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Three positive people in the community.

For some time now we have heard about how negative our community is. I admit we do have our share of bicker battles, heck they inspired me to say that any gathering of vampires could be called officially a “Bicker” of vampires. But is that really true? Is the Vampire Community just a bunch of malcontents and negative people like some editorials would like you to believe?

I offer for your consideration a member of the community who has been around for some time and who has been active in an organization whose primary consideration is the support of our community in a way that touches almost all of us. Jobs.
Royal Blue Ronin from the Bronx, in New York recently posted to many groups something called The Kindred Career Network with this goal in mind: “The purpose of this group is to start a network of people of the Nightside to strive career-wise within the Dayside. Though our rules states that the two side should never cross, many within our community are serious about their careers and want to do what they can to elevate to a better plateau. The mission statement is simple: “Each one teach one, Each one reach one, Each one help us within The Sun.” Meaning that there will be information on career seminars, lessons on resume and cover letter writing, coaching and most of all each other’s experience. Those who are truly serious will commit to be a reference to a fellow man/woman so we can breeze though many job applications and much grilling interviews. Most of all for those that are career changers, I will post info of schools and well as financial aid options. I hope to see us all progress and post our success stories here as well as celebrate with our kindred within our night side.”

Some might say that such people aren’t common, that it is a rare exception but I disagree. I see this as a case of a member of the community who didn’t just complain about negative people, but stepped up and actually is doing something to us all. But, lets look at some others.

This Christmas several of us in the community became aware of Belfazaar’s efforts to help feed the poor. Every year he sets up and helps run a food line where people who cannot get Christmas dinner, can come to his line and get a good meal thanks to the Vampire and Gothic community in his area. I am not sure how many he feeds, but I know he does a lot more than most people, and he does it not for the sake of popularity, but because in his community, the vampire community wants to help people in a positive way.

About now some of you will be saying, well we have all heard about Zaar, he is the exception. But is that true? Is he simply a good man who is doing something admirable despite being the community? I suppose some could look at it that way, those glass half full kind of people, but lets move on, lets look at Savannah GA.

Posted on Real Vampire News is an article about the group, Bloodlines International ( Atlanta Chapter), which  organized major support for people within the Vampire and Pagan community.

Aislin, a young woman, mother and active member of the Vampire Community, hardly fits the bill of a modern day Vampire with hair dyed black and a moody disposition one might find in the media. Instead she is often seen with a bright smile and sunny disposition, she is just as likely to be found dressed in warm summer colours as opposed to the standard black, and has short hair with reddish tones falling over her shoulders. Still she might be the last person someone would expect to be involved in projects like this. “A lot of people are struggling.”
She is, of course, talking about the struggles so many face in this down economy. With an unemployment rate of 10.2% and a poverty rate that for 30 years has hovered at around 22% few will deny that there is a desperate need for assistance in the area. The members of the Georgia chapter of Bloodlines International however are doing their best.
“Over the past 9 months we have collected clothing for 14 families, assisted 3 families with utilities, 1 family with low rent housing, and monthly boxes of food for a total of 47 families.”

The belief that because a few vampires on message boards bicker a good deal, that the community is a negative? I disagree. Our community deals with a lot of issues, and while contentious when it really comes down to dealing with tough issues almost all of us are willing to try to help.

Look at the messages of support for Sangi, or the out pouring of support when a member of our community got beaten in the street, or when one was hit by a drunk driver and killed.

Some cynical people will say, we need to start working toward being more positive. I won’t deny that, at times, a little less negativity would be a great thing, but there are a lot of people in this community that are doing more than talking and have been for a long time. We have a good community, and yes it would be great if we all got a long, but the reality is we don’t always get along, we don’t always agree, we bicker, and fight, but when it really matters I believe in this community.

So when someone writes an article talking about how much we need to do more, ask them this one questions…Other then talking what we need to do, ask them what have they done? Because I can show you what others have done, people those editorials ignore.