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The Community Saving Animals

Posted: Thursday, 26 January, 2012 by deacongray in Uncategorized
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Editors note:

I think a lot of us have animals we spent time with growing up. I think we generally have a warm spot in our hearts for these creatures and yet all around us we hear about puppy mill’s being closed down, or star athletes running Dog fighting rings.

Anyway, I asked Darke if she would give us some of her thoughts on the topic, and in return she gave us a piece of her heart.

I hope you enjoy the article.

The Community Saving Animals
By Darke Angel

I was asked to write an article on the community and advocating animals. There are many of us that spend many hours trying to save the fur-babies from death row. How many I do not know for sure but I do know there are many.

I have had those that ask why? Well there are many reasons. I believe they deserve a voice after all they did not ask to be put through hell and since they cannot speak up others and myself do so for them.

Think about it for a minute…. how would you feel in their place? Cold, alone, scared, abused, left to die? All they ever asked for is to be loved and in return to love you back.

 Then there are the dogfights… wow, what genius thought that up? Maybe if they like the fighting so much they should be the ones fighting not the dogs. There is so much cruelty that goes on in this world with so many animals, it brings tears to my eyes just to write about it. I mean I know there are many of us that are empathic, and can feel their pain, yet the general public tends to turn their backs and walk away.

Well thankfully there are many rescues and places for these beautiful creatures that man-kind has decided it was ok to throw away. I work with many of them. There are many ways we can help these babies, there is networking, contacting rescues, transport, shelters to volunteer, the list goes on. There are petitions that can be signed to help change laws and abuse when you see them please take a moment and sign them. If you have a facebook account there are those working daily to network the babies as they come in, just trying to save the life of an innocent.

They always say there are breeds that are vicious, well I can be vicious if I am put in danger.. it is not the breed of animal, it is the human that is abusing them. Yet they still do it… it takes a lot to bring about change, it doesn’t happen overnight. Every fur-baby I see saved puts a smile in my heart, everyone we lose I shed tears for.

Before and After Shot of Rescued Dog

I have been asked how I do this for the babies and not go mental, hmmm that is hard to answer, I get angry, I cry, I yell, I want to rip throats and torture the ones that cause harm… as many of us feel the same… How is it handled, when the heart is breaking? Very sadly I must say, I have sat up hours working with others to save these poor beautiful creatures, we cry together, we get angry together, we laugh when there is a good ending and dance … We pay our respects to those that have passed, for they too deserve to be recognized …

I was asked if I thought being as I am has any direct effect on why I do this once. The answer I can’t prove, so in my opinion… yes… I think we have a sense about us that connects to these creatures, a way of feeling them down in our souls.

When I look at the eyes of an animal just as when I look in the eyes of a person, I can connect with them, animals are such beautiful creatures to do this with, for they are of pure heart. Even when man deserts them they remain loyal.

I believe man-kind could learn from the beautiful creatures that love so unconditionally. Next time you look at your pet or see an animal look in their eyes , look to their soul, for you will sense everything within them. So when you have someone in your groups or on a forum posting these creatures, being their voice, do not get mad… instead maybe show some compassion, many of us already do so…

If anyone would like to be a voice for the voiceless or get involved in any way here is my email, please contact me at
There are many ways we can help… many already are… We may not be able to change the cruelty of the world in one night, but we can take a stand against it. Will you join others and myself in this endeavor?

Thank you for listening to my thoughts on this… I will end now for there are many more thoughts I could add and at the moment I am in tears… Dark Blessings to all.

 These are sites/pages that many of us works with … I will start with Face Book then go to websites… most of these are 503c which means they are legally non-profit… and they do take donations …

Face Book Links:

*note many of these are networking sites… If you have time please try and help… there are so many sites and places to go… these are a few of ones I help..


There are many more places to go these are the ones I use most… and I know they are used often…

Again Thank You From All the Beautiful Creatures for any and all help to be their VOICE!