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A Whole New Vampire Mythos

Posted: Saturday, 17 December, 2011 by nicolajones in Book Reviews
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A look at Blood Rights by Kristen Painter

Imagine a world not too far into the future, where a bitter world war has changed the face of the Earth and the poor use solar power for electricity, but the batteries only last a few hours into the night.  But these struggles are the least of humanities worries, as a sacred covenant between the sons of god and the daughters of man is about to be broken.  This is the setting for Kristen Painter’s Blood Rights, the first in the House of Comarrέ Trilogy.

Set in the year 2067 in the hidden city of Covinestri, Romania and Paradise City, New Florida the story unfolds in the hidden world of the supernatural hidden from human eyes by the covenant.  The world of the supernatural is made up of the children of the fallen angels, called Castus Sanguis. These children are the races of Fae, Noble Vampire, and Varcolai which are shape shifters.  Also inhabiting this hidden world are the Fringe Vampires descendents of Judas Iscariot and the Comarrέ a race of humans bred to have the purest blood and serve as concubines to the Noble Vampires.

As the story unfolds we learn secrets that the Comarrέ keep, from the point of view of the main character Chrysabelle.  She has fled the life of the Comarrέ after her patron was murdered, sending her running to Paradise City, and eventually the protection of Malkom an outcast Noble Vampire who lives under a curse that says he will kill anyone he drinks from.  At Malkom’s side are Maddoc the Varcolai under a witches curse whose life Malkom saved, and Fiona a ghost who haunts Malkom as part of his curse.  Vibrant characters who join in the dark tale of bitter revenge, ancient magics, and unholy beings.  The reader is drawn into the story, and can be captivated by the light and dark elements of the hidden world and left waiting for the next installment.

Nicola A. Jones


Haunting Beauty is a part of Erin Quinn’s Mists of Ireland series, but is easy to follow as a stand-alone novel. Highlighting the power of love, sacrifice, and the terrible power of greed and evil it is as far from a romance novel as one can find, yet still be in that genre.
Psychic powers, time travel, and spirits exist in this mesmerizing tale of a magical island off the coast of Ireland. The book might be classified as a paranormal romance novel, but the truth is it is more a tale of the mysterious Book of Fennore. It is the story of a young woman Danni Jones, who struggles with a forgotten past, and having been abandoned at age five by her mother. But most importantly, Danni has visions of the past and the dead. Then one day a man shows up at her door, sent to find her and bring her home to the Isle of Fennore, and her long forgotten family. Sean Ballagh is a man who is a mystery in so many ways, and as the story unfolds we find that he is not even aware of what he is. Caught in the tragedy of his father’s suicide and the loss of his mother and bother Sean does not understand his own role in both changing the present and the past. As Sean and Danni get sucked into their shared past, days before Danni’s life is shattered, they find the truth of the mythical Book of Fennore, and love.

In this most recent installment in the life of Sookie Stackhouse we see a new side to the Fairy race.  To me this was one of the more fascinating books in the series.  Both because of the relationship between Sookie and her Fairy Kin, but also because Sookie becomes a stronger person desiring to take action to protect those she loves and faces the fact that she might lose her life in doing so.   There is loss, love, and friendship in this book that is so moving you cannot help but be swept into the story, even if you have never read a Sookie book before.  And while fans of True Blood might not understand the dramatic differences between the book characters and their TV counterparts, there is so much more magic, fairies, and Vampire politics to be had.

I don’t want to give away any spoiler type information here, but the best part for me was the secret of Sookie’s telepathy is finally revealed and it is sure a shocker!  There are some twists and turns that I would never have expected, and was quite happy with the outcomes.  Like many fans of Charlaine Harris’s work I am eagerly awaiting the publication of the next book in the series which is to be Deadlocked due out next spring.