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The OVC Weekly News For 19th December 2014

Posted: Thursday, 25 December, 2014 by deacongray in Humor

( The OVC Weekly News is a satirical look at the events going on in the VC on a weekly bases. If you can’t handle the “jib jab” style of humor, you might not want to read this article. BTW no one is safe”skeptical vampire

19 Dec 2014

(c) GYP

A small tribe of baby sanguines have been discovered. They are young, arrogant, obnoxious and dip their cigarettes in blood to smoke and get high as well as drink blood in public, which has sent a flurry of discussions on donor respect and public displays. They have set up a forum and a couple of fb groups, with the usual segregation required by the sanguines of the psychic vampires to their own areas with strict instruction not to ‘pollute’ the sang chats with talks on energy or life force. So all very familiar there.

More emotive questions asked on the VCN and getting curtailed early as the admins swing into action to prevent another ‘fang measuring’ discussion. Only one discussion with much value still going on is one on crystals and psychic vampirism but once again is being derailed by a man giving us terminology and history lessons one more time.

A couple of clashes between a walker in the night and a wizard king, rather entertaining but cut off before it got educational once again by the walker. An old and vicious Order, that I thought well and truly gone was mentioned in it. And another discussion I just heard about on the subject of predatoral spiritual vampirism that got deleted by admin as they disliked the concept of sangs and psys are both just hunters of vital energy. I truly dislike deleted posts and threads, I might miss them.

The wizard king is holding court quite a bit recently in one of the community groups but has yet to find someone to fight with him or interact intelligently on his views on reality. I think he misses psion to debate with him. I miss her too. You have to look past all the pictures of half naked dribbling vampires to find the discussion, but there is a potential fight brewing.

The walker has been invited to play in Australia, and is proceeding to chew up the Aussie Vamps and the usual rate. I give it another 24 hours before he is thrown out and banned.

More people lost their night side names and are expressing a little irritation at the person or persons reporting us. It is getting to be annoying but there are ways that have been found to get around them. An investigative report is rumored to be underway.

Top Ten List of Respected Elder Vampires was released this week and hotly debated as those that felt they should have been on the list were provoked into action. Long illegible comments were made by some new names in the VCN, whether they have been there a while but under other names it is impossible to tell. Some strange little black bird got very intense with the list and expressed herself all over it. The dry cleaning bill will be presented to her when found.

Another debate is going on about the validity of Father Todd.

And finally, on a lighter note, the vampire/wolf therians are coming forth once again to debate their uniqueness and how they are the bridge to stop the war between our species. Popcorn is offered to any that are online when they take this to the VCN and a certain walker might be in a playful mood to watch the blood splatter.

That is the Vampire News this Week…lol