerful of which is simply not engaging with them once you figured out what they are.  Sadly figuring out who they are, isn’t always something you can do right away.  Once you have identified them, don’t waste further time on them.

Energy manipulators, whether conscious of it or not, want to get in close. They want to become someone you deal with regularly. They might realize they are interacting with you in a way that is manipulating your energy, but they do it more often than not. For this reason you have to leave them behind, because even if you know they are doing it, doesn’t mean you can stop them. Your defenses are not designed for every day, all day, usage, which in itself is a major manipulation.

Consider who you align yourself with, who you spend time around and how they make you feel. If you can honestly say that you feel frustrated, angry or exhausted by someone more often than inspired, moved, or kindly toward, than why  keep them around?

I understand that It’s not always that simple.  My own step mother is a major energy manipulator, despite that I like the lady, and it’s not like my father is going to kick her out of his house anytime soon.  You can adapt by limiting what you tell such a person about your life. Keeping and energy manipulator in the realm without allowing them to be active in your sphere of energy and daily activity is possible.

In the end I would just like to say this. Look at how a person makes you spend your energy, if it is for negative reasons, consider why you allow them to do so. Your energy is yours to control. It is up to you to decide how much you will allow an energy manipulator to taint your energy. It is up to you to decide if you want to engage in their pointlessness, or seek and grow on your own path, surrounded by pleasant, nurturing friends. “Not all vampires suck blood!”

Oddly enough, I have seen a bazillion different awakening stories and awakening theories, however none of these actually emulated what it was like for me, what I felt nor what I thought, so… As I found a way to express this finally, I thought I would put it here in the hopes that it may one day help someone else…We already know the old cliche that most of us felt… removed… set apart…  different from those around us, but what does that truly mean?


For me, it meant that there was a great sense of loneliness, as if I were perpetually trying to fit me, a square peg, into the rest of society, a round hole.  I perpetually felt as if something that had been missing were JUST out of reach…  Seconds away from my grasp and moving away each time I moved towards it…  Making me feel even MORE isolated from those around me…  I truly felt out of step to the point of feeling out of place and time.Among other things I felt, the internal argument of whether this was a curse or a gift began to roil through my heart and mind, as if I were literally on the verge of a civil war with my own being.  I remember thinking “why is this happening to me?  why can’t I just be… normal?” Though I was being taught how to handle things, this argument raged through my mind, ripping at my heart until my whole world was in a tailspin…


No matter how intellectual I was, no matter how much I learned, it was as if the words never seemed to be there to properly describe what I was going through…  Words just simply failed to fully illustrate what was raging through the very core of my being. Questions burned through my mind as to whether I was truly going through something or if it were all in my head.  Add to this, the doctors couldn’t seem to find anything other than the usual compliment of things, so there was no true way to know exactly WHAT was happening to me.  No medical/scientific explanation could be readily found.


After a couple of botched attempts, followed by laughter, harassment and the usual bullying came a deep, hesitant and always yearning question… “who can I share this with? why doesn’t anyone else feel the way I do?  why isn’t anyone else going through this?”…  Which, in its turn, added to the original sense of loneliness and being set apart…


It was becoming a vicious cycle…


WHEN I began to truly accept what was going on with me, I began to feel as if I were a new creation wearing a costume…  That costume being the old self…  Same body, different being altogether…  Which became another thing which I couldn’t discuss with anyone…  This did not, however, add to the sensation of loneliness.  Instead, it added something else.  It added a sense of a closeness to my Spiritual Path, though it was truly a separate being altogether.  I began to feel as if what I was going through was part of something…  well… grander…  As if the eyes of the Universe itself had suddenly fallen on me, watching which way I would go with this new-found sense of being part of some grand design…


Remember ladies and gentlemen, I was a 13 year old boy going through this…  For me to be set apart to this point was confusing, heart-wrenching and exhilarating all at one time…


When I finally accepted that this was what I truly was, it was almost as if this unknown weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  As if everything FINALLY began to make sense…  It has been truly a long and exhilarating journey, once I accepted this IS what I am.


I AM vampire.  I WAS born this way.  In this knowledge, no matter who doubts, scoffs or disbelieves, I am strong, secure and comfortable.




1/25/2015 © graveyardpress

Bad people are everywhere.  You can find them in every community whether the focus is surfing, or videos games, there are always bad people around. In our community it is more than just a problem, it’s a stigma, one that is very hard to break away from. It’s harder if we try to  ignore those issues.

I suppose that’s why I wanted to talk to someone who is affected by those issues. Sadly it didn’t take long to find someone to talk to. Sandy is a mother whose teenage daughter has been digging into this community for some time.  She agreed to speak to me because she has an issue with her teenage daughter and the countless attempts by various people who claim to be community members to seduce her daughter.

“Hi my name is Sandy. If you were expecting some kind of exotic “Nightside” name you are barking up the wrong tree. I’m not a member of the Vampire Community. Rather I wouldn’t be if I didn’t have to deal with a teen age girl who has decided she is a vampire. I won’t debate that aspect, people believe what they believe. I didn’t agree to talk because of belief one way or another.

Ok, ok, let me get my head straight. Let me start by saying that I am 40 (something) years old. My daughter is a staggering fifteen years old. I say staggering because I can still remember her pouting about her princess pony and glitter. The whole vampire, fitness model, pagan witchy stuff is a little new for me. Seeing pervy middle aged men hitting on my daughter because they are “Vampire Sires” took things in a whole weird direction. (This is where I roll my eyes)

How do you deal with having a teenage daughter who, and it isn’t just a mothers love that says so, is beautiful and intelligent? How do you deal with a girl who thinks about things like the concepts and philosophies of Jung, while not sure if she should have the dramatic red nails, or the dark green ones with musical notes? And IQ of 156, and three separate modeling companies trying to draw your kid into an industry of evil? (I know what they do at fashion shows, and NO)

You just, deal with it. The Vampires, that is a whole new angle. Five times now my little angel of a daughter has drawn so called vampires who are willing to teach her, four of those times there have been requests for pictures, and even after informed that she is under age, they still ask for images that aren’t something any mother would be pleased with.

Honestly  I know my kid needs to learn. This is a path she is exploring, and perhaps something she will grab onto in her life. I want her to learn  what she is actually getting involved with. What she keeps finding instead is people who want to see if she looks as good in a g-string as she does in tight jeans.(insert annoyed seriously protective mom look here)

I guess I asked to be able to speak in this forum to ask a question. Is there a safe place for a kid in the community? How can a Mother feel secure in allowing her child to interact, when over and over again it comes down to people trying to exploit her?( She isn’t stupid either, she conned one older guy into sending her 250$ for a prom dress)

Deacon has said I shouldn’t allow my daughter to be involved in anything without me being present. My daughter is less than thrilled with that concept. What does a parent do?

Are we supposed to ignore the twilight dumb vampirette crap so many are putting out there? Should we shrug when our kid wants to wear a corsett, show a lot of leg and sport fake teeth as they act out hyper sexual cleches?

I don’t think some of you realize how much you affect kids who read the stuff you write. I don’t think many of you really see that the things you are saying and doing and pushing can have a negative affect.

Sandy, Mother of a Vampire

1/18/2015 (c) Graveyard Press 


Of all the subcultures I have ran into, the goths and vampires put on the best show; if they stayed home, so would the rest of us. On an ideological level, a vampire and goth spend hours spent on personal style make the most sense: many vampires ideas are rooted in a kind of undead aristocratism; the style is meant to be out of time and place.

Goths, like a character in a supernatural weepy who has unknowingly passed to the afterlife, a vampire is the last person to know it’s dead. Goth, more intelligently, keeps telling us it is dead and it very much wants to stay that way.

The first time I visited an event, I was reminded that uniformity is a gamble for timelessness. Subcultures not only construct a fictitious past (for example, a warped Gothic Romanticism), but also freeze that fiction into a changeless armature of attitudes and beliefs.

Subcultures are usually understood as a response to current events, but after their novelty fades, they need to find new hosts in younger generations. This isn’t really true with such dandified rebellions as the vampire culture or the goths, they merely adapt and carry on.

Five years ago it was top hats and silk, today you keep the black and red Victorian splendor, but cog it up and increase the steam. Even as the steam clears a new genre develops and drives forward, but the culture itself doesn’t really die.

When a new movement starts in the political world, the vampires and goths can be found hip deep in their ranks. Occupy saw more than one fang fitted protestor, Guy Fawkes masks are no stranger at the so called Vampiric Courts, or goth dance clubs.


“The community”, as it is called might be totally human, and indeed fairly mundane, but it is a long way from mortal. The community itself is immortal, it will grow and adapt, it will breath and sigh, but when the fog clears, no matter how they look, the rebellion will there still.

Henry Ford

1/18/2015 (c) GYP

by Deacon Gray

It’s foggy this morning. Outside it’s a wonderful 23 degrees outside, and inside my dog, a Staffordshire terrier mutt named Sarah, is lounging by the heater waiting for it to come on.

I am watching Helix, still bundled up in my sweater and trying to focus on making breakfast, and reading various articles from the community. In many cases it’s like reading the same radical opinions from the 90’s only now they are nearly codified by conventional population.

Back than the main topics of conversation were things like “How to develop your Vampiric power of presences” and “Who were you in your past life?” For days people discussed things like the struggles of being an empath, or how to deal with vampiric children, and yet there were radicals out there.

There are some basic concepts we look at today, that people would have come to fisticuffs over back then, and back then isn’t so far away.  Concepts like, we are just humans, not magical creatures, and we don’t have special powers.

Whether you believe that or not, those concepts are accepted today as a valid opinion. They are because some people were willing to be radical enough, and willing to take the heat, for sharing their beliefs despite the fall out to their personal reputation. Radicals.

In this community we need radicals in order to progress. We need people who are willing to step up and look at new thoughts and ideas, and present them without fear of the community going ape shit. Sadly we don’t have that luxury.

We deal with too many people who come into the community thinking they are radicals, when they are in fact simply ass holes. It can be hard to tell the difference, but if you are actually looking you can see it.

The community needs people who will inject new ideas, these are not the people who are simply defending their opinion of old concepts, but those looking forward. There will always be assholes out there. There will always be those who dig their feet in, but there will also be those who refuse to be silenced to pushed back into a corner.

People are doing it all over the world. Despite the arrogance of our US VC, and their belief that they are in some way superior because they have been around longer, places like South African, Manchester England, and Italy  we are seeing communities spring. They are radicals because they are doing it, even as so many are telling them that they are too new, too young, not well enough known to make such things happen, and yet they are happening.

It is only with Radicals from all walks of life and places in the world step up, and do those things that they see as needing done. People like those building new Houses and Courts, News organizations, and events, those who are DOING and not just complaining are the new radicals of our time, and while we complain and bitch, they are going to pass us by.

We need our radicals, but make no mistake. Simply being an ass isn’t enough. Being the smartest person in the room ( in your own opinion) isn’t enough to do that. What will do it? Challenge yourself, think about what project you could do, what part you can play, and never forget those radicals who came before you.

A Bicker of Vampires

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By Deacon Gray

(c) October 2014

crows flight

“I give up. I joined the community pages two months ago and all anyone every does is bitch and fight.”


A week ago a new member of the community contacted me after witnessing a fight break out on a Facebook message board.  He was friendly, outgoing and I had never seen him post anywhere before, so I was a little surprised to receive a message. However, rather than leave, I managed to convince him to sit down for a brief interview about what he had seen and why he feels that being in the OVC is pointless.

GYP: Will you start by telling me a little about yourself?


Six: Hello, my name is Travis but I have been going by a fake name. I awakened a few months ago, well transitioned anyway. I have been drawn to energy work and spiritualism and the works of Michael Ford since I was around fifteen. It’s been a few years since then, and one of my friends in who also works energy pointed out that I was constantly feeding and thought it might be a form of predatory spiritualism.
I originally thought that the whole concept was dumb, but after a trip where I found myself often isolated, I realized I couldn’t do well without being around other people and drawing energy from them. The few people I was around, were constantly drained and I noticed they didn’t want to be around me much. Sure, it could just be my sunny disposition, but once I identified the problem and started to shield myself from their energy, it was all good.


GYP: It sounds like you were on the right track. What brought you to the Vampire community? It seems like you had the skills needed already.


Six: I followed some links people posted on a message board. A few people who were on that board said they had interacted with the vampire community. They said to check out a few places to help me learn more about myself. Most of those sites weren’t very active, but there was a lot of information. That part was awesome, with the exception of the interaction part.  I suppose that is what got me to Facebook. I always swore if it was a Facebook group, I wouldn’t join, but I did.

GYP: When you contacted me it seems you were pretty dissatisfied, what brought you to that disposition?


Six: Well, after several months of hanging out and watching the board I realized that every single conversation seemed to dis-evolve into childish arguments. You called it a Bicker of Vampires, and I realized you didn’t just mean the conversation, but any gathering of them.

At first I didn’t think it could be that bad, I mean there are a lot of groups. So I decided to check out several of them, both on line and off line to see what the deal was.

GYP: I think this is important, would you please tell us what you found?

Six: Well I started by looking for major organizations that had a presence online. It wasn’t as easy as I thought many of the Courts have a page to like, but not many people actually interacting at any major level on line.

Eventually I found people in NYC, JY, Austin, in each on the people were more interested in social drama that any meaningful education. In one Court forum they were bitching about another Court that was starting up. “Who gave them permission to start their own Court?” and “Make sure that people know that Court is not legitimate, I don’t care what the last Regent had to say about it, or who supports it, I want to see it go away.”

In one there are people who seem to actually spread all out lies about people they don’t like. Then when caught, they try to play like they are above it, even when the proof that they planted lies is right in front of them. I’m a peaceful man, but if someone accused me to sexual assault or pedophilia, or had someone attack me physically, it would take once before I went to their privet residence and changed their disposition with extreme malice.

GYP: Certainly you don’t think all the Vamps out there are just in it for the drama?

Six: Not at all. There are some damn fine people out there. I just don’t like where their community debates take me spiritually. I want to get in there and explain things, to try to be a peacekeeper, but I have seen out that works. The peacekeeper is attacked, the one making explanations is slighted unless they are years into the community.

I have found a few Houses I really respect. I would love to go to Michelle Belanger’s house gathering, or if Rose Mary ever decided to do and open house for her organization. So I know there are great vamps and people out there, but as far as facebook goes- I think you’re right about how the community should be called a “Bicker of Vampires”

Our dear friend wrote this article. I feel it’s worth a read.

The 6 Keys to the Embodied: A Synopsis of inward reaching techniques
By Madame X © 2010

Regardless of your individual level of experience you can Open, Discover, Communicate, Develop, and put the Embodied to work with these 6 practices:
1. Introspection
2. Affirmations
3. Visualization
4. Meditation
5. Trance
6. Astral Journey
Tomes have been written on each; my intention is to briefly introduce them as tools to work with the Embodied.

1. Introspection
When reaching within to our Embodied nothing is more important than Introspection. It is important to consider thoughts, words and actions, bringing intuitive responses into a conscious awareness by examining where motivations come from. Stop looking outward for answers, instead turn inward allowing the Embodied to manifest. To face ourselves and the other within – heart, fears, faults and frailties too. To accept and appreciate its ways, our ways; discovering the unique creatures that we are. Our journey is to embrace our true nature, angelic, bestial or demonic, as an intrinsic part of a larger whole claiming our own rightful place in symbiosis. It is through introspection that we make peace with our Embodied becoming one with it.
Journaling is a terrific tool for introspection as we continue self-observation well after memory has forgotten the subtle nuances. We may also try Reverse Introspection, where we begin examining the last occurrence fist.

2. Affirmations
Verbal affirmations are another great tool for personal empowerment, as they enable reaching and developing the Embodied, be it verbally (words / chants), visually or physically. Positive affirmations impress the conscious and the subconscious mind, building confidence, then shaping attitudes and behaviors, as they become belief. Effective affirmations contain elements of certainty, intentions and the positive qualities of our Embodied (this last inclusion is a critical cohesive factor in establishing/sustaining the relationship). Therefore: from affirmation to acceptance, to affection, to cohesive self-esteem.

3. Visualization
Visualization is a simple process, fundamental in most magickal practices and a terrific tool for reaching our Embodied. Visualization begins in The Mind´s Eye as it acts as a magnet drawing to us what we wish, in this case a deeper connection with our Embodied. Visualization is a form of mental enactment or rehearsal, which sharpens the will improving skills, enhancing ability, and refining performance in a variety of areas from sports, to art, to magickal craft. Creative visualization builds mental images in the mind helping focus on the visual qualities of our Embodied while aiming toward any goals and situations we may want to achieve; in itself Visualization is a visual affirmation. The idea is to see and project our Embodied selves at their very best in unity with the Self. Again, it’s as important to visualize what we are certain of as well as our desired intent. Visualizations will help define our Embodied, unite it with the Self through realization and actualization.

Exercise 1: Seeing Beyond Form – Sit or stand, facing a reflective surface, which can be a mirror, a black mirror, a natural water source, a water basin, or another reflective surface, crystal or silver being preferred. There should be a light source strong enough to allow viewing, be it candlelight or a natural source like moonlight. Focus on the reflection intending to connect visually with the embodied and allowing eyes to blink when needed. As vision blurs our reflection begins to reveal what we need to see.

4. Meditation
There are two types of meditative practices. ‘Passive ’ where in stillness a single focus or blank, allows for a connection with the higher self, divinity, or (for our purposes) a connection with The Embodied, and ‘Active’ where we may be engaged in an activity like drumming or dancing allowing our mind to enter a meditative state.
Passive Meditation includes: focused contemplation of auditory or visual stimuli, Yogic sutras, Buddhist or Zen meditation, Pranayama or breath control, etc…

Exercise 2: The Dragon’s Statue – Here we allow the Embodied to surface by achieving inner peace. Getting into a relaxed position, begin with 5 – 15 minutes of complete silence and stillness. Eyes closed, breathing softly with sensory awareness placed on heartbeat, breathing, and inner sounds. The mind should be cleared and thoughts should revert to our primary intent.

Another type is Assisted Passive Meditation where items like: elements, crystals, incense, pyramids, masks, etc… are used to enhance deeper meditative levels. You may want to try incorporating an element or item that resonates with your embodied to further your connection.
Active meditation includes: Reading, looking thru a set of visual images, Shiatsu Massage, repetition of mantras, drumming, flagellation, automatic writing, automatic painting, intoning, chanting, also aerobic exercises like dancing, running, sexual stimulation, etc…
Depending on the individual, there may be a particular activity that triggers a meditative state or connection with the Embodied. Awareness of this is always a great beginning.

5. Trance / Altered States of Consciousness
Voluntarily Altered States of Consciousness can be achieved in a variety of way including: deep meditation via ecstatic dance or drumming, physical pain or sexual ecstasy, as well as journeying or vision questing. Some claim that certain chemicals can open similar doors, but the faster, chemically induced trances are discouraged because they can exceed personal awareness levels, possibly leading to unnecessary physical, mental and emotional damage. During Trance we may obtain sensory experiences, auditory or visual messages and memories that pertain to The Embodied. These can be short simple snapshots, or lengthy visions detailed in complexity.

6. Astralling and Akashic Hall Retrieval
This practice is the culmination of reaching inward. Here we reach onto a different plane where we may interact with the Embodied in unexpected ways. For precautionary grounding purposes, beginners should attempt Astral travel only with a guide or watcher. Voluntary Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), Astral Projection, and Dreaming are forms of Astralling.
Visiting the Astral can help us reach out to astral entities i.e.: elementals, deities, and ancients who may provide information about the Embodied. Here we may also retrieve insight from the Akashic Halls (aka: The Astral Library).
It’s important to differentiate what is truly a message, what we are ‘picking-up’ from the environment, and what is imagination; sometimes the line is fine, whereas not every vision or dream should be interpreted literally.
To further our connection with the Astral tools may be used; to deepen our connection with the embodied, these tools should reflect some aspect of it and may include: Shedding of clothes (skyclad), donning of robes, hoods, masks, runes, jewelry… preparations like baths, unction’s, blessings, and consecrations… using athames, wands, crystals or elements to open portals… Incense, victuals and libations…Affirmations and visualizations … etc…

In conclusion:
Introspection, Affirmation, Visualization, Meditation, Trance and Astral Journey are 6 keys that with dedicated study and practice will assist us to Open, Discover, Communicate, Develop, and put the Embodied to Work!
It is my goal to encourage trial of these practices with focused intent on reaching the embodied and that you share some of your experiences with us.

By Deacon Gray

Graveyard Press staff writer

It is difficult for anyone to grow up knowing they are different. Sometimes those differences are obvious, sometimes they are differences that are more of a feeling the child puts of…or a behavior that unsettles others…often the parents of the children you grew up calling friends. For the Vampiric Child it is no different.

I had several challenges growing up, but rather than spend the article talking about myself, I thought I would talk to some others on the subject. It didn’t take long to find someone to speak too. So I introduce you to my guest today, who…decided to keep his night, and day side name out of the article. “I do not mind sharing experiences, but I don’t often talk about my own history, or my family on the internet. It just doesn’t seem wise.”

So for the sake of this article, I have decided to use the name Irish.

GYP: Irish can you tell me a little about yourself?

Irish: I am twenty seven years old, a male and I have been on the outskirts of the Vampire and Otherkin communities for several years. The trip to joining the community was a long one, but my own child is what really pushed me to explore more of what the community has to offer. Sadly until recently there has been few writers that address the subject of Vampiric and Otherkin children, though I did find some articles on Lady Cg’s “Smoke and Mirrors” website, which helped. I am pretty certain I will buy her book “ Practical Vampirism for a Modern Vampire”

GYP: Will you tell us a little about your own expirences?


Irish: My Parents always told me I was a challenge when I was growing up. At one point my mother decided to read about compare a child sociopath, it freaked her out enough to take me into a mental health specialist, who decided I wasn’t a sociopath, but was a little concerned. In her follow up report the mental health specialist wrote.

“{Irish} has an interest in fires or starting fires (a fire starter), demonstrates little conscience, empathy or compassion for others. {Irish} is sophisticated at lying, manipulative and deceptive behavior, with little of remorse or appears indifference. He has a history of vandalism to property, bizarre writings or drawings which depicts scenes of violence, and acts out in a sexually inappropriate manner, these are all concerning symptoms, but {Irish} shows no signs of avoiding intimacy, such as hugs, does not seem to need immediate gratification of needs, and demonstrates no cruelty or violence against animals, or other children.

{Irish} should have constant parental supervision and continued visitation with a mental health professional.”

Looking back I think I might have been, or continue to be ADHD, with a lot of curiosity. I also had a constant hunger. It was like I was always looking for something. I tried the normal sugar and salty snacks, I went through a period of smoking, then drug use, nothing ever seemed to fill that whole except when I  made people highly emotional. If I could get them angry, or make them cry it made me feel more whole. I know how that sounds, but it was not just negative things, it was also positive ones. I just found it was a lot easier to annoy someone then it was to make them happy. I even started wondering if people generally just like being upset more than being happy.

Eventually I figured out better ways to get that release rather than making the people in life miserable, but it took a while. Oddly I became a chief, food makes people emotional if you do it right.

GYP: It sounds like you had things pretty well under control, but you said having a child changed a lot of that for you?

Irish: When you look back at your own childhood, you never realize just how much you sucked the life out of others. When I was artistically enhancing the neighbor’s house, I expected the neighbor to be pleased, I had no idea the police would be called. I was a little indignant that the neighbor didn’t like my artistic vision if anything. Today I see why the fellow didn’t like my spray painted machine guns on his house.
The point though is that I didn’t see how my own actions drained the people around me. My mother was upset, I felt better about life, if annoyed with their lack of understanding.

When I had a daughter of my own and started to see her actions from an adult point of view, it certainly changed things. My daughter will do things that just seem intent on making her mother insane, and no matter how upset her mother gets, my daughter doesn’t seem overly impacted by the event. “Dad, mom is crying because I colored her new white shoes black with a sharpie. Doesn’t she like black? Can I have a soda?”

Of course she is disciplined, but you can only take discipline so far if there is no real emotional understanding of and issue. And yet, she sees her mother is upset and takes her the soda I just gave her. “I am sorry you are sad mommy. Can I give you a hug?”

GYP: That sounds like…well a lot of kids out there. I don’t think that kind of behavior would say to me that a child is a vampire, or otherkin.

Irish: it shouldn’t. The hard things to deal with aren’t the behavioral issues, those can be dealt with. The hard part is in dealing with the toll the child can take on everyone around them. The most common thing said about my child goes something like this “ Your child is such an angel, all giggles and rainbows, being around her is a delight, but it is just so draining.”


Her grandparents do not want to be around her more than a few hours because “Oh she is a dear, but she is constant. She needs to be around kids more her speed.”

That is not to say my daughter is hyperactive, she isn’t. She is just constant. She feeds by keeping people engaged with her. This can be a real challenge for any adult, but for the child as well. I find myself asking questions like, am I a raising a child attention whore? Will she someday start “cutting” or become a drama queen? How do I deal with issues when I feel from observation and my own history that she is vampiric? How do I teach her to limit herself, at a point in her life when being made to feel different can have such an impact, but also knowing that if I don’t she may well isolate herself by overwhelming everyone who comes into contact with her, in ways they cannot really define?

GYP: Have you found anything that really works well with her?

Irish: actually I have found something that seems to be working. I have started to teach her to be a listener. I have shown her that she can engage people and make them feel great about their relationship with her if she pauses, listens and asks questions. Of course she is still a child, but these skills are really good skills. Already her teachers have noticed a change in her disposition. She listens closely, like she is trying to solve a puzzle, and ask questions that don’t probe as much as invites others to explore their feelings.

It will be an long teaching process, and I can only hope I don’t mess it up. She found a way to be the at the center of people’s attention and emotional struggles without causing them, she can listen and by listening become one of their favorite people. Of course there are still issues. Her grandmother says she feels like she is being psycho analyzed by a seven year old. Which…are the skills I am teaching her more or less. Teaching subtly is going to be more difficult.

GYP: It sounds like you are working hard on the topic. I do find myself wondering if such a thing can work with most kids or of it is just an track that worked in your case.

Irish: Don’t get me wrong, no two kids are the same. We all have challenges we face while trying to raise our kids. Vampiric issues are not perhaps as difficult as say-Otherkin issues, or even a child who actually does have sociopathic tendencies, or many other issues that can be present as the parent is trying to raise their kid’s right. The real key for raising Vampiric children is discovering their needs, helping them to explore their needs in more successful ways. I have spoken to parents who have taken their kids back to their own historical culture. One lady is teaching her daughter about being shamanistic, another who is teaching ancient herbalism and healing to her son. The way you do it is going to have to reflect your own values, and of course finding out what really works.

GYP: Well thank you Irish for your time, and consideration. I hope this article sparks some interest and conversation about dealing with the various issues of childhood vampirism, and by extension child hood otherkin. I would also like to take a moment to thank Madame X of the House of the Dreaming for her insights over the years, and Lady CG for her book Practical Vampyrism for a Modern Vampyre which can be found at Amazon


Deacon Gray and The Graveyard Press copyright Nov 2012