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the three soul paths in relation to the three roads

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

The Three Soul Paths in Relation to the Three Roads

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, 2008

Plato considered that there were three basic soul types. These types were the healer, creator, and teacher. These soul types were found to be the basis for many of our past and present life roles and that our final type prior to incarnating, would be based upon a conglomeration of all of the types with the dominant type heading the way. Dominance in this case, being the soul type in which one has spent the better part of his or her incarnations. In Nightkind castes these soul types play a prominent role in how the roads function.

The Teacher/Ramkt

Ramkt are the priests and priestesses of our community. They are the scribes that keep the history of houses, maintain the spiritual education and serve as the harvester of energies during ritual. They officiate over rites and circles and have a quiet strength and distinguished presence. Generally these tend to be the scholars within the group and tend to be mentors to many different facets of the community. As they often pull from many different sources for their spiritual, psychic, and physical balance they are a wealth of knowledge and acumen. They embody the soul type of the teacher.

In Plato’s world the teachers were those who were well educated, schooled in philosophy, and often of a patrician class. The Ramkt of today is one that carries him or herself with the elegance and grace of a patrician but with the humility of a student. In actuality, the Ramkt could call themselves perpetual students as they are constantly researching, lecturing, or carrying out a pursuit that betters their Family, community, and their own intellectual and spiritual growth.

The Healer/Kitra

Kitra are the most graceful of all the castes. They are generally beautiful, intelligent, and carry themselves with a mixture of experience and humility. Kitras generally radiate sensuality, although they are far from the temple prostitutes of the old days nor are they the House concubines. In fact one would be hard pressed to avoid being put in one’s place while visiting such a comment on a Kitra, politely of course but still put in one’s place. Kitras are usually fluent in both dominant roles and submissive roles being a taker and giver of energies, but also of being a counselor to kitral (donors) and newly awakened members of the community. They generally are those who teach effective drawing methods and safe instruction for donors and vampyres alike.

As a healer, Kitra are often the soothing influence in heated situations. They tend to have a calming influence so much so that often simply being in their presence can evoke a feeling of calm. This is in part due to the personality of the Kitra which is fun loving, sincere, gentle, and nurturing. The other part is due to the ability of the Kitra to work fluently with different types of energy and especially in filtering techniques. Filtering is the ability to take in energy, cleanse it, and release it as purified and healthy energies. The residual energies are released and grounded out. Kitra are usually the empaths of the three and tend to be very susceptible to intense human emotions, situations, and environmental charges. As such a Kitra often knows when their ward or Kitral is not doing well, having trouble, or just not feeling well. As a counselor they understand the need for balance but they also understand the need for release and healing as one can not have one without the other.

The Creator/Mradu

When most people consider the Mradu path they consider the temple guardians, those who stand in watch over the energies of the rest of the group, especially the Kitra. As an energy worker the Mradu must maintain balance over mind, body, and spirit. He or she must also maintain a certain quiet dignity, a presence that neither invites nor dissuades the approach of others. He or she must be proficient in erecting shields, maintaining proper energy levels during ritual, and making sure that nothing penetrates that shield. Furthermore, a great knowledge of many different types of shielding and energies is important. They must be able to alter or construct a shield at a second’s notice. Thus they embody the creator soul type.

Creation is more than simple creativity. It is production and maintenance. The Mradu balances out the Kitra, who is by nature a very creative person but not always a creator in aspect. He or she does this by erecting shields when they are needed around the Kitra as well as around their general environment. They maintain the energies within it and act in a diplomatic fashion when necessary. Diplomacy is within itself a form of creation as it takes a great deal to persuade someone not to do something foolish. Instilling an environmental calm is yet another way in which the Mradu acts as Creator. This is done not only by filtering, but by refilling the filtered energies with created calm by harvesting, filtering, creating, and pushing outward.

Those who are Ronin and must by necessity be proficient in all three castes may run into the snare of moving against their basic soul type. While everyone has traits of one type or another we will all have one that is dominant. That dominant trait usually guides us to our caste. Working against the soul type or working within a typing that is a more recessive soul trait will bring difficulty until the person is awakened enough to activate the other traits. That rarely happens with Ronin only because they have no mentor within the community and they alone are responsible for their growth.


Tonight, the GraveYard Press staff is proud to introduce our newest writer, Jason Constantine. Jason will be in charge of all things music here at the GraveYard Press.

Jason Constantine has been a member of the community since 1997. He is originally from New York City and a former member of S.O.N. Gotham. Jason has been a musician for 30 years, his first band Misery was signed to Roadrunner Records in 1998. Jason now resides in Las Vegas and is the owner of Constantine Studios where he produces and records most of the local bands in Las Vegas. Jason has been nominated for numerous local awards in the Las Vegas area, and is an endorsed artist with Oktober Guitars, Jet City Amplification, MXR / Jim Dunlop and Spectraflex Guitar Cables.Jason is also the former house leader of The House Of Annunaki, and was the original owner of


Many people live their life in the bright light of day while hiding something that is chilling, frightening under a mask of normalcy.  Whether you grew up in a wealthy gated community, a typical suburb or the inner-city, bad things happen in dark corners. There are all manner of sins happening right next door, or in some cases between in the walls where we ourselves dwell every day.

Perhaps the reason why some people end up in fringe groups, including the vampire community, is to escape this façade or perhaps to make sense of it. Disci Moonwraith [a false name] is one of those people, one who found her way into our little corner of the world only to find that monsters lurk here too.

GYP: Disci, will you tell us a little about yourself?

Disci: I am a twenty four year old female from the north eastern United States, more than that would be saying too much and as we agreed I really don’t want the publicity of giving out too much information. Though I suppose that isn’t really what you had in mind with the question.

I suppose I should say, to help place all this in context, that I was your typical all American on the outside. I grew up without much material need, my stomach was full, I had a mother that read me bed time stories, and father that was the image of a man in nearly every way. It is easy enough to say I loved them both, but much harder to explain just how much, though I think many will understand without much further explanation. To put it simply, mine was a good life until my father passed away and that left a hole in my life, a hole that eventually lead me to where I am now.

GYP: I think when most people look at the Vampire Community they see a place where all the people involved are products of broken homes, or mental illness, but it sounds like you are pretty stable.

Disci: Thank you. I would be lying if I said everything has always, or is always a state of serenity.

GYP: I am sorry to ask you to share the details, the real reason you are being interviewed, but rather than prolong it perhaps it is better to simply pull the bandage off quickly?

Disci: Very well. My father passed away when I was around thirteen. The details are not important, but sufficed it say it was an impressionable time in my life. I found myself drifting, I had a hole in my life and with my mother in morning much of what I was doing was obscured by her veil of sorrow. She hardly noticed when I stopped hanging out with my old friends, didn’t bat an eye when my attire changed, and my grades started to slip.

Oh I know you might be picturing someone dressed in gothic attire, but I didn’t go that direction at all. I went more of a spiritual direction, Wicca to start with, but that was just a start.

For a while I tried to convince myself and others that I had found a new spiritual path in my life, from there I slipped into experimental aspects and met my first girlfriend. In an odd way I find it amusing that my father always warned me about unscrupulous men, but it was the more carefree exciting allure of a young lady that drew me into my first sexual experiments. Casey was a great person and she didn’t deserve what I brought to her life. Eventually she couldn’t handle it either. Darkness, the real kind, not that crap from movies seeps out of your soul I think. It infects others and leaves them stained with it. I know I feel stained by it sometimes, though today my Mask is firmly in place, and people see a bright pretty lady with all the things one could hope for in life more or less. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

GYP: When did you meet Matthew? [ also a fake name]

Disci: Aw, I see that my dodging around the subject didn’t last long. I was fifteen, he was much older, thirty two actually and he was-exciting. At the time I thought I had found someone my father would have been proud of. My mother liked him at once, and while she didn’t want him dating me, she did think it was ok for him to be around as a friend, a mentor and role model.

He smiled a lot, laughed and joked. He knew the music I listened too, and what was trending in the world nearly as well as I did. It seemed natural to fall for him, natural enough that I didn’t think twice when I made love to him the first time. He visited me at home, and my mother was bright enough to work out that were we in a romantic relationship, and once again on the surface everything was exactly as it should be.

He was polite and generous, always well dressed and well mannered, charming really. I am not even really sure when things started to go wrong. I know our love-making had become more rough, he left marks, but I wore them proudly, symbols of our love.

He took me places, clubs and concerts, I met his friends and they treated me really well. It was on one such night that he told me that he was part of the Vampire Community. I was intrigued.

Things slipped from rough love-making to “acting out fantasies” which were of course his fantasies. We “played rape” and there were times when I wasn’t playing, but after it was over he held me and called me a good girl. He would kiss my forehead and stroke my hair; it made me feel loved, just as the “play rape” made me feel dirty.

I delved deeper into my spiritualism; he shared articles he found on spiritual vampirism, on sexual vampirism and Eros types. I know it was foolish but I felt that draw so powerfully. It was like waking up and discovering that I wasn’t alone, that I was part of something bigger. I wanted to read everything to know everything about it and Matthew just happened to know some of the people in that community.

He explained to me that while a lot of people talked on yahoo groups, that many of them were fakes. Even I could see that was true. People argued and debated, fought like children about ridiculous stuff. Matthew, however, said he could help me learn, but first I had to be brought into a House.

He asked me if I accepted his authority as an Elder of the community and made it sound all so very dark and inviting. A new family, new friends–all I had to do was agree to allow him to bring me in to it all and swear to be loyal to his demands. I agreed. I shouldn’t have.

It was Halloween, we dressed up, he was in a black suit and cape, I was in a vinyl cat suit that was too small for me. He took me to a house, a place where a party was in full swing and said he wanted to get some drugs for the event. We had done a little pot before, even some “E”, but that night he was after meth. I told him I wanted no part of Meth, and he said that was ok, but that I had to come along, because my initiation was to take place in the same back room.

I remember walking into the room. It was dark and a few guys were standing around looking over leather crafts they were making, it smelled like leather and sweat, it tied me in knots, but I wanted to look cool and collected. I wanted them to like me.

One of them asked if I were ok with what was going to be taking place; If I accepted their conditions. I said that I did. I wanted so badly to be a part of a family again and I think had they simply asked, I would have done it anyway, but they didn’t ask.


Matthew grabbed me roughly and held my arms as one of them stuffed a ball gag into my mouth. By the time it was over all of them had their way with me. I was beaten, burned, and taken in nearly every way I could be. Matthew didn’t even look away when one of the guys gave him the small plastic bag of drugs. I didn’t know what to say when I realized I had just been sold sexually for Matthews drugs.

I was sobbing, but he came to me and held my head telling me what a good girl I was. I wish I could say I broke it all off. I wish I could say I ran like hell, or called the police but I didn’t. I stayed with him. He cried later and said he had no idea they would be so rough. I believed him.

He eventually took me to the Vampire House, it wasn’t even the same people but they accepted that I was his childer, and welcomed me. They were kind, and slowly I started to feel like one of them. I was another dark swan in the river of moon light. The wolves were at the shore, but the river swept me along. There is more to tell, there was the poly family I became a part of, the Master who refused to have sex with me because I looked to young, though I swore I was twenty two. Then there was our house Matriarch that forced me to get my GED and endeavor to become a medical assistant so I would have a career to fall back on

I think it would have kept on that way, but two things happened. One Matthew tried to sell me to a Mistress, and Two the Vampire House, saved my ass from becoming a real sexual slave.

The House leader, a very nice lady, found out that I wasn’t twenty two, because of her attempts at getting me into an MA program. That got her digging and it wasn’t long before she found out from a friend that Matthew had been in the process of selling me to a well-known harsh Mistress. It seemed insane, beyond comprehension that someone would try to sell another human being, but that was what he was trying to do.

She broke it all up and sent the rats into flight, then packaged me up and took me back home to my mother. We have remained close, and I don’t think I could have managed to pull myself together if it had not been for her help. She helped me get counseling, she got Matthew arrested for, as it turns out, failing to register as a sexual offender. It seems I was not his first good little girl; Just the easiest.

Today I really am in my twenties and I have managed to become a registered nurse. One of the things I really wanted to do though, before I leave this community forever was to find some of the people whose works I read. Some of them I wanted to chastise, some I wanted to thank.

GYP: I would like to this this is somewhat of an isolated thing. Would you say it is?

Disci: Yes and No. Certainly some aspects of my story are extreme. Yet, I see some of the same things around the community and find myself wondering at them. Poly families where bright people are sucked in by those who could not manage a moment of their own life, but on line play like they are Masters. I see people with broken spirits seeking desperately for love, acceptance and friendships in ways they cannot find in their real lives, and of course people who will take advantage of that desire.

I also see good people too. People like Balthazaar, like Miklya who work hard to help others out, to listen to be friends. I see a lot of good out there, good sincere people.

GYP: Do you have any advice to offer people in the community?

Disci: yes, if you look at the community a means of developing a “Life” you will never really find it. You have to make something of yourself, make a life worthy of you, not accept what passes for a life by allowing yourself to be sucked into things you cannot control. The only thing you can control in any environment or community is yourself.

GYP: Lastly, is there anyone you really look up to the community? Anyone you would like to say a few words too?

Disci: Yes, Mother thank you for seeing past what I had become, and at what I could be. Thank you for taking me home, and thank you for soaking up the tears, though I am sorry about the silk blouse.


There are all manner of sins happening right next door, or in some cases between in the walls where we ourselves dwell every day.  In every community there are bad things that happen. But there are good things too—a chance for community redemption.

In our community we have a chance to do the right things, to be compassionate, to be caring and to help those who need a shoulder to cry on.

Deacon Gray

Community Announcement

Posted: Tuesday, 29 May, 2012 by deacongray in Community Announcements

Official Notice To The Vampire Community;

Earlier today, May 29, 2012, it was brought to our attention and verified through law enforcement sources that ‘Justin Talon’ (Lord Griffin Alexander Talon), otherwise known by his legal name as Joseph Burgess, Jr., is a convicted sexual offender in the State of Michigan. He has also absconded from updating his registration with the sexual offender registry maintained by the State of Florida (his current location). Mr. Burgess was arrested on May 17, 2012 by the Jacksonville Florida Sheriff’s Department on additional felony charges (non-sexual) which he will answer at a hearing to be held next month. He is a member of multiple vampire-related Facebook groups and friends with a number of individuals in the vampire community. We remain cognizant of the legal rights afforded to Joseph Burgess, however, we feel that his established prior conviction and willful intent to repeatedly violate both the conditions of his probation and continued alleged illegal actions warrant vampire community notification at this time. As we have stated before, participants in the vampire community need to take the necessary steps to safeguard their privacy and be mindful of the trust they place in others.


Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)