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I know. It’s been simply ages. I apologize. Day-side activities took me away. But I’m back. Before jumping back in full swing, I thought I’d start us off with a little light reading. What’s that, you ask? Thirsty Thursday, of course.

This Thursday, my partner in crime and I invite you to try out the Seasonal offering of Honey crisp Apple Wheat from Shock Top. I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it again – I am not a drinker. Heck, back at the beginning of February, I even gave up soda. For good. Yeah, I’m crazy. I know. But let me tell you – this ale is incredible.

I twisted off the bottle top and gave it a sniff. The Partner in Crime seems to find this really offensive, but I smell everything that I eat or drink. It’s almost like some weird compulsion. You don’t get it either? Eh, join the club.

But seriously guys, I have to tell you – this smells like apples. I don’t have the best sense of smell, but one sniff and you know this is an apple based beer. And have you ever tried a Honey Crisp apple? They are the best. Translate that to beer. Seriously.

Here’s how the Partner and I felt about this beer (Me: Pink, Him: blue):

Mouth feel: Light with a great deal of effervescence. 
What? Mouth feel? I don’t get this. LOL. Seriously. It feels like liquid. In muh mouth.

Bouquet: Almost white wine like. with a large hit of apple.
Oh yeah, I almost get the white wine reference. Except this shit is good, unlike white wine. Or any other wine. Blech. Huge hit of apple. Not a typo – not a hint. A BANG. KABLOOEY. 

First taste: The first bite into an apple. You can almost feel the crunch. With a bite of your normal Belgium wheat.
What he said. I mean, seriously. 

Aftertaste. Again this beer gives a slight wine taste going into the aftertaste. Bitter but with the better parts of a fruity white.
   Again, I don’t know about all this wine shit, but I know that it doesn’t leave a gross aftertaste in my mouth. Did I mention beer is, for the everything-except-this part, nasty?

Over all:
The shock top gives a great cure to the boring orange ideas behind all Belgium wheats. The apple pairs well with the smooth yet bitter bite of the brew. The slight introduction of cinnamon really brings everything together. I would give it a 3 out of 5
5 out of 5. 

So, there you go. Buy this beer. It’s Shock Top. It isn’t top shelf, so it isn’t expensive and it’s most likely sold everywhere. But it’s damn good.

Drinks, drinks, drinks

Posted: Thursday, 9 August, 2012 by deacongray in Food & Fun, Thirsty Thursday

Hey folks! Thirsty Thursday is crawling to a close here and I wanted to share a new recipe with you!

This drink comes straight from Michael Chiarello, one of the many brilliant Food Network Stars. Yes, it is a Halloween themed drink, but it sure sounds fun – and I can’t imagine it would be hard to devirginize it, LOL!

Vampire Blood Drink

Recipe courtesy Michael Chiarello

Prep Time: 15 min
Inactive Prep Time: 24 hr 0 min
Cook Time: —

Level: Easy

Serves: enough ice for 1 big punch bowl



Mix the juices together. Add the sorbet, softened, and stir until it disappears. Add the seltzer.


Before serving, chill with the Body Part Cubes of floating face and hands.


Pour into glasses and stir with glow stick swizzle sticks.

Body Part Ice Cubes:

12 cups cold water

2 to 3 drops green food coloring


Special Equipment:

1 roll packing tape

1 roll plastic wrap

2 plastic gloves

1 plastic Halloween face mask


Color the cold water with enough green food coloring to make it stand out against the background of thepunch.


Use packing tape to seal of the eyesnose and mouth openings of the mask. Line the inside of mask withplastic wrap to prevent leaking. Place it in a bowl that will hold the mask as still as possible while freezing. Fill with the colored water up to the line of the mask, making sure not to spill over if possible. Place bowl in freezer to solidify, at least 24 hours.


Fill 2 food service gloves with colored water and twist and knot opening closed to make a tight seal. Freeze gloves for 12 to 24 hours.


When frozen, cut plastic gloves off. Take ice out of mask, putting hot water on the outside of the mask, if necessary, to help it come out easily.


Carefully float the face and hands in the punch.

Experimenting with Soup for Thirsty Thursday

Posted: Thursday, 31 May, 2012 by deacongray in Food & Fun, Thirsty Thursday

I love soup. Especially cream based soups. Growing up, my father used to make a ‘sausage, potato, and kale’ soup. He used smoked sausage, potatoes, kale (or spinach when he could not find kale) mixed with chicken broth, water, and some seasonings. It was really good, if a little bland. I took that soup and mixed it up a bit. It is very similar to the Zuppa Tuscana at Olive Garden – and very good.

Here is how I normally make it:

1 pound ground Italian Sausage
1 onion, diced
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 box chicken broth
4 cups water
thinly sliced potatoes
heavy whipping cream

Brown the sausage and remove from pan. In grease, plus a little olive oil, sauté onions and garlic until translucent. Add sausage back in plus water, chicken broth, and potatoes. Simmer until potatoes are soft, then add kale and cream. I also add ground red pepper and crushed red pepper flakes.

My husband does not like kale – or other bitter greens – so I have not been adding that lately. Tonight, I went to make some for the girls at work tomorrow, but discovered I am out of chicken broth, so we are experimenting with beef broth. The cream and beef broth make an odd color for the soup, but it should still be OK. I’ll let you know!

Have you been experimenting with soups or other traditional dishes lately? Let us know!